Get Window-Eyes for Free

Score one for our visually-impaired learners. Windows-Eyes is a screen reader for Windows that reads everything on your desktop with voice or attached braille reading devices.  The app supports a variety of languages to provide accessibility to new language learners. Additionally, Window-Eyes runs on every version of Windows since the venerable XP.

Watch the video below for a demo and more details.

I have purposefully buried the lead on this one. The app is available as a free license if you are already have a fully-licensed version of Microsoft Office 2010 or later. … Visit the author's original post

All about me digital posters

All about Me posters are usually created at the beginning of the school year but I thought of  some creative activities that you can do on number of occasions. For example announcing the students of the month  with the Most Wanted Students poster, teaching past tenses with My Timeline poster, teaching body parts and physical characteristics with Missing Person Announcement poster or at the end of the school year and a lesson on summer vacation with My Passport poster.
Here are some tips and ideas how to create all of these digital All About Me posters :

My Passport
Aim: present simple, past simple, ing-form
Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
Time: 30-40 minutes 
Preparation: Make sure you have created a umapper account before the lesson.
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Present Simple Fun

Here are some popular warmers, fillers of follow-ups and some ideas how to make them more fun with technology.

A day in a life of...
Aim: simple present practice, third person singular
Level: all levels
Time: 20-30 minutes
Preparation: It's a good idea to make assign students to make accounts on the sites that you are going to use before the lesson not to waste any time on that during the lesson.
Ask the students about their favourite object.
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Motivating and involving teachers in applying Project Based Learning

Motivating and involving teachers in applying Project Based Learning

The big decision has been made and three letters are to dominate the curriculum at your school- and your professional life consequently-  in the foreseeable future: PBL

And YES,  project based learning has invaded your and your colleagues' teaching. In previous posts I have referred to the problems one may encounter when integrating it into the syllabus ( Roseli Coffee Desk: Integrating PBL into your syllabus) and how 
technology can help (Boosting PBL with the aid of technology).Visit the author's original post


It’s amazing to think that we are five years into our second decade of this century. Ten years ago, tablet PCs were just beginning to ship in volume with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Today, tablets are low-cost and plentiful. In a few short months, every edition of Windows XP will reach end of support on April 8, 2014. We will have a proper farewell at that time.

Consider for a moment that it took ten years for the mobile tablet computer idea to become a mainstream consumer experience.… Visit the author's original post

Boosting PBL with the aid of technology

Boosting PBL with the aid of technology
Project Based Learning (em)powered by technology!

Feeling your Project Based Learning approach is stuck in stagnant waters? Making use of learning technology can give a boost to the projects assigned in class and motivate learners.

Why use technology?
No matter how much most of us dread technology and despite the horror stories we often hear, technology can:

 1.Motivate learners
Technology is part and parcel of their daily routine and the majority of them feel confident using it.
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Hover over Words to Get the Meaning for Blogger and WordPress

Retrieved Dec. 20, 2013 from here
I'm working on a blogging project with my first-year high school students. During this experience, there are a lot of things that I have to learn. As a sharing fan, I decided to write a series of posts to document every skill I acquired and every tool I explored to accomplish the aims of this project and meet my students' needs. Among many things that my students need is a way to find the meaning of the new words that they encounter in the required tasks.
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Napravili i mi svoj green screen

DSC09205Prošli tjedan smo u OŠ Popovača na satu informatike napravili svoj prvi green screen. Za izradu smo iskoristili stari karton i zeleni hamer. Vrlo jednostavno bez puno ulaganja :).

Pomoću tehnike green screen učenici su snimili zanimljive božićne čestitke.

I učenici i učitelji su se zabavili i ponešto naučili.

Pogledajte fotografije i čestitke koje smo snimili. Za prvi put odlično je ispalo.

