Tablets in education: Which one should you choose?

Since the launch of Windows 8, a wide range of tablet and hybrid devices are now available, but which one is right for you? Whether you are a student, educator or a member of the senior management team, there is now a touch enabled device to suit almost every need.

For example, Seton Hall University decided to provide new students with Windows 8 tablets with Intel Core processors and notebooks using Windows 8 Enterprise. These students need devices that have great mobility, while still running a variety of desktop apps and workloads that vary greatly across the student body.… Visit the author's original post

‘Waar was uw computer mee bezig tijdens de DDoS?’

Microsoft publiceert twee keer per jaar een Security Intelligence Report (SIR). Gisteren introduceerden we de 14e editie.


Jaren geleden haalde computer beveiliging en cyber-aanvallen op organisaties, overheden of financi‰le instellingen nauwelijks het algemene nieuws. Vandaag komen we tijdens het ‘surfen’ over internet bijna onvermijdelijk de berichten tegen over de nieuwste onderneming die slachtoffer is geworden van een cyber-aanval. Maar dit kan de verkeerde indruk wekken. Cybercriminelen vallen zeker niet alleen de grote ondernemingen aan. Ze gaan waar het geld is en benutten infrastructuur die beschikbaar is en consumenten besteden meer tijd online dan ooit.… Visit the author's original post


As promised, I am going to share a Microsoft free tool called AutoCollage as my second installment in my Best Kept Secret in Education series.  AutoCollage is just what it sounds like; it is a program that creates a collage for you  in a matter of minutes.

San Diego Pictures_AutoCollage_31_ImagesWhile creating a collage may not sound ground-breaking for education, because AutoCollage creates the collage so easily and quickly, teachers and students are able to use a simple technology to create a product that can be utilized in various ways. … Visit the author's original post

The Best Kept Secret in Education – Microsoft

I have been contemplating this post, and the following series, for a while now.  In fact, every time I leave a conference or an Innovative Educators Workshop, I remind myself of this series idea.  Well, today I will finally begin, and my goal is to share something new every week.

I know someone is immediately questioning the title, “Hey, Kelli, what’s the secret?  Microsoft isn’t a secret.”  While we all know the company, I find time and time again that many educators are unaware of the amazing resources that Microsoft provides to educators. … Visit the author's original post

Probali smo

IMG_20130312_104101Probali smo odličan i jednostavan program za izradu mrežnih stranica Program omogućava vrlo jednostavno upravljanje web lokacijom, dodavanje stranica, slika, video i audio zapisa ili alata za dijeljenje sadržaja putem društvenih mreža.

Program nudi brzo uređivanje dizajna stranice te dodavanja galerija slika s različitih online servisa te menija i grafičkih oblika. Također nudi stavarnje online trgovine te  praćenje posjećenosti.

Pojavljuju se bugovi kada se uređuje tekst ali mislim da je zanemarivo naspram ostalim dobrim osobinama.




IMG_20130312_104723 IMG_20130312_104640 IMG_20130312_104205 IMG_20130312_104101



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Tjedan Kinect Kutova u našoj školi

kinect_kutoviSljedeći tjedan peti, šesti i sedmi razredi kojima matematiku predaje profesorica Zvjezdana Martinec će imati priliku upoznati se s Kinectom i igricom Kutovi. Jedva čekam rekacije učenika i kolegice Martinec. U planu je izrada kratkog videa i ankete.








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Microsoft! Are you ready for MOOCing?

Retrieved on Jan 29, 2013 from here
I never forget Microsoft Partners in Learning experience 2011. It was a hard way from a marginalized village in Upper Egypt called "Sohag" to the Global Forum held in Washington DC. 2011. Microsoft provides educators with a variety of free tools that can address their students' learning preferences, in addition to great opportunities for training and growing in the field of teaching using technology. The Egyptian Team of Microsoft Partners in Learning exerts huge efforts to encourage teachers to know more about this digital culture face-to-face or online.
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Your students are teaching without you

Anthony Salcito, “Vice president education” of  Microsoft says: “Your children are learning without you” during his keynotes.  I even go further: they are teaching without you. Just search on YouTube and you’ll be amazed how many meaningfull content is shared by kids today.When I was approached to talk about what moves me in education, that was exactly what I wanted to talk about. Learning doesn’t always happen in a linear way nor does it only happen between eight and four in school.… Visit the author's original post

Future of KlasCement ensured within department of education.


Ministerie van Onderwijs

It felt like it was the first day of school when I traveled to Brussels to for the  first time on monday. My first day of work in the impressive buildings of the Ministry of the Flemish Community instead of our small office in Ghent. After long negotiations it’s finaly official: KlasCement is now part of the Agency of Education Commounication. Now the project I have worked for, since over thre years in one of the official projects next to Klasse (a magazine for teachers published by the government), Maks and Yeti (magazines for all Flemish speaking children at schools), and more.… Visit the author's original post

Designing my first app

A while ago I got an invitation to attend a “Virtual Academy” about App-development. We would use the Touch Develop platform by Microsoft to get an idea of what development is and to invent an app ourselves. Curious as I am I took on the challenge. The fact that the best app-proposals will be developed with the help of Microsoft developers helped to convince me as well.

