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New Skype Interview! Erin and Deek Rhew. Martin’s article and Erin and Deek’s feedback!

Martin, 10th grader, wants to share his views on our latest Skype interview:

On May 31, we had a Skype interview with two American authors, Erin and Deek RHEW, after having analyzed Erin’s novel’s incipit, an excerpt from “The Prophecy”. This cute couple could be described as funny, geeky, talented and beautiful, leading to one of the most enjoyable interviews of this year, even though the whole class had to overcome several technical problems!
But after a while, we managed to establish this extremely pleasant moment of learning.… Visit the author's original post

Cheryl Ann Bolden, Artist and Precious Cargo curator’s workshop

On Friday February 5, Mrs. Bolden gave workshops at my school for the American international section and the STMG stduents who are preparing a slavery project together. The main aims of this visit were to share about slavery but also to be able to study primary sources, artefacts and grasp the concept of slavery in a different way, thus get a more personal and deep understanding of the history of the USA. A link to her excellent website:

5 Tips for holding a OneNote Workshop

Screenshot 00213

Inspired by the Microsoft Innovative Educator “#MSFTtips Contest” I decided to write down my 5 Tips for everbody, who wants to hold an OneNote workshop for other educators. In the past 3 years I have had great oppertunities to introduce OneNote to many, many educators in Austria (and Germany too!) and I am pretty proud of my efforts, because I have changed some teachers AND students daily life since they are using Microsoft OneNote.

  • Tell them your WHY

    So if you never heard of Simon Sinek you have to invest the following 18 Minutes into his genious TED talk about what he calls the” Golden Circle”: WHY – HOW – WHAT:

    So I always start my Workshops traditionally with a small PowerPoint-presentation about my personal path to OneNote.

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