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‘Make’ it a good Christmas – Batteries, soldering iron and code not included

I remember getting my first bike for Christmas in 1982. It was an amazing red bike, with cool handle-bar grips and a bright shiny logo on the frame. It took me months to learn how to ride it and Christmas seemed to last forever. Learning was hard, the bruises were many but the reward was independence. I also remember Father Christmas (my dad) spending ages setting up Scalextric so when I got up in the morning it was ready to go!… Visit the author's original post

PowerBI Supports StAC’s Pastoral Care Programmes

For the last 12 months we have been actively exploring how Microsoft’s Business Intelligence product called PowerBI could be used at St Andrew’s College. I have blogged about our initial experimentations with this here and that post would be a … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Light Speed

Image4 Finally it’s a reality; a reality that carries a side bar of lots and lots of “No’s”! Light speed broadband with no bottlenecks, no copper cables, no long download times, no live-streaming lags and no other nationwide roll out anywhere else in Europe!
Siro is now delivering a total fibre to building solution to a select few “beta-test” homes and businesses in Dundalk and several other towns, providing them with 1 Gigabit bandwidth, that’s 1,000 Mbps, yes, no typo, 1,000 Mbps, internet access.… Visit the author's original post

Give students a head start in computer science studies and careers

Interest in computer science amongst incoming college freshmen is surging to record levels. That’s promising news given the widely-reported shortfall of code-literate graduates to fill computing jobs, with an projected one million more jobs than qualified graduates by 2020. Now academic institutions face a time-sensitive resource gap: responding to student demand for computer science curriculum in a race to produce enough skilled workers to fill the demand for future jobs.

Bring Computer Science to your Classroom

To help meet demand at your school, Microsoft IT Academy has expanded its Computer Science curriculum with engaging and flexible learning tools that guide any student from foundational computer science concepts to advanced programming.… Visit the author's original post

DevOps met Microsoft Azure en Visual Studio Online – Een introductie

Door Edward Bakker

Er wordt de laatste tijd veel gesproken over DevOps. Hoewel DevOps op zich los staat van Cloud computing, kan de Cloud wel gezien worden als een ‘enabler’ voor DevOps. Nu het gebruik van de Cloud meer en meer ingeburgerd raakt, zien we dat de discussie rondom, en zelfs de introductie van DevOps in een stroomversnelling komt. In deze blogserie kijken we op welke manier Microsoft Azure en Visual Studio Online ondersteunend kunnen zijn aan de introductie van DevOps in uw organisatie.Visit the author's original post