• Kelli Etheredge

    Kelli Etheredge

  • Dianne Krause

    Dianne Krause

    Dianne Krause is a certified Instructional Technology Specialist working as an embedded Instructional Technology Coach in support of her district’s 21st Century Teaching and Learning Laptop Initiative, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer and is co-owner and Director of Media & Marketing at one of the oldest perpetual gaming communities, Medievia.com, Inc.
    Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”, is the inspiration that drives me to continue to work in melding together the worlds of education and technology. I am passionate about constantly connecting and collaborating with local and global colleagues to persistently develop knowledge of the essential skills and necessary tools to educate today’s learners in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

  • Michael Soskil

    Michael Soskil

    Michael Soskil is a Curriculum Coach in the Wallenpaupack Area School District in Northeastern Pennsylvania where he works with teachers and students to create 21st Century learning environments: “Students deeply connect with the content they learn when they have emotionally moving educational experiences. I have seen that collaborating globally to solve the problems of the world provides those experiences. We need to empower children to believe that they can make a difference. When students feel the intrinsic joy that comes with using learning to help others, they grow to be adults who will affect positive change in the world.”

  • Andrew Fitzgerald

    Andrew Fitzgerald

    Southern California native. Happy husband and father. Bachelor's in Music Education from Florida State University, currently finishing up my Master's degree in Educational Technology and Media Leadership at California State University Long Beach. I've been teaching middle school band and orchestra for over 10 years, and have taken on the reins of teaching multimedia as well. I actively seek out and find new ways to improve my pedagogy and professionalism using technology for both research and practice. I not only enjoy teaching my students everyday, but also teaching my colleagues as well. I keep an open mind, loathe limitations, take one day at a time, and adhere to the advice I received when I was younger, "Make it work!"

  • Tammy Dunbar

    Tammy Dunbar

    Tammy Brecht Dunbar, M.Ed., S.T.E.M., is a 5th grade teacher in Manteca (CA) Unified (USA) and a pre-service technology instructor at Teachers College of San Joaquin. Tammy believes the most important 21st Century tool in any classroom is the attitude of the teacher. “Teachers need to be comfortable tackling the challenges of using technology in front of their students and modeling how to overcome obstacles,” says Tammy. Tammy agrees with Bill Goodwyn, CEO of Discovery Education: “The motherboard and the memory chip will never replace the passion and inspiration of a real-life teacher. Technology doesn’t teach. Teachers teach.”

  • Doug Bergman

  • Richard Snyder

    Richard Snyder

    Richard Snyder is a teacher-librarian for Kirkland Middle School in Kirkland, Washington (USA): "I am inspired by innovative uses of technology (both familiar and new), teaming with classroom teachers, professional connections, and creativity. My library makerspace challenges me to think of ways to keep students engaged while challenging themselves to guide their own learning and discovery. My goals are to continue to make the library the central part of a school where teachers and students become effective users and producers of ideas and information."

  • Eileen Lennon

    Eileen Lennon

    Eileen Lennon is a middle school technology teacher in Queens, New York (USA): "My driving force is to learn what’s important before my students. They are more comfortable online than adults which is good and bad. They need to learn some guidelines because their digital footprint grows larger everyday. I’ve taught my students some basic coding, and they love it. I believe coding skills will soon be as important as reading and writing skills. I’m broadening my horizons every day by developing my personal learning network and I strive to be part of the conversation. "

  • Tasha Candela

  • Pernille Ripp

    Pernille Ripp

    Pernille Ripp is a 7th-grade teacher in Oregon, Wisconsin (USA): "I never wanted to be a teacher. After all, teaching were for those who thought they had something to offer others, some form of wisdom, and that was definitely not me. Yet, in my 20s, teaching called me loudly and I realized that while I might not have much wisdom yet, I wanted to help children redefine what it meant to be a student, to offer those I taught a different experience than the one I had had. Now 7 years into teaching and there is no place I would rather be. The wisdom my students impart me with, the passion with which we try to change the world, the little moments of sheer happiness is something I could never have imagined would fulfill my days this much. Teaching is truly the best life for me."

  • Helen Gooch

    Helen Gooch

    Helen Gooch is a Microsoft Fellow living in Clarksville, TN, but working with schools and educators across the United States: "The Microsoft Expert Program has reinforced my belief that all students must learn to use technology effectively as they prepare for their future. The program has given me an even richer set of tools from Microsoft than ever before, and that set just keeps expanding. It is both an honor and a privilege to share these tools through training and collaboration with educators, and is not uncommon for an educator to comment that a Microsoft experience or training has changed their lives both professionally and personally. "

  • Tracey Carayol

  • Debra Witcher

    Debra Witcher

  • Brent Thrasher

    Brent Thrasher

    Brent Thrasher is an educational technologist and a mathematics instructor located in Tennessee. “I love helping students and other teaching professionals utilize technology in new and engaging ways. I hope that my work will better prepare my students to thrive in a technology-driven world, and that my students learn that technology’s greatest power is facilitating learning. I try to grow by learning about new technologies, and explore how they can be implemented into education.”

  • Jeanne Caudill

    Jeanne Caudill

  • Maria Johnson

    Maria Johnson

  • Mary Blair

    Mary Blair

  • Aaron Maurer

    Aaron Maurer

  • Julie Hembree

    Julie Hembree

  • Sandi Adams

    Sandi Adams

  • Lynn Wiegel

    Lynn Wiegel

  • Bob Stokes

    Bob Stokes

  • Jeremy Tucker

    Jeremy Tucker

  • Patricia Ragan

    Patricia Ragan