• Azhar Youssef

    Azhar Youssef

    Azhar Youssef is an EFL teacher and PhD student from Egypt: "I am inspired by my students living in a community with so few facilities and difficult-to-change style of thinking. I try hard to mix both pedagogy and available technology to create an optimal learning environment where they can collaborate, innovate and construct new knowledge and alternatives to solve their society’s problems. Connecting to and sharing with colleagues is my pathway to lifelong learning, continuous professional development, and making a difference in others' lives. For my country, I dream to transform education to an enjoyable experience in which students learn for life, and become responsible for building their own future."

  • Abeer Hassan Ali

    Abeer Hassan Ali

    I am a computer and information technology teacher Also i trained my colleagues on the use of technology My story started with Microsoft several years ago Initiated by myself and with my students and colleagues i loved Microsoft's programs , which was simplifies for me Showing lessons and a student mastered those programs easily I learned a lot from Education partners Network and i tell my colleagues about it and free tools that helped them in their work

  • Mona Murad

  • Aly Khalil

    Aly Khalil

    Ali is An Engineering drawing Teacher, An Expert Teacher In His School, Supervising on a group of teachers. I was Teaching engineering drawing with the traditional ways that is was hard for the student to learn. Since the engineering drawing is some of different lines in shape and it depends on the student's ability of imagination. So that I found it hard to reach the information to the students. Until I became a member of Microsoft's co. (PIL-Network) since 3 years. So I found from it the programs that made it for me to reach the students the information more easier and Precision. In additional of a mechanical design program. So that my students became able to design any ideas to solve any problem and able take out the idea in appropriate practical application to solve the problem.

  • Nelly Hamed

    Nelly Hamed

  • Achraf Abdel Aziz Soliman

    Achraf Abdel Aziz Soliman

    Ashraf Abdel Aziz Soliman is a French-language instructor, in North Sinai, Egypt: "I took my first steps with Microsoft this year through the project 'North Sinai magic of nature' the first technological project coming out of the North Sinai to the world. In this project the students use modern technology and 21st-century skills. I'm always encouraging teachers to use technology in education and I will train teachers to use technology at schools that adopt the Creativity Center within the province."