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Windows Apps for Education Refresher

The list of Windows apps for education is constantly evolving and growing. As schools head towards the end of year and the thoughts of planning for next year come to the surface, we thought we’d publish a refresher list of some of the awesome Windows...(read more)Visit the author's original post

32 Engaging Ways to use Microsoft in your classroom

Looking for new ways to do new things in your classroom in 2015? Want to use some new tools to engage students, parents and peers in teaching and learning? Here’s 32 ideas just for you. We have categorised these 32 strategies into the 8...(read more)Visit the author's original post

SAMR Meets Microsoft

The SAMR Model of technology integration is used by many teachers across the globe to ensure their use of technology leads to better learning outcomes for students. After reading lists of learning activities and apps sorted into this continuum using other platforms, we thought it might be nice to create a list of how Microsoft apps, services and software might fit into this popular model. Check out the ideas below and print out our handy infographic to inspire some ideas in your classroom this year.… Visit the author's original post

The Twelve Days of Christmas according to a Microsoft in Education Expert Educator

Wondering just what you can do with a Microsoft Surface? Need to know more about how other educators are using them? This post will give you a bunch of ideas about the sue of Surface Pro 3 in education

Our Expert Educators in Australia and New Zealand are an amazing bunch of inspirational and innovative professionals. Matthew O'Brien has just written 12 blog posts in a row, highlighting a variety ways you can use the Surface Pro 3 in your classroom.… Visit the author's original post

My Spelling Words – Spelling lists like never before

Looking for an engaging way for students to learn their spelling? Want students to develop handwriting skills while using a device?  My Spelling Words is the app for you.  

The developers of the hugely popular app School Writing AU/NZ have just released their next app called My Spelling Words. This Australian developed app is all about making spelling lists engaging and educational at the same time.  

It takes the humble and tedious weekly spelling list and turns it into a digitally enhanced audio experience with handwriting at its core.

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