Shout herramienta digital siglo 21

Shout herramienta digital siglo 21 un proyecto genial para profesores y alumnos a nivel mundial que resuelve problemas ambientales, como deforestacion, contaminacion del agua y aire.

Hay tantas herramientas educativas online nuevas y no tan nuevas, que no dejo de asombrarme, y lo que mas me asombra es no haberme dado cuenta de ellas antes, creo que la principal razón por lo cual en América latina muchos profesores no se dan cuenta de ellas, es porque en su mayoría estas herramientas están en idioma ingles y si bien algunas páginas pueden tener traduciones a la hora de interactuar con màs personas el íngles es básico y muy necesario y algunos que se resisten al ingles.… Visit the author's original post

Teachers running their classrooms through OneNote and Welcome to ISTE 2014

This Saturday, June 28, kicks off the four-day ISTE 2014 conference and we’re happy to share some exciting stories about how people are using OneNote in education. Today we take a look at how the teachers at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina, seamlessly integrate OneNote into their classrooms to elevate the education of students through presentation, organization, and real-time collaboration with both students and other educators.

Leslie Williams, a seventh grade mathematics teacher, uses OneNote extensively in her classroom. It serves as her main presentation tool.… Visit the author's original post

Six U.S. Students to Compete for Microsoft Office Specialist World Champion Title

Certiport today announced the 2014 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) U.S. National Champions. The winners were named at the U.S. National Championship event in Atlanta, Georgia and will travel to Anaheim, California to compete in the MOS World Championship from July 27 – 30, 2014.

The U.S. winners are as follows:

  • Microsoft Excel® 2010: Daniel Hill, Green Hope High School, Cary, NC
  • Microsoft Excel® 2007: Stormy Skyles, Caldwell Parish High School, Columbia, LA
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010: Timothy Holdiness, Ouachita Parish High School, Monroe, LA
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® 2007: Tyler Millis, Dunbar High School, Fort Myers, FL
  • Microsoft Word® 2010: Kyle Forst, Bridging Communities Regional Career and Technical Center, New Kent, Virginia
  • Microsoft Word® 2007: Dominique Howard, East Harlem Employment Service, New York, New York

From August 2013 to May 2014, more than 300,000 students in the United States entered the competition to demonstrate their level of proficiency in utilizing the world's foremost desktop computing applications.… Visit the author's original post

Daily Digital Discoveries 06/25/2014

  • Wiki full of comics that can be used in the social studies classroom and beyond! This wiki is an attempt to help us share resources and ideas – it has taken me a lot of research to find these titles – I have not been able to find any sort of complete “list” of titles that would make it easy – so here we go!

    tags: comics comic socialstudies graphicnovels

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.… Visit the author's original post

10 things all tablets have in common

There are 3 main companies vying for the crown of “best tablet” for primary schools. iPads took an early lead a couple of years ago but the emergence of Android and Microsoft tablets have made the world of tablet computing in schools a much trickier place than ever before. Before tablet technology, most computers in Irish primary schools ran a version of Microsoft Windows and it didn’t really matter which version as they were all fairly compatible with each other so installing software wasn’t an issue.… Visit the author's original post

1 TB of OneDrive storage coming to an Office 365 near you

UPDATE 7/16/2014: 1 TB for Office 365 Personal, Home, University and business subscribers is now available, read more on the OneDrive blog.

Since we introduced Office 365 for consumers nearly a year and a half ago, customers have told us that one of their favorite benefits of the subscription service is the additional OneDrive storage–for accessing and sharing files on their favorite devices and getting things done from home, school, work and everywhere in between. These are precisely the reasons we included additional OneDrive storage with every Office 365 consumer subscription–and we’re happy that people are realizing the value.… Visit the author's original post

Always accessible family shopping lists with OneNote

Nicholas Kerr works on Bing Rewards at Microsoft and writes a personal blog at

Nicholas Kerr portraitOneNote solves the shopping list frustrations my wife and I used to have. Our previous method involved sticky notes in the kitchen, and usually neither of us was near the list when either of us thought of something to add. But with a To Do list in OneNote, we can add items wherever we are and always stay up to date.

At the store, I’d inevitably find myself without a pen to check off items, and I’d forget to buy items I’d mentally checked off the list.… Visit the author's original post

Advanced Technology Training: Are Younger Students Up for the Challenge?

