• Kepa G. de Latorre

    Kepa G. de Latorre

    Kepa G. de Latorre is an economics teacher at La Devesa Bilingual School, Elche (Spain): “I believe in my students. I firmly think that they all are capable of doing great things, therefore I try to prepare them to overcome difficulties and to accept challenge as an opportunity to grow. I also fight against the stigmatization of mistake, which in Spain happens too often; I teach that mistake is good, an essential part of the learning process. We’d rather fail close than succeed by chance. We, teachers of today, are contributors to the next generation and the future world they will be living in is a hi-tech, very competitive one, and I try to keep myself in the edge of new technologies in order to better prepare my students for it.”

  • Ovi Barceló

    Ovi Barceló

    Ovi Barceló works as IT Coordinator in Grupo Sorolla; school cluster in Valencia, Spain: "Teaching is my passion. Technology is my hobby. What if you can put your job in it?
    I believe that the future of our children has to be built up since the very beginning and for that we, teachers, have to put our commitment to ensure it. But the thing is that we don’t know how it is going to be, so, from my point of view, we have to give them the skills needed to face their future with full guarantees of success.
    It means responsibility for me. It means cooperation, self-regulation, communication, problem solving, advanced use of ICT… things that can’t be easily found in books.
    We are not the source of information anymore. We walk in the same path of our students looking for the best way to get it and use it."

  • Àngels Soriano

    Àngels Soriano

    Àngels Soriano treballa de docent de llengua i literatura a Martí Sorolla II, València Espanya; són molts els docents que defineixen “Educar” com l’opció d’oferir estratègies que ajuden als estudiantes a desenvolupar les seues competències. Podem trobar molts sinònims de l'educació: aprendre, emocionar, crear, participar, col•laborar, donar poder als estudiants, gaudir, explorar, aventurar-se, superar-ser, la corresponsabilitat ... tants que cadascú de nosaltres faria una tria diferents, com els nostres alumnes, cadascú és diferent. La meua dita personal és:”Compartir per créixer”, perquè crec que només comunicant les nostres experiències podem ajudar a altres docents a desenvolupar la idea que no sabia com dur a terme.

  • Vicent Gadea

    Vicent Gadea