• Magnus Johansson

    Magnus Johansson

    I am a primary teacher of math, science and sports. After completing a master programme in ICT supported learning I work as an advisor and supervisor in Asker municipality.
    What inspires me is that we shall educate our children to be balanced, well prepared for the future. The future is where they will spend the rest of their lives. A big part of my job is then trying to see how we can integrate digital tools in education so it becomes a natural part of our everyday lives today and in the future.

  • Ole Johnny Devik

    Ole Johnny Devik

  • Steffi Svendsen

    Steffi Svendsen

    My name is Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen and I’m a twenty-five year old teacher from Norway. I graduated in 2012, so I am fairly new in the game with, lots to learn. In today's world, I do believe it is important to nurture and promote the benefits form the use of technology. I’m not only teaching to test, I teach my students about life and how to succeed on their own. As an overachiever myself, never being able to live up to my own expectations, I go to work every day telling my kids that they are good enough as long as they do their best. Nothing will ever change that. Technology makes it easy to implement all of the 21st century skills, and with OneNote as my secret weapon, I have more time to guide and foster my students. We work together as a team rather than me sitting on a pedestal with all the correct answers. And it brings a smile to my face when I open a Snapchat from one of my pupils proudly showing how they are spending their Sunday afternoon.

  • Anne Cathrine Gotaas

    Anne Cathrine Gotaas

  • Mally Johnsen

    Mally Johnsen

    My name is Mally Johnsen, a Norwegian art and design teacher with experience from K1-12, and freetime artschool for kids. The last 15 years I have worked with 16-19 years old students. For about two years I worked as a school department leader, but I missed both teaching and learningmoments with my students. Technology has since 2006 been an important part of my teaching, the national curriculum, and an integral part of 1:1 PC adoptions in our schools. I finished my Masters Degree ("ICT in Learning") at Høgskolen i Stord/Haugesund in 2013. OneNote and assessment and for learning was the theme for my degree. Beside the specific technology for art and design, such as Adobe Photoshop, OneNote is my favourite technology tool.