• Maurits Knoppert

    Maurits Knoppert

    Maurits Knoppert has been working as a teacher and IT specialist at a primary school in Den Haag (The Netherlands) since 1998: "For the last few years, I've been implementing Office 365 at my school. I take pride in simplifying tasks and documents for my colleagues. They now only need to look in one place to find everything - that's the big advantage of Office 365. They can work from school or at home with the same programs and the same documents.
    My motto is: When one person can make something for 14 teachers, then those 14 teachers can save that time and energy and spend it on their class."

  • Robin Smorenberg

    Robin Smorenberg

    Robin Smorenberg is a primary-school teacher and ICT-coordinator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: "I'm always looking for new ways technology can help teachers and learners in the modern day classroom. I strongly believe that technology should not be the goal itself, but can help them achieve goals in a more effective and fun way. In the end, it's not important what you use, but how you use it! I've come to realize in my school (and many others that I know of) that change doesn't come easy to some teachers, and my biggest challenge is to help them master these new innovations. I'm always happy to help out fellow educators who are trying to achieve the same thing, so reach out to me on my blog/column or on twitter to connect!"

  • Marjolein Hoekstra

    Marjolein Hoekstra

    Marjolein Hoekstra is a technologist, internet consultant and certified OneNote instructor based in the Netherlands: "My greatest inspiration comes from the - virtual - twinkle in people's eyes when they realize they can build something meaningful by connecting bits of information. It's right then when their enthusiasm will drive them to share what they have just learned and pass that on to peers in their network. For me, it's this synergy that makes reaching out to other professionals so incredibly rewarding. I hope to keep doing this for a very long time to come."