• Puji Lestari

    Puji Lestari

    Puji is a classroom teacher at SDMT, an elementary school in Ponorogo, Indonesia: “For me, teaching is the art of how teachers view and provide lessons in a way that is interesting and inspiring to students. I am proud to be a teacher - teachers need to be ready for constant changes, as both students and times change too. Technology makes teaching easier and artistic, so let’s use it. Keep innovating and keep up the good spirit!”

  • Sukmawati Salamah

    Sukmawati Salamah

    Sukmawati is an English teacher in SMP Negeri 230 Jakarta, Indonesia: "If we dedicate ourselves being a teacher it means we should always learn to improve or strengten our knowledge and skills. Here I want to share ideas and I need your comment too."

  • Diah Fakhmawati

    Diah Fakhmawati

    Diah Fakhma is an English teacher in an Islamic boarding Middle School Muallimaat Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia: "I like teaching and I love learning languages. Moreover, being a teacher I can inspire everyone, my students especially to do their best in their life. I can share my experiences and I can learn something as well from them. Therefore I do like to share my knowledge about involving technology in language learning. We know that we cannot be separated from technology. Technology can help people result in their work successful. Likewise, technology can assist teacher and students in language learning and teaching. Hereby, I wish I could share my experiences about teaching learning using technology with you."

  • Ahmad Syairozi

    Ahmad Syairozi

    Ahmad Syairozi is a Mathematics Teacher in Al Hikmah Junior High School of Surabaya, Indonesia: "Being a teacher isn't only to transfer knowledge and skill but also to be an inspiring one for our students to do better and more useful things in their life. So, they are not only expected to be smart in academic but also good in attitude. Through the technology based learning, it will come true faster than what we hope."