DSC09195 DSC09199 DSC09216 DSC09205 DSC09212 DSC09190 DSC09215 DSC09208 DSC09203 DSC09211 DSC09213 DSC09206 DSC09198 DSC09192 DSC09201 DSC09218 DSC09193



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Everything you need to know about Office 365 Education

I’ve been working with the education team at Microsoft for over 3 years now. In that time the education landscape, from a technology perspective, has changed massively. It’s almost unrecognisable. The challenges and aspirations have evolved, the technology has matured, and it’s easy to forget just how much there is to know! To make it a bit easier, in association with PC Pro Magazine, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about Office 365 Education.

Everything you need to know about Office 365 Education

You can view the guide here below, or check it out on SlideShare – it’s free!… Visit the author's original post

Deploying and Managing Office 365 ProPlus

It’s a very exciting time to be an Office 365 Education customer. Student Advantage availability is just around the corner, and we’ve put a few posts up discussing how to get it, but it’s also important to consider how you’ll be deploying and managing Office 365 ProPlus.

Deploying and Managing Office 365 ProPlus

My colleague across the water, Mark Garcia, recently put a post up covering the various options for deploying Office 365 ProPlus, but I found this deck which I thought I would also share for you to view and download (there are videos in the deck).… Visit the author's original post

How do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education? (Part Three)

In part one of this little trio I talked about how institutions who already have Office 365 Education can get access to Student Advantage, and in part two I looked at how students access the benefit. In this final part I’ll look at what you need to do to if you don’t already have Office 365 Education.

How do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education?

Office 365 ProPlus, which is the “proper name” for Student Advantage, is delivered through Office 365 Education.… Visit the author's original post

Office 365 Education: Teaching and Learning Scenario – Lync

Guest blog post from Gerald Haigh. Gerald writes regularly for the Microsoft Education series of blogs.

Ramandeep has been absent from school for five weeks following a road accident. Recovery is slow, and there’s still no firm date for her return. The school sends work home with her brother, but, as she tells her mum, she feels more and more cut off.

‘I just don’t feel I go to that school any more. I sometimes think they’ve forgotten me. When I first had the accident it was all fuss, and visits, and flowers and chocolates.

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How do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education? (Part 2)

In our last post, we looked at how an institution can associate Student Advantage licences with an existing Office 365 Education tenant. Today, we'll answer the question “how do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education?” from a student perspective.

Once an institution has allocated the Office 365 ProPlus licences that underpin the Student Advantage benefit students will not necessarily see anything different in their experience of Office 365. So, in the spirit of sharing, here are a couple of ideas for how to spread the word:

  • Send an email to all students informing them of the new software available to them.
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How do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education?

With a little under a month until Student Advantage becomes available (that's December 1st, put it in the diary!) one of the questions I am getting asked most frequently is: how do I get Student Advantage in Office 365 Education?

I’m going to cover this off in two posts, this first one to discuss how to get Student Advantage added to your existing Office 365 Education tenant. The second post will be a student-view; how to access and download the software.… Visit the author's original post

Join us for a live Q&A on Student Advantage

Since the recent announcement introducing Student Advantage almost a fortnight ago we’ve been inundated with questions. I’m super excited at the response to the news. As a result, we’d like you to join us for a live Q&A on Student Advantage at midday (GMT) on 31/10 on Twitter.

Live Q&A

We’ll be tracking your questions and conversation on all things Student Advantage on the #SAFAQ hashtag. The two accounts to follow are @ukeducloud and @microsofteduk.

We’ll kick off at 12pm, midday, GMT and we’ll be around “live” for an hour.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft offers students at eligible educational institutions access to full Office productivity suite for no additional cost

As part of our on-going commitment to education, we are thrilled to announce Student Advantage, a new benefit to qualifying institutions which will make it easy for students to use the latest and best version of full Office at their education institution and at home.

