• Darina Poljak

    Darina Poljak

    Darina Poljak is a teacher of ICT at two primary schools in Kovacica and Samos, Serbia: "Education should make a change, one step ahead in a student’s life in order to find new, creative solutions that exceed the four walls of the classroom. To make this possible as an ICT teacher, I must exploit my passion for ICT in order to keep in touch with technology and improve myself all the time. The fact that I can pass this passion and knowledge on to our future generations, motivates me the most. My goal is to make the use of ICT as interesting as possible to students and insure they can exploit gained knowledge in real life."

  • Katarina Aleksić

    Katarina Aleksić

  • Ana Živković Ана Живковић

    Ana Živković Ана Живковић