These are ongoing initiatives undertaken by Microsoft and by individual Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts 2015. Every MIEExpert15 is strongly encouraged to participate in them.


1. Fill out the official MIE Expert 2015 Survey formquicklink ]
Fill out the official Microsoft MIE Expert 2015 Survey form with your name, country, city, email account, Twitter username, website, school, taught subjects *and* your favorite colors ;-).



2. Register for the official monthly Connection Callsquicklink ]



2a. Register for the official Microsoft EduCast Webinarsquicklink ]



3. Join the official Microsoft MIE Expert 2015 Facebook groupquicklink ]



4. Follow the official Microsoft curriculum Professional Development for Educatorsquicklink ]
These courses help you prepare for the official Microsoft Certified Educator exam, which is complimentary for MIEExpert15.



5. Start using your official, personalized MIEExpert15 signature block (Facebook only) [ quicklink ]



5a. Add your signature block to the MIE Expert Signature Block Contact Notebook in OneNotequicklink ]
Initiative by Aaron Maurer @CoffeeChugBooks



6. Join the Microsoft Innovative Educators News Radarquicklink ]
Initiative by Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC / @CleverClogs



7. Pick activities – organize your own Lync webinar – from the OneNote Playbook (Facebook only) [ quicklink ]
Tip: Plan ahead and host your own Lync webinar – see the elaborate MIE Expert Webinar Toolkit with step-by-step instructions inside the MIEExpert15 OneNote Playbook. This OneNote notebook is available for MIEExpert15 in various formats.



8. Start blogging on the official Microsoft in Education What’s Fresh blogquicklink ]
Become a weekly columnist.
Initiative by MIEExpert15 community manager Minnia Feng @MinniaFeng



9. Explore and use the #mieexpert15 hashtag on Twitterquicklink ]
If you’re serious about engaging on Twitter, consider using TweetDeck or a similar system.



10. Explore and join the MIE Experts 2015 Twitter listquicklink ]
Find out if you’re already on Mike Soskil’s Twitter list. If you’re not, send him a tweet to request that he adds you. You can find out what lists you are on through
Initiative by Mike Soskil @MSoskil.



11. Pin yourself on the #mieexpert15 Zeemaps mapquicklink ]
Initiative by Kurt Söser @KurtSoeser


No need to sign up for a Zeemaps account. Just open the Additions menu and select Add Marker – Simple. Fill out the form and press the Submit button.


(thanks for the screenshot, Lekalakala Mabore!)
Here’s how to create your own Zeemaps hyperlink that will show your profile:

Open the “Print or Share” menu > Select the Share Link/URL > Expand button > copy the entire URL and add the following fragment to the URL:


12. Join the MIEExpert15 group on LinkedInquicklink ]
While you have your LinkedIn profile open, please check if your profile details are up to date and and complete. Consider connecting to fellow educator experts. This makes the network stronger and helps the LinkedIn recommendation algorithm to find potentially valuable connections for you.
Initiative by Bozena Kraj @InterLangClubIT, Darina Poljak @DarinaPadina and David Muya @David_Kenya



13. Write your personal story as a teacher on the Padlet Wallquicklink ]
There’s no need to sign up for a Padlet account. Just add a new column by double-clicking on an empty spot on the wall. You can change or delete your own text at any time. Padlet columns are now also published on the News Radar. If you already have a News Radar contributor page, your Padlet column will appear there also.
Initiative by Kalpana Kishorekumar @KalpanaKishore



14. To experiment with OneNoteClass, you need Office 365 Pro Plus (30-day trial version – or claim your own full license with your local Microsoft branch) [ quicklink ]



15. Explore the Office 365 for Education tip sheets, guidesquicklink ]
By Partners in Learning network

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16. Walk through the official Microsoft OneNote for Teachers Interactive Guidesquicklink ]
Very entertaining, outstanding tutorials.


17. Get to know OneNote Class Notebook Creatorquicklink ]
Whole range of resources about #OneNoteClass. Incredibly helpful.
Initiative by Office 365 MVP Darrell C. Webster @DarrellCWebster



18. Join the OneNote Water Cooler network on Yammer
Discussion groups about all OneNote platforms and usage scenarios.
Initiative by fellow expert Cal Armstrong @Sig225, by Office 365 MVP Darrell C. Webster @DarrellCWebster and by Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC



19. Get OneNote use tips from the OneNote Community Notebookquicklink ]
Initiative by Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC



20. Add official MIEExpert15 signature block Image as Gmail signaturequicklink ]
Gmail requires the signature block to be available as a URL. This step-by-step guide explains an easy way on how to do this.
Initiative by Shiroma Weerathunge @SWeerathunge



21. Apply for the official Sway for iOS versionquicklink ]



22. Install the MIEExpert15 App for Windows 8 and Windows Phonequicklink ]
Initiative by Kurt Söser @KurtSoeser



23. Join the Facebook group “It’s Easy to Learn English Together”quicklink ]
In this group native speakers of English join non-native speakers in their journey to learn English
Initiative by Mohammed Deyab @mohdiab14289



24. Get your own stamped-in-wood or steel “CERTIFIED MIEExpert15” seal
Global Steel Logo
quicklink ]
Initiative by Jecson Oafallas @jecoaff



25. Get to know Sway through this step-by-step tutorialquicklink ]
Initiative by Koen Timmers @Zelfstudie



26. Meet and search for fellow MIEExpert15 on the official, global Microsoft Educator Networkquicklink ]
While you are on the site anyway, do a quality check on your own profile. Is it correct and complete? Could it be there are more than one profile for your name? Your Educator Network profile is where people go to find your MIE projects and achievements, so make sure they look like you want them to.



27. Co-author the OneNote eBook “A Day in the Life of my Student – a Global View”quicklink ]
Initiative by Meenakshi Uberoi @MeenakshiUberoi and Olalekan Adeeko @lincolndemo.



28. eduToolsquicklink ]
Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts share their favorite teaching tools.
Initiative by Koen Timmers @zelfstudie.



29. Add an MIEExpert15 badge to your Twitter, Facebook or other social media profile imagequicklink ]
Initiative by Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC



30. Fill out a survey for your Educator Network learning activityquicklink ]
Initiative by Julius César R. de Reyes @agent_matheo

educator network learning activity projects survey


31. Find a collaboration partner for your project about a global problemquicklink ]
Initiative by Nguyễn Đức Toàn @ndt2014_MIE



32. Join the MIEExpert15 group on the online social bookmarking service Diigoquicklink ]
Initiative by Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC / @CleverClogs


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