• Walid Chaafi

    Walid Chaafi

    Walid Chaafi is a Teacher of English and ICT trainer at Emtiez Prep. School, Medenine (Tunisia). “Enlightening the paths of others is the most fantastic thing in the world and teaching does that! I want to make people aware of the need to understand that thinking out of the box is what makes them different and as teachers this is what they need to do; bring technology in your class and be innovative! What about obstacles? There is a solution for every problem. So don’t underestimate your potential.”

  • Abderrahmen Haddad

    Abderrahmen Haddad

    Abderrahmen Haddad is an ICT teacher and trainer in Ali Trad Pioneer Middle School in Tunis, Tunisia: "My story with education started at the age of 10, when I was a student in grade 3 and my mother was my teacher. The inspiration I got from her motivated me to become a responsible and caring teacher. And today, I believe that teaching is the greatest profession of all times. In the future I am excited about sharing my expertise with other educators worldwide and interacting with them to create new pathways for digital learning, to improve education in Tunisia and I believe that you should always aim high because “When better is possible, good is not good enough”."