• Champa Rathnayake

    Champa Rathnayake

    Champa Rathnayake is an ICT teacher by profession and based in Kandy, Sri Lanka: "I am always inspired by the potential of new technology in education. Being a teacher who often tries new things on education processes, I make my career an interesting one. Rarely I get bored with what I do at school. I am a lifelong learner; hence I take every professional development opportunity as an opportunity to become better in the education process. Inspiring my colleagues and to join innovative teaching practices are part of my personal dedication as an educational-resource person."

  • Shiroma Weerathunge

    Shiroma Weerathunge

    Shiroma Weerathunge is an ICT teacher of Embilipitiya President's College, Sri Lanka: "I like very much for my teaching profession as it remains a great pleasure in our lives forever. Teaching is the best service in the world. I love to use innovative teaching practices with ICT tools in my classroom and would like to share them with my colleagues. My inspiration is the happy faces and words of my students after completing innovative tasks. My aspiration is to make a child with good heart and prepare a person who can be perfect any kind of future work situation with technology. "

  • Dimuthu Nimesha Jayawickrama

    Dimuthu Nimesha Jayawickrama

  • Chandra Wijerathne

    Chandra Wijerathne