• Rusa Gonashvili რუსა გონაშვილი

    Rusa Gonashvili რუსა გონაშვილი

    Rusudan Gonashvili is a teacher of Georgian language and literature: "I live and teach in one of the Georgian city. Every year I realize that the situation is changing constantly so I need to continue developing myself. I always use new technologies such as for example ICT, it enhances motivation of my students. I try to be innovative by implementing intermixed and distance learning. My desire is to educate the person who can be perfect for every future activities of the technology, they will be able to achieve their full potential to become reality the whole life of the 21st century."

  • Marina Iskakova

    Marina Iskakova

    Marina Iskakova is a doctor of chemistry, professor of Kutaisi State University and at the same time teaches at a public school: “I study and teach new programs with great pleasure and use them in the studying process. First of all I increase my own level and share my skills with my students so that they can develop their 21st-century skills. I myself strive to involve them in discussions about global problems, and by linking these with my topic I encourage their initiatives and motivation. And, of course, I would be very grateful for being possible to communicate with teachers from across the globe, and share all up-to-date problems with them”.