• Julius Cesar R. Reyes

    Julius Cesar R. Reyes

    I’m a Mathematics teacher at Pangasinan National High School in the Philippines. In my career as a teacher, I’ve learned that Mathematics can be more challenging after ten (10) years in the teaching arena. I'm not yet done in learning; that for me this is Mathematics that all of my students can and should experience; that my students should engage in daily problem solving. For me, technology is an ally of student and it will become more exciting if technology and Mathematics merge for one common goal, to eliminate all the misconceptions of students about the subject. I will continue playing with numbers; taking and sharing advantage of technology; and unfolding the challenge of 21st-century skills for my students. As what Rushton Hurley said, “You can be a good teacher and never use technology, and technology won’t turn a bad teacher into a good one. However, a good teacher who uses technology well, can make great things happen!”

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