• Mel Cahill

  • Pip Cleaves

    Pip Cleaves

    Pip Cleaves is a senior education consultant from Sydney, Australia: "I thrive on working with educators to integrate 21st Century Learning Practice into their teaching and learning. In my perfect classroom all students are engaged in learning about their world, how they can make a difference, and how they can innovate the communities in which they live. I am driven by the need to ensure all students are prepared for whichever 21st century workplace they choose to enter. My daily work builds networks and opportunities for educators around the globe. I hope to build on this and create an open community where educators share and grow together to ensure the best possible learning opportunities for students everywhere."

  • Troy Thomson

    Troy Thomson

  • Matt Jorgensen

    Matt Jorgensen

  • Matthew O'Brien

    Matthew O'Brien

    I work as the Head of Strategic Planning at Brisbane Boys' College, a secondary school in Australia. I enjoy technology and the way we can leverage it as educators to do things better, more efficiently and more interestingly. I have a huge interest in educational interfaces, especially the stylus/touch/tablet, and video instruction. I am also one of the weird people that really love playing with data and getting into the hands of non data lovers so they can impact student learning better. As part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program I have been really inspired to better document my thoughts, ideas and experiments!

  • Ineke McGuire

    I am a general Mathematics and Science teacher located in Tasmania, Australia. I teach to make the world a better place and to improve the future lives of my students. It is a great disappointment to me that we are teaching children using a traditional 'factory model' and I want to start teaching the individual not the group. Learning at school should not be separate to the students lives outside of the school. I strive for student to feel in control of their learning and be enthused to want to know more. My ideal classroom would have no fixed walls, timetables or closed minds.

  • Matt Richards

  • Andrew Napier

    Andrew Napier

    Andrew Napier is Head of Gooch House Senior School in Belair (Australia): "I actually love walking into my classroom. As the kids come in we strike up conversation, they enjoy my classes and I enjoy teaching them. What inspires me is the opportunity that I have to guide these students, both academically and pastorally towards becoming young adults who will contribute to society. I love the idea that past students remember me as someone with energy and a love of my subject. I am excited about using ICT in my classroom and experiment with new tools and ideas whenever possible."

  • Tamara Sullivan

    Tamara Sullivan

  • Trent Ray

    Trent Ray

  • Ross Johnson

    Ross Johnson

  • Noelene Callaghan

    Noelene Callaghan

    Noelene Callaghan is the Coordinator or Technology at Rooty Hill High School, NSW, Australia: "My greatest inspiration is enabling students who reside in a low SES area access to technology that they would not normally have. I support BYOD and the notion of sharing skills that can be transferred from home to the school and across curriculum. 'Technology is not the driver of education. Education and passion drives technology'."

  • Paul Thomson

  • Michelle Pudney

    Michelle Pudney

    Michelle Pudney is Assistant Principal (Innovative Teaching & Curriculum) at Gawler East Primary School, South Australia: "I am an extremely passionate educator with my goal to make Gawler East Primary the most innovative school in South Australia, where staff deprivatise their teaching practice with other colleagues and engage students through using 21stCLD. I try to work and live by the Chinese proverb 'learning is a treasure that followers it owner everywhere', therefore I try too stay abreast with the latest technologies, innovative practices whilst enjoying my learning experiences."

  • Daren Mallett

    Daren Mallett

  • Jodi Gordon-Moulds

    Jodi Gordon-Moulds

    Jodi is the Director of Digital Learning Technologies at Seymour College, Adelaide, South Australia. “I am inspired and driven to provide amazing STEM opportunities for girls of all ages. There is nothing more rewarding than the excitement on a student’s face when they achieve something unbelievable through technology, like an animated program or a print of their own 3D design. I also believe that teachers need incredible Professional Learning opportunities to apply 21st Century Learning Design with technology in their classrooms. I try to provide these opportunities.”

  • Lynette Barker

    Lynette Barker

  • Deanne Joosten

    Deanne Joosten