• Barry Corrigan

    Barry Corrigan

    I am a teacher in a rural primary school in Northern Ireland. I was fortunate to be inspired by a wonderful English Literature teacher and want to be able to inspire that love of learning in my own pupils. I firmly believe in embedding the use of technology in teaching and learning to engage and motivate pupils to enable them to achieve their potential. The learning is central to all of this – the technology enables that learning to take place in many different forms.

  • Beverley Cripps

    Beverley Cripps

    Beverley Cripps is a teacher in Learning for Life and Work, Music and 21st-Century Skills at Ashfield Girls' High School in Belfast (Northern Ireland): "I have always been passionate about learning, especially when it came to technology. I began teaching in 2006 and ever since then have remained passionate about sharing my expertise enthusiastically with my students, and anyone else willing to listen. One of the most inspiring aspects of teaching for me, is leading students to a world of discovery. Watching them having their own “lightbulb” moments is something that I find special, particularly when they share their excitement for your subject. It’s also great to meet pupils who you taught in the past and hear how they are living as successful contributors to society. I thoroughly believe in Lifelong Learning and welcome new challenges."