Screenshot Touch Develop

Met Touch Develop leer je programmeren in de browser op PC, Mac, iPads, Android en Windows Phone

Programming with Touch Develop

The programming course consisted of three online lessons of the Belgian Peli The Halleux that thaught a group of European teachers from the Microsoft HQ in Seattle.… Visit the author's original post

Have a great 2013

The start of the new year is an ideal time to look back at what has been and what will come. That the tablet hype may go stop (though I expect not), that technology may be considered normal and that social and bottom up also find it’s way into education. And may I also express my wishes for 2013?

Tablets, passing the hype

No, I’m not going to rant again about  about what I think of tablets in the classroom. Since an article in Klasse (an educational magazine run by the government that is spread to all teachers in Flanders) where advised, I’ve been asked this question a thousand times:

Should I buy iPads, Android tablets or wait on the Windows tablet?

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What I learned from TED talks for teachmeets and edcamps

Bram op de teachmeet

Origineel door Global Forum Event Photos

The ten commandments for a TED-talk tell speakers what makes a good TED talk. Use Humor, tell a story instead of a dry presentation, don’t sell from the stage. Nothing surprising at first sight. But maybe there is something to be learned for creating a teachmeet or edcamp session?

  1. Thou Shalt Not Simply Trot Out thy Usual Shtick
  2. Thou Shalt Dream a Great Dream, or Show Forth a Wondrous New Thing, Or Share Something Thou Hast Never Shared Before
  3. Thou Shalt Reveal thy Curiosity and Thy Passion
  4. Thou Shalt Tell a Story
  5. Thou Shalt Freely Comment on the Utterances of Other Speakers for the Skae of Blessed Connection and Exquisite Controversy
  6. Thou Shalt Not Flaunt thine Ego.
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«Αόρατος» γονιός

Θα ξεκινήσω ξετυλίγοντας το νήμα του θέματος, με κάποιες πολυσυζητημένες  παραδοχές. Όχι κάτι καινοτόμο. Πράγματα που συζητούμε ή σκεφτόμαστε καθημερινά…

Π α ρ α δ ο χ ή  π ρ ώ τ η. Ως γονείς πλέον δεν έχουμε… Δεν έχουμε αρκετό χρόνο, δεν έχουμε μία μόνο πηγή γνώσης, δεν έχουμε τις ειδικευμένες γνώσεις που απαιτούνται για να προσεγγίσουμε τους νέους, τις περισσότερες φορές δεν έχουμε διάθεση… Δεν είχαμε τηλεόραση όταν γεννηθήκαμε.

Π α ρ α δ ο χ ή  δ ε ύ τ ε ρ η.Visit the author's original post


Gisteren een email ontvangen van een nogal vrijgevig ingestelde Albert Lawrence:



2 Whit More Gardens

London, NW10 5HH

Tell: +44-704-570-8695

Fax: 44-87-1247-2209

Als ik mag aannemen dat het adres ‘Whit More Gardens’ eigenlijk de ‘Whitmore Gardens’ in Londen is, dan is het adres en het huis snel gevonden op Bing Maps. En er staat al iemand voor de deur van wat waarschijnlijk dat adres is, iemand die er als een agent uitziet…(Overigens is het zeer waarschijnlijk dat de persoon of personen op dit adres niets te maken hebben met de email).… Visit the author's original post

EU-US Open Workshop over Cybersecurity, en Microsoft

Vorige week maandag 15 oktober had ik de gelegenheid tijdens een Cyber Security workshop in Amsterdam een internationaal gezelschap toe te spreken.

Materiaal van de sessies staat online:

En omdat er verslaglegging zou plaatsvinden, had ik de tekst voor mijn verhaal al redelijk expliciet uitgeschreven. De tekst was een combinatie van ‘eigen werk’ en eerdere publicaties van/bij Microsoft.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you today.

My name is Hans Bos and I am the National Technology Officer for Microsoft in The Netherlands.… Visit the author's original post

ClassDojo – novi web alat Vama na usluzi

ClassDojo je web alat namijenjen praćenju i bilježenju ponašanja  učenika, a mogu ga koristiti učitelji i učenici. Pomoću ovog web alata praćenje ponašanja i discipline učenika postaje jednostavno i zanimljivo, a učenici se trude što bolje ponašati na satu.


Kako ga koriste učitelji?

