• Warren Sparrow

    Warren Sparrow

    Warren is currently head of ICT at Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School in Cape Town, South Africa: "My job description includes a bit of everything from teaching Grade 1 – 7, staff training in ICT, looking after a network of just under 200 devices and making sure that there is always enough coffee in the staffroom…. Most of my inspiration comes from people from around the world who are doing fantastic things with very little. I think what you are doing is absolutely awe-inspiring and it has changed the lives of countless children. Thank you for what you are doing!! For me personally my greatest gift to learners is that they fulfill their full potential, become true 21st-century, lifelong learners and realize that every one of them has a voice that can be heard and that one person can make a difference!"

  • Mabore Lekalakala

    Mabore Lekalakala

    Mabore Lekalakala is permanently employed as a qualified educator at Toronto Primary School, Limpopo Province, South Africa: "Motivation always starts with self; I cannot motivate if I’m not motivated. Self-motivation is what drives me, hence I see teaching as an open entity. I see myself and learners as people in a journey. I am motivated and motivate learners to continue with the journey until the destination is reached. They should know what they want to achieve in life no matter the paths they travel, places they pass, challenges met, etc. I see these as small journeys within the long journey i.e. journey of journeys. Self-motivation is the weapon I would like my students to carry throughout their lives.

  • Mokhudu Machaba

    Mokhudu Machaba

    Mokhudu Machaba works as an ICT coordinator in Limpopo, South Africa: "I come from a background were education was not a must-have, especially for girls.
    I made a decision that I want to be educated but I never wanted to be a teacher. But God paved a way for me to be a teacher. The first time I entered a classroom full of children something in me said this is where u belong. I enjoyed my teaching career from that moment. Being with learners made me fulfilled. Now that I am an ICT coordinator I take every minute to workshop my colleagues on how to teach the 21st century child because this generation we are teaching is totally different."

  • Linda Foulkes

  • Karen Stadler

    Karen Stadler