Educators face increasing pressure from parents, businesses, and governing agencies to instill in students the technology skills needed to navigate a volatile job market. As schools seek ways to boost students' competitive advantage, some educators are asking whether younger students can handle advanced technology training. Are they up for the challenge? Will it give them the upper hand? 

For one technology instructor in Washington State, the answer is a demonstrative 'yes' and 'yes.' Katherine Schmit-- Business & Technology Instructor/FBLA Advisor at Kalama High School--shares her experience training and certifying incoming high school freshmen in advanced technology curriculum, and the enthusiasm and proficiency these digital natives are bringing to the classroom.Visit the author's original post

CAS Conference 2014

Yesterday was the 6th annual Computing At School (CAS) National Conference. The conference, which was attended by more that 300 delegates, provided an opportunity for teachers to find out about the new curriculum. It also gave teachers the chance to meet and learn from other experienced educators about how to introduce computer science in the classroom. 

As well as attending a number of inspiring and thought provoking workshops, I was asked to deliver a workshop of my own. I can honestly say it felt an honour to be delivering a workshop along side the likes of Paul Curzon, Mark Dorling and Phil Gardner (to name but a few).… Visit the author's original post

Optimale bescherming door het gebruik van automatische updates


Twee derde van alle desktop computers blijkt met een verouderde webbrowser te werken. Dat is zorgelijk, want het gebruik van de nieuwste webbrowsers is een makkelijke en belangrijke manier om je computer te beschermen tegen kwaadaardige software.

InternetExplorer-Infographic Dutch

Een gemakkelijke manier om altijd de nieuwste beveiligingsupdates te ontvangen is het aanzetten van Windows Update. Mogelijk staat dit bij jou al aan. Om dat te controleren ga je naar de Microsoft Update website. Het Windows Update Controle venster zal openen en als automatisch updaten nog niet aan staat, dan kun je de stappen volgen om dit te activeren.… Visit the author's original post

Schools Broadband Network – Youtube Videos and Google Images Blocked

Over the last few weeks, teachers and pupils alike have experienced difficulties searching online for videos on Youtube and images from Google images. This wasn’t expected, as we are currently on Level 4 of the Content Filtering whereby access to Youtube is allowed. It is quite understandable, that in the case of teachers who have been accustomed to sourcing educational video clips from sites such as Youtube etc. for their teaching  that they would have a difficulty understanding why they couldn’t suddenly access Youtube videos that could be accessed last week, month or year. … Visit the author's original post

ITA Triumphs | IT Academies Launching Students toward Possibility, Far and Wide

We’re thrilled to introduce the first post in a recurring series by Anneleen Vaandrager, Senior Director of Worldwide Sales for Microsoft Learning Experiences. Based in The Netherlands, Anneleen champions the advancements of the Microsoft IT Academy program, advocating for IT Academies across the globe in more than 133 countries. Anneleen was a DJ in her past life and is passionate about Indie Rock, New Wave, and eighties music.

Her new column—ITA Triumphs – shares success stories from you—the educators, teachers, staff, and administrators who comprise the heart and soul of the Microsoft IT Academy program.Visit the author's original post

Magic tricks with OneNote and Surface Pro 3

Nicole Steinbok is a Program Manager on the OneNote team. She loves the color purple, her family, and working on the team that created the magical experiences in this post.

I’m so excited to be writing about OneNote on the new Surface Pro 3 integration. I’ve worked with brilliant people from the Windows, Surface and OneNote teams to create this instant note-taking experience that’s like taking notes on paper–but way better.

In the video below you’ll see how to take a note whenever you want, have your notes with you all the time, clip and write on whatever you see on your screen, and how to customize your note-taking experience using OneNote.… Visit the author's original post

Teaching Computer Science: Day 23 – Another slice of Pi

With the Controlled Assessment out the way and everyone back safely from their Geography field trip, I decided to let my students relax a little (only a little mind!) and have a go at doing some programming using Python and Minecraft Pi Edition.


