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Are outdated computers reverting students to a prehistoric era?

3 reasons why there’s an increased need to get rid of keyboards and move to pen-based computers for today’s students.

If today’s educators continue to encourage the use of keyboards instead of digital ink and paper, they run the risk of being a ‘pager’ teacher in a smart phone world, holding on to a past that has outlived its usefulness and limits students’ cognitive potential…at least, that’s what human history and recent research is telling us.


What Human History Tells Us About Keyboards

Communication in society has mirrored progress, but it has always involved a person holding a “pen”, even if that “pen” was just a pointed stick.Visit the author's original post

12 Tips for An Organized Book Loving Classroom

Anyone who enters our classroom immediately notices all of the books we have.  It’s hard not to, they seem to be everywhere.  While I have always believed in having as many books as possible in the classroom, I was not always sure on how to best organize it for optimal student access and interest.  Now, seven years into having a library, there are a few things that have made my life easier.

No check out system

I have tried so many different check out systems, from a catalog system, to student librarians, to an electronic version, and all of them turned out the same; a ton of work for me and I still lost a lot of books.  … Visit the author's original post

5 + 1 Simple Ideas to Make Writing Fun Again

Over and over their comments come.

“…I hate writing…”

“…Please don’t make me write…”

“…Writing is soooo boring…”

And with each comment, I am grateful for my 7th graders honesty and also very, very challenged.  How do you make writing fun again when all of the joy has disappeared for some?  How do you make writing something students want to do, or at the very least don’t hate, when you have a curriculum to get through?  How do we continue to inspire students to become writers, even when facing so many old writing demons?  … Visit the author's original post

Microsoft helps students dig deep into Writing

Guest Post by: Lisa Cuthbert-Novak - Microsoft Expert Educator

This learning activity was a part of an investigation to explore how information communication technologies can be used to deepen students’ understanding of their writing process and develop the essential personal, learning and collaborative skills to become more effective writers. In particular, I explored how Microsoft Word editing features, PowerPoint multimodal capabilities and OneNote Notebook development tools can be used, not just as end of writing publishing options, but as highly focused teaching tools that support students to understand their writing process on a much deeper leveI.… Visit the author's original post

A Visit to the Night Zoo

Our 3rd grade students went on a virtual field trip to the Night Zoo this morning.  The Night Zoo has amazing creatures like Giraffe Spies, Time-Traveling Elephants, and Orange Horses that have traffic cones and umbrellas.  Students wanted to know where this Night Zoo was located, but Paul, one of the night zookeepers, told us that the location had to remain secret to protect the animals.  You can visit the Night Zoo by going to its website:  Below are some pictures and a video from our call.… Visit the author's original post