• Jonas Bäckelin

    Jonas Bäckelin

    My position in teacher training is that we can leapfrog educational technology when we learn from experiences of others and then make them part of our own narrative. The general trend is that fragmented and distributed knowledge can be managed through networks, but we need online resources and tools in order to be effective in the classroom.

  • Elisabeth Nagy

    Elisabeth Nagy

    Elisabeth Nagy is an upper secondary teacher at Franska Skolan Secondary School in Stockholm, Sweden: "A mix of curiosity and perseverance inspires and motivates me. I refuse to be categorized as a Non Digital Native born in a decade when the phones had dial discs with cords and essays were written using old fashioned typewriters. As a middle-aged woman, I do not want to come to a standstill watching technology making progress leaving me behind. Together with my students, I explore tools and we aim at integrating them as a part of both teaching and learning. When we get AHA-moments, when technology inspires, helps and supports, they serve as energizers. “Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.” (Douglas MacArthur). Exchanging experience is something I would like to further engage in."

  • Cilla Ahlström

    Cilla Ahlström

  • Jonas Gustafsson

    Jonas Gustafsson

  • Fredrik Carlnäs

    Fredrik Carlnäs