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4 hacks for Word 2016 to save you time authoring documents

If there’s one thing we Microsoft engineers have learned in our dialogue with teachers, it’s that each and every one cares deeply about the success and well-being of their students. Helping give educators back a few precious minutes of their day, spent in one of the most demanding, time consuming, and hectic professions in the world, is the least we can do.

We have four easy tips – or hacks, if you prefer – for Microsoft Word below, and we believe they’ll save you minutes every day during your lesson planning, classroom organization, grading, assignment creation and more. … Visit the author's original post

So you want to record some audio?

A friend of mine is at the start of her journey making recordings for educational instruction, and in conversations with her I realised that when we first start, there are a lot of questions we need answered. It can be quite daunting, yet like most things, once you start you only get better and better. So here are my ten quick tips for getting started, making it easy and trying to get the best possible outcome.

1. Practice

Before you even start recording play with your equipment.… Visit the author's original post