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MIE Spotlight: Offering a helping hand to assist teachers with technology

Welcome to the first in our series of MIE Spotlights. In this post we feature Lynette Barker, Teacher Librarian / Learning Technology Coordinator at St Therese’s Primary School.


For the past 2 years I have been a part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program. Thanks to the amazing learning opportunities the program has given me, and the confidence that comes with knowledge and skill growth I am extending my Hands Held Out work in 2017.

Recently I have been chatting to my principal Duilio Rufo ( a supportive and visionary leader) about formalising professional development opportunities offered at school, initially for our staff and potentially for colleagues within our area.… Visit the author's original post

Keeping focused with Admin Templates in OneNote

About a year a go I began working on a OneNote system to organise myself.

I wanted a system that worked on most of my devices, which included: 

  1. Phone (iOS), 
  2. Laptop (Surface Pro and later Surface Book), 
  3. Home laptop (MacBook Pro), 
  4. Department imaged Desktops (Windows 7 and Office 2010), and 
  5. Tablet (iPad Mini). 

I wanted a system that allowed me to create to do lists, and keep up with school day-to-day activities such as my timetable, weekly events etc. 

I had used page templates, and created my own in the past, so decided that I would trial some different set ups and see which worked the best. Visit the author's original post

Programmed for discovery

Guest post by Ian Fernée, Head of Computing Faculty / 1:1 eLearning Coordinator (Years 10 – 12) St. Patrick’s College Ballarat

I consider coding and the broader notion of computer education in schools to be a constructive means to teach the developing student a plethora of skills that are practical such as learning how to use software: advantageous for cognitive development such as knowledge construction, problem-solving, computational thinking and decision making, and beneficial for forming personal affective and dispositional attributes like self-regulation, resilience, collaboration and creativity.… Visit the author's original post