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Marija Petreska: Last Minute Microsoft Love

 by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I know it is the very last minute for Valentine’s Day classroom tips and ideas, but Friday is always reserved for me and I could not but share my love for Microsoft. Shall we start! I’ll go by favorites, so my first activity will naturally be of PowerPoint. Sorry OneNote and Office Mix you can never beat first love.

1. PowerPoint
It is more than obvious that I’ll suggest creating Valentine’s cards in PowerPoint but not so obvious what to do with them.… Visit the author's original post

2nd Grade Virtual Valentines Video

For this year’s Virtual Valentines, Mrs. Flynn’s second grade class was paired with a group of elementary students in Manitoba, Canada.  Each class is making a “virtual” valentine to send to the other.  In addition, both classes are doing some research to learn about their new friends’ location.  If schedules work out, the classes may try to meet face to face over Skype in the coming weeks.

Below is the video that Mrs. Flynn’s class created to send to their partners.  … Visit the author's original post