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“Innovation is not trying something too strange and new. It is returning to your old places, using Microsoft tools to inspire students, making things more productive and organizing a better community.” – Tran Thi Thuy, Vietnam

Tran Thi Thuy
English Language Teacher, MIE Expert
Duc Hop Upper Secondary School
Hung Yen Province/Vietnam

Educators overcome obstacles every day to ensure their students get the best education possible. For Tran Thi Thuy, that meant bringing her own network connection to her rural Vietnam classroom. It also meant investing in her own career so that she could take her teaching to the next level.

In just one year, Tran completed courses in 21st Century Learning Design, Teaching with Technology, Teaching with Technology Basics and MIE Trainer Academy Learning Path through Microsoft in Education.… Visit the author's original post

“We have to teach with the heart and soul of a teacher, not a knowledge seller.” – Tô Thụy Diễm Quyên, Vietnam

Building a rewarding career in education is seldom easy — it takes hard work, passion and perseverance. These qualities are exactly what drives chemistry teacher and Innovative Educator Expert Tô Thụy Diễm Quyên.

After receiving her education degree, Quyên was initially dismayed by the realities of teaching in a school that was less than innovative. This disappointment led her to a brief marketing career, but she ultimately decided to follow her childhood dreams to teach.

“I still couldn’t forget the happiness I had every time I stood in front of the students, the feeling when the whole class couldn’t help laughing every time I compared chemistry with other things and chemical reactions to everyday life stories,”Quyên says.Visit the author's original post

2015 MOS World Championship | Regional Updates

Right now, at a school in one of 130 countries, students are seated at a computer, laser-focused on an exam unlike any other. Working within Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint; each student must perform a set of tasks based on a business scenario with pinpoint accuracy, in the shortest time possible. Passing the exam not only earns them a MOS certification, but also qualifies them to start the journey to the 2015 MOS World Championship (previously).

 From these local qualifying rounds, top scoring students will represent their schools at MOS Regional Championships held around the world in May and June.… Visit the author's original post

Nam Ngo Thanh: Bringing Twitter into Primary Class- Why Not?

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

I believe that application of social media in schools is not new to all of us. Educators are now using it to make the learning more exciting and meaningful.

twitterHow about you? What is your favorite social media? Is it Facebook, Blog or LinkedIn? For me, it is Twitter.

At first, I was hesitant to use social media in my primary class but my perception on using it had change when I read this interesting statement from one of the websites in education:

“Twitter won’t change your life, but it might make your job more fun and a little easier.”

I was challenged with this statement and decided to immediately apply Twitter in my class, but few people told me that elementary school students are still too young to use Twitter.… Visit the author's original post

Nam Ngo Thanh: Tip for Parents and Teachers- Limiting Games and Using the Internet Effectively

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

Life skills education is one of the essential values at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), Vietnam and is designed to help students adjust to the changes of natural environment or society to work out the sense of vigilance and to protect them.

Today, the internet and online gaming addictions are seen as problems of the teens in the major metropolitan. Consequence which is easy to realize is the children get involved in the virtual world, neglecting education and external activities.… Visit the author's original post

Dai Nguyen Thi: Project-Based Learning Makes Physics Fun!

by Dai Nguyen Thi
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

My stance in teaching is that: “Applying information communication technology in the teaching is an artistic job. The Information technology must go in hand with teaching methodology then it will make itself radiant.

As I think, the teaching methodology is for the whole world. However, in the other countries, other regions, depending on the actual situation in education and the development of information technology, using teaching methodology with information technologies requires the creation of educators. … Visit the author's original post

MIE School Profile: Vietnam Australia International School

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

School: Vietnam Australia International School

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Can Tho City, Vietnam

Type of School: Private

Levels of Schooling: Kindergarten – High School

Number of Students: 4500

Number of Teachers: 600

Number of Classrooms: 225


Slogan: Be The Best You Can Be

MIE Experts: Nam Ngo Thanh – Expert Educator 2014

About VAS:

Established in 2004 and licensed by the Vietnamese Government, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) is a private school group within the national education system offering a K–12 education programme.… Visit the author's original post

Erliza Matacot and Nam Ngo Thanh: MIE- More Than What You Think

by Nam Ngo Thanh and Erliza Matacot
Expert Educator Columnists, Vietnam and Philippines

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

This adage from a French author and a Nobel Prize winner in Literature André Gide may be best applied to all educators who want to sail their own ship in seeking for the best education. With the rapid development of the society, approach in education has also changed. Thus, teachers and students should not be left behind and should be courageous in embracing the changes brought by the new generation.Visit the author's original post

Nam Ngo Thanh: Limitless Creativity with Animation Project

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

What do your students think about History and Literature? Do they like it or not? Those subjects are really important in education, but how would you make it interesting to students?

According to my survey, the group of student was not really interested in History and Literature. They claimed that both History and Literature are not attractive enough for them. In my opinion, these subjects are very important for their lives. Teachers should find different ways to teach these subjects.… Visit the author's original post

Dai Nguyen Thi: My Story with Microsoft

by Dai Nguyen Thi
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

I am a teacher of Physics and Chemistry at a small junior high school in Vietnam. I have experienced many changes relating to my home country’s education over twenty years of teaching. And honestly, Microsoft has paved a new way for me to reach the destination that I am badly longing for.

More than 10 years ago, I started knowing Microsoft through Power-point and Word Apps. Actually I have utilized these Apps very effectively in teaching for preparing the lectures requiring presentation.… Visit the author's original post

Nam Ngo Thanh: My Flipped Classroom

 by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

Technology is important part of my work in the classroom. I have always looking for new ways to teach. So, after the workshop of a fellow in Vietnam – MS Quyen To, I decided to try this new approach in teaching process in my classroom.

What is flipped classroom?

Teachers made the video about the theory and basic exercises, share it over the Internet, so the students can look at it before lecture itself, so the time in class can be devoted to the questions of students, doing exercises or discussion of knowledge.… Visit the author's original post

Nam Ngo Thanh: Global Project With OneNote

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

nam-2-1My name’s Nam, I’m a teacher from Vietnam. I love project-based teaching and would love to implement this throughout my teaching job. I don’t only want to limit my project within student’s range but I also look for collaboration with teachers from other countries. What tool should I go for to benefit this cooperation? OneNote, the best tool I’ve ever used, has caused me a great interest.

Why do I prefer OneNote?

-No restriction of geographic distance and different schedules

-Support to store, set up and share a variety of information at one source.… Visit the author's original post