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Microsoft and London Grid for Learning offering free training through Cloud Champion Programme

Last month Microsoft Education UK announced its partnership with London Grid For Learning on the Cloud Champions programme, a new game changing programme for innovative education institutions in London focused on leadership and pushing the boundaries of technology and learning. As part of this we are offering free drop-in sessions at our Microsoft Training Academy in Paddington. These weekly open-house events are led by our specialist Microsoft Trainers, and provide educators with the opportunity to see first-hand how Microsoft technologies can enhance teaching and learning.… Visit the author's original post

Education Technology: ‘Blended Learning, the best of both’ by Natalie Burgess

During my time in the classroom, I was so excited to get started using technology with my Primary 3 pupils. However, things in education aren't always as easy as it seems. I didn't work in a school where the children had 1:1 devices at all times, not all of my teachers were confident in technology and sometimes I just didn't know where to start. So how did I manage to create a Blended Learning Environment in my classroom with minimal tech?… Visit the author's original post

Going global with learning projects and finding the right tool to help

After more than 11 years of experience, my concept of teaching has changed a lot. When I started in education, I thought teaching meant providing knowledge from textbooks to students. But thanks to working with fellow Microsoft Innovative Educators, I am energized to do more than provide knowledge. Now I want to inspire learning and future-ready skills, right here from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

A photograph of Nam Ngo Thanh, an MIE Fellow and Microsoft Teacher Ambassador in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamDigital collaboration and co-creation is a must-have skill in today’s global economy. To this end, I participate in many projects with other educators around the globe and help develop 21st Century skills for students.… Visit the author's original post

“Discovering the Microsoft Educator Community was a huge turning point for me as an educator.” – Liz Wilson, UK

Liz Wilson
Class Teacher, 21st Century Learning Lead
Danesfield School
Marlow, United Kingdom

No matter how old you are, few things can capture attention like a game. That’s why gamification is gaining such a foothold in the world of education. For Liz Wilson, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and MIE Master Trainer, using the gamification pedagogy as well as games like Minecraft Education completely transformed her classroom.

“I absolutely love using Minecraft in the classroom,” says Wilson. “It is such a fantastic, versatile technology that can be used across the curriculum to inspire students and enhance their learning experiences.… Visit the author's original post

With the Summer term in full swing, schools across Scotland, England and Wales are getting excited about their own Famous Five adventures!

To mark the 75th Anniversary of Enid Blyton's 'The Famous Five' we invited all schools to take part in our exciting competition as a Literacy Project for their class or an after-school club project, in collaboration with Hachette Children’s Books. We have had so many schools across the country taking part in creating their own exclusive Famous Five Adventures and have loved seeing your enthusiasm for writing on Twitter!… Visit the author's original post

Hack The Classroom contest: Hacking Lessons with Sway

Sway logoHave your creative use of Sway featured on!

During our September 24th Hack the Classroom event, we showcased Sway as a fun and easy tool for sharing content. To carry the momentum forward, we are running a competition to see who can develop the best lesson that includes the use of Sway as a creative method for delivering content to students. The winners will be announced live on June 27 during our live Hack the Classroom online event.

Visit the Microsoft Educator Community for further information

The winners  of the competition will:

  • Be featured on the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Have their Sway featured on the “My Sways” page on

 How to participate

  • Create and publish your lesson plan on the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Be sure to embed your Sway (or Sways if you have more than