Student Advantage - Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Office - Word Logo Microsoft Office - PowerPoint Logo Microsoft Office - Outlook Logo Microsoft Office - Excel Logo Microsoft Office - Lync Logo Microsoft Office - Publisher Logo Microsoft Office - OneNote Logo Microsoft Office - Access Logo

So what does this mean? From 1st December, 2013, any institutions worldwide that licenses Office for staff and faculty can provide access to Office 365 ProPlus for students at no additional cost.… Visit the author's original post

Live@edu – End of an Era

It gives me great pleasure in announcing that we have now completed the Live@edu Upgrade program to Office 365. In the course of just a year, we have upgraded over 9 Million users, equating to 5000 customers; this has been no small feat by our engineering teams, nor our customers and a little celebration is definitely in order.

Looking back over the road map for Live@edu you can see that Microsoft has always invested heavily in Education, ensuring that the services available to the academic sector are at the forefront of innovation.… Visit the author's original post

Middlesex University drives IT efficiency. Find out how at Oxford Computer Group’s free summit!

students 2students 3Students                                                 

In Education, the IT landscape is rapidly changing. Schools, colleges and universities need to provide IT more efficiently; supporting applications and services on-premise and in the Cloud, using modern devices. But what does it take to embrace modern IT and exploit its many benefits?

Join Oxford Computer Group and other HE organisations, for a free summit. You’ll hear how to support modern IT in education and learn how to develop your roadmap. With high profile speakers from Microsoft and a case study from Middlesex University, Oxford Computer Group’s eighth annual summit will be a highly valuable and informative event.… Visit the author's original post

Getting Connected is Still A Matter of Degrees

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 37 percent of Americans without a high school diploma are connected with home broadband Internet compared to 89 percent of Americans with a college degree. We need to rethink broadband in America as we consider modernization of the E-rate program.

If you are reading this article, you are in the 70 percent of Americans that are most likely to be connected to the Internet. In the year 2013, we still have a digital equity gap in Americans connected to the new economy.… Visit the author's original post

How to Avoid Expensive Network Upgrades in Education

At a number of conferences that I have spoken at lately, I have shared that we are not likely to see less technology adoption and usage in education. In fact, we should see considerably more. However, some technologies are causing our networks to overload with unnecessary traffic.

Bandwidth Analysis for Windows vs ChromeOS

Microsoft recently commissioned a report to evaluate the network patterns of netbooks running ChromeOS and notebooks running Windows 8 from Principled Technologies. The report found what should be obvious—an Internet-only device will produce more traffic than a Windows 8 device.… Visit the author's original post

Top 10 Tips for Office 365 Education

Earlier this year I wrote 10 blog posts, each covering one of my top tips for Office 365 Education. As schools, colleges and universities across the country reconvene for the start of a new term, I thought it would be helpful to summarise my top 10 tips for Office Education in one handy place.

Office 365 is constantly evolving with new features being added, and existing features being improved; not to mention the fact that it is free to education.… Visit the author's original post

The Start of my Office 365 Education Journey

Guest post from Gerald Haigh. Gerald writes regularly for the Microsoft Education series of blogs.

One of the first things I did when I decided to learn more about the capabilities of Office 365 Education was to have a meeting with Alex Pearce of BFC Networks.

Alex is always good value – generous with his time and knowledge. He’s also the kind of person who doesn’t raise his eyebrows and sigh when you ask the question that reveals you haven’t understood what he’s just told you.… Visit the author's original post

Office 365 Education Exchange Online mailbox quotas are doubling to 50GB FREE

It’s turning out to be a bumper week for Office 365 Education updates. Earlier this week it was announced that SkyDrive Pro was increasing the default storage quota from 7 GB to 25 GB and starting from now Office 365 Education Exchange Online mailbox quotas are doubling to 50 GB FREE!

When will I see my mailboxes get bigger?

Stephen Brown, a product manager on the Exchange team, made the announcement yesterday on the Office 365 technology blog that the increased quota would be rolling out from yesterday through to November so keep an eye out for the bigger quota over the next few weeks and months.… Visit the author's original post

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