• Kemi Olurinola

    Kemi Olurinola

    Olurinola Kemi is an educational technologist and educational consultant based in Nigeria: "I work with schools at any level (primary school or high school) to help them transform their traditional classrooms to a 21st-century one. Every school can make this transition no matter what type of technology is available to them. I am most excited about helping low-resource schools integrate technology into their teaching, so every child can benefit from the gains of technology-enhanced learning. With ICT we can help close the digital divide. That's why my slogan is: 'Changing classrooms, one projector at a time.'"

  • Abdulkabeer Ishola

    Abdulkabeer Ishola

    Abdulkabeer is the co-founder of a start-up called Digisphere Nigeria, where he promotes digital literacy using cutting-edge technologies: “I'm a curious fellow who focuses on the present to brighten the future by adding values to people around me. As a legacy builder, I do not believe in the excuse of a digital divide undermining Africa's IT development. Hence, I do my best to improve situations with improvised technologies for personalized learning. I'm currently working with students having special needs to overcome learning impairment using technology tools. I'm looking forward to developing a new breed of young Nigerians under my Digital Teens project with focus on more female participation in ICT. The goal of the project is to foster a young cadre of Nigerians who will grow up to become lifelong learners and contribute to the development of Nigeria and Africa at large."

  • Olalekan Adeeko

    Olalekan Adeeko

    Olalekan Adeeko is a teacher/registrar at Baptist Boys High School, Ogun State, Nigeria: "I am responsible for teaching computer studies in the school as well as maintaining the school database amongst other things. Preparing the students of today for the challenges of tomorrow with the right 21st-century teaching and learning methods is what I stand for, and inculcating my students with a love of learning. My aim is to continually update myself with the trending teaching technologies to be implanted in the classroom."