• Abdul Kalam Rashad Ahmed

    Abdul Kalam Rashad Ahmed

    I am an assistant Professor of Zoology, Comilla Cadet College, Kotbari, Comilla, Bangladesh. I am so proud to be a teacher.Just 11 years back my dialog was “Money is not everything”. I earned a lot of money, more than my need as a Medical Promotion Officer. I changed my profession. Now I am completely a teacher. Now, my dialog is- “Teachers are the burning Candle, lighting others but basement is in dark”. I do feel, I am the fullest, when I see that, my students are in leading position in the country.
    So, Is anybody can purchase that type of pleaser?

  • Khurshed Alam

    Khurshed Alam

    Mohammed Khurshed Alam, an ESL teacher and Adviser of Naziria Naymia Mahmudia Madrasha, is an Innovative educator based in Bangladesh. He uses technology in teaching to create a happy learning environment for learners to acquire 21st century skills. He believes that innovative teaching practices along with technology inspire the students to become a lifelong learner. Sharing his thought on teaching and learning with fellow educators transforms him to be model of 21st century teacher.

  • Jotish Roy

    Jotish Roy

    I am Jotish Chandra Roy, math teacher, Taluk Shakhati High School, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. I live in a small village. I have 20 years’ experience in teaching. My vison has been to explore new technologies of teaching in classroom. I want to be preparing students to be creators of technology tools simply users of technology. My first target of my students and helping them grow as people, both in and out of the classroom. I love technology because ICT is the best method in our classroom activity for students.

  • Mohammed Mohiul Hoque

    Mohammed Mohiul Hoque

  • Mahfuz Ara Sultana

    Mahfuz Ara Sultana

  • Gazi Salahuddin Siddiquee

    Gazi Salahuddin Siddiquee

    I am Gazi Salahuddin Siddiquee, Assistant Professor, Agrani School and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I download pictures and animated video clips from internet. Then I make digital educational content using Microsoft PowerPoint. Because I use multimedia projector and laptop in my classroom, my classroom is more attractive to the students. They enjoy my class very much and participate in learning activities. This is 21st century, where we can find everything is transformed so our teaching style is also changed. As a 21st century teacher I try to make my classroom different from the traditional one. In my classroom there is a blackboard and a multimedia projector. I show lots of information, and pictures in my classes by projector for the students better understanding. Which also make my classroom more interesting to the students and also increase their interest in study.

  • Tasnifa Khanam

    Tasnifa Khanam

    I am Tasnifa Khanam, teacher in Viqarunnisa Noon School & College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I teach Business Studies in Secondary level. As a teacher of teenage learners, every moment I have to face new challenges to motivate them in learning. And I have to meet the demand of 21st century young learners to develop their skills. Thus I involve myself in various activities as the learners’ demand inspires me all the time. I also try to motivate my colleagues to involve with new innovation. I do study in education in my own country and also abroad. I also attend training, workshop, conference and create links for collaboration by different social media like Facebook Group, Teachers Portal, Blogs etc.
    Actually teaching is like that type of profession, where the learners always make me passionate to think in new way. As a MIE Expert my new mission is “Innovative-learning” where every learners and teachers in my institution can cope with 21st century learning skill.