Suggested time: 50-100 mins

What you will need

For each student / group, you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi (with monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • 4gb SD Card (With Raspbian OS installed)
  • Minecraft Pi installer files

Note: This lesson assumes that students already have some experience of using the Pis and that they have already installed the Raspbian Operating System.… Visit the author's original post

2013 Imagine Cup Champs: Where Are They Now?

With the 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals right around the corner, the top 35 World Finalist teams from around the globe are eagerly preparing their projects and getting them ready for our judges in the final round of the competition this July. Looking ahead, students may be asking themselves, what comes after Imagine Cup? Although the answer to this question may vary from team to team, one thing is for certain -- the possibilities are endless!

For Team Zeppelin Studio, the winners of last year’s Games Competition, life after Imagine Cup has indeed been full of endless opportunities as they continue to pursue their dreams.  The team took home first place with their project Schein, a challenging puzzle platformer, and have since evolved the game from an academic project to a newly founded company with a fresh vision of the future.… Visit the author's original post

Maths Eyes

As the summer holidays approach and the pupils in my class head off to different parts of the world and the country on their holidays the last thing they think about is maths! So over the last week we have being training up our Maths Eyes. So when they do leave I hope they will be still learning about maths! Grasping at straws I know, but I have to be optimistic. For those of you that haven’t come across Maths Eyes here is a bit of back ground: “Having Maths Eyes changes the view of mathematics as being something everyone just does in school.Visit the author's original post

For collaborating on projects, Office Online is the best

College student Benjamin Park shares his experience with Office Online.

Benjamin ParkI’m entering my senior year at the University of Michigan, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Complex Systems. This year, my courses required a lot of team projects, but it was my decision to get involved with the Up to Us campaign that really drove home the need to find the tools I could use to communicate and collaborate efficiently with my teammates. Up to Us is a competition among 25 universities to raise awareness on campuses about the long-term impact of America’s rising debt on economic opportunity.… Visit the author's original post


ED_padlet1Padlet ( is without doubt one of my favourite Web 2.0 applications and one that I make a lot of use of. Simply put, Padlet is an online noticeboard or ‘sticky notes’ facility that lets you post text, weblinks, files and multimedia resources to a dedicated online ‘wall’ (the facility was formerly called ‘Wall Wisher’). Walls can be made ‘on the fly’ without any login (but you do not have editorial control of the wall if you do this) or else you can create a Padlet account (for free) or use your Google or Facebook login to have full control over your walls.… Visit the author's original post

Cloud OS Event @ Royal Holloway University of London Royal Holloway University…

Cloud OS Event @ Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway University of London are hosting an event on the 19th June exclusively for UK University Staff and decision makers showcasing the Microsoft Private/Hybrid Cloud they have built in association with Infront Consulting.

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Cloud OS Event @ Royal Holloway University of London Royal Holloway University…

Cloud OS Event @ Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway University of London are hosting an event on the 19th June exclusively for UK University Staff and decision makers showcasing the Microsoft Private/Hybrid Cloud they have built in association with Infront Consulting.

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Webinar: 5 simple ways to clean up Outlook

In this week’s webinar, we’ll show you 5 simple ways to clean up your Outlook inbox and folders so you can read and write email with less clutter. Plus we’ll show how to get rid of those emails you don’t need without losing the information.

Need a sneak peek? Here is a 30-second trailer perfect for sharing on Social Media sites.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar

  • How to make a big reading and writing space
  • Don’t want the ribbon?
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Living life with OneNote: Let’s get personal College students use OneNote to st…

Living life with OneNote: Let’s get personal

College students use OneNote to stay organized and productive with constantly demanding deadlines–it’s easy to manage an entire college career in a single notebook. But where do personal commitments fit in? California State University and OneNote intern William Devereux shares his personal notebook to show how he uses OneNote to keep track of everything from movies and games to social events and lists of what to pack for his next trip.

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Is there an Office 365 End User Adoption Kit?

I have many education customers deploying Office 365 this summer while school is out. I was asked what we have to prepare their end users for training, items to create buzz (posters, flyers, emails), how to prepare help desk, etc.  The good news is we just provided some new adoption kits for your end users:

Quickstart to Office 365 including:

  • Fast Track to Office 365 tips and best practices guide
  • Email samples
  • Policies and best practices templates
  • Presentations for introducing Office 365
  • Posters and other print communications
  • Help desk and support resources
  • End-user surveys
  • Videos


poster for OneDrive for Business (you can customize to your own campus/district needs)


help desk guide


Office 365 buzz videos

Grab it here.Visit the author's original post

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