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Spotlight on Wales: Cracking the Code with Minecraft, and #MIEExperts at NDLE

Microsoft is proud to be supporting the Welsh government's recently unveiled programme to boost coding and computing skills among young learners in Wales. Last week, Education Secretary Kirsty Williams announced Cracking the Code - an initiative to support the teaching of coding skills both in and outside of the classroom in local areas across Wales. As part of the initiative, Microsoft will be helping the Welsh government by launching a Minecraft Education pilot programme, to support the development of young people’s digital skills through the use of Minecraft: Education Edition Code Builder.… Visit the author's original post

Hwb+ at the core of the Digital Wales strategy

The ‘Digital Wales’ framework recognises that the most important drivers of economic and social growth for any country, surrounds the digital competency of their citizens and businesses. As part of a strategy to transform Wales into a truly digital nation, the Welsh Government have set themselves five key objectives - to tackle the digital divide, to improve digital skills, to grow our digital economy, to provide better online public services and to deliver faster broadband across Wales.

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