Učitelj se mora prvo registrirati, izraditi svoje korisničko ime i lozinku, što je vrlo jednostavno. Alat koristi engleski jezik, no to ne bi trebao biti problem jer u programu ima samo nekoliko opcija koje se ponavljaju. Iz iskustva mogu reći da učenicima petih razreda nije problem koristiti alat pa tako ne bi trebao biti ni višim razredima.… Visit the author's original post

Ανοιχτοί χώροι μάθησης, επικοινωνίας, δημιουργίας…

  • «Θέλω να μπορώ να επιλέγω πού και πώς θα καθίσω στην αίθουσα, πού θα κοιτάξω, πού θα εστιάσω την προσοχή μου…»
  • «Θέλω να είμαι δίπλα στους καλούς μου συνεργάτες, να ανταλλάσσουμε υλικό, να ψάχνουμε μαζί…»
  • «Θέλω η διάταξη των γραφείων να αλλάζει ανάλογα με το είδος της διδασκαλίας και τη μεθοδολογία…»
  • «Θέλω να έχω πρόσβαση σε ηλεκτρονικές (και όχι μόνο) πηγές γνώσης, την ίδια στιγμή αν χρεαστεί…»
  • «Θέλω να χρησιμοποιώ τα ψηφιακά μέσα χωρίς κόπο, να είναι εκεί όταν τα χρειάζομαι, έτοιμα…»
  • «Θέλω να ακούγεται η φωνή μου, όταν έχω κάτι σημαντικό να πω…»
  • «Θέλω να χαλαρώσω λιγάκι από μια κουραστική συνεδρία…»
  • «Θέλω να βρω ένα χώρο να μπορέσω να οργανώσω τη σκέψη μου…»
  • «Θέλω να μπορώ να ακούω την ησυχία!»

Ποια από τα παραπάνω «θέλω» είναι λόγια μαθητών και ποια είναι λόγια των εκπαιδευτικών τους;

Μήπως κατά κάποια έννοια, τα «θέλω» του ενός, είναι και «θέλω» του άλλου;

Πρόσφατα είχα την ευκαιρία να κάνω δύο μαθήματα σε μια τέτοια αίθουσα.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Kinect

Ukratko predstavljamo Microsoft Kinect koji smo nedavano nabavili.

Kinect je uređaj koji je promijenio način igranja igrica. Ali sami će te se uvjeriti da Kinect nije samo uređaj pomoću kojeg se igraju igrice već i uređaj koji nam može pomoći u


obrazovanju s djece i mladih.

Kinect možemo nazvati uređajem koji ima integirani sofisticirani optički sustav i sustav mikrofona.

Prva kamerica vidljiva s lijeva na desno je infracrveni laser projektor, druga po redu je RGB kamera, a treća po redu je  infracrvena kamera. … Visit the author's original post

Wendt of keert (spelen met Excel)

Deze week ben ik in Kopenhagen. In een hotel waar volgens ‘facebook  statistieken? 423 mensen zijn geweest (‘were here’) , en slechts 20 daarvan het ‘like’ (‘like this’)’


Hoe je het wendt of keert, 20 van de 423 klinkt volgens mij niet goed (genoeg). Met wat vroege slapeloze vrije tijd, lees ik een online artikel op de website van de Volkskrant:

Nederland doet het op economisch gebied slechter dan de meeste andere landen in Europa. Dat blijkt uit een vandaag verschenen rapport van Eurostat (.pdf).

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Abandoning the Plan and Getting Out of the Way of Learning

“Mommy, can I help?”  I took a deep breath when I heard those words.  I just wanted to be finished, and I hadn’t even started….  I was painting my daughter’s room.  I had promised to do it a long time ago; my mom had promised my daughter that she would visit over Mardi Gras break and help me.  Then, in January, my mom died.  I couldn’t avoid it.  I didn’t want my daughter to feel sad because grandmommy wasn’t here.  I didn’t want to feel sad because she wasn’t here. … Visit the author's original post

Reflections from Partners in Learning Global Forum–Part 2

The first official day of the forum began with a delightful breakfast.  ( I should just say it now – we were treated like kings and queens; every meal and snack was divine!). We then gathered together for a warm welcome and an introduction to our learning excursion task and teams.  The learning excursions were lessons created by teams of educators that are focused on the topic of water and incorporate the 21st century skills of knowledge building/critical thinking, collaboration, and the use of ICT in learning.… Visit the author's original post

Reflections from the Partners in Learning Global Forum–Part 1

Two months ago yesterday, I embarked on an experience of a lifetime.  I traveled to Washington DC to attend Microsoft’s Global Forum.  It was my birthday and it was an amazing gift for this “geeky educator!”  I had every intention of blogging about my experience while I was in D.C. but it didn’t happen.  Although I didn’t write then, I promised myself I would capture the experience soon… Two months later, here I am.  With the moments fresh in my mind as if they happened yesterday, I’ll begin the documentation now. … Visit the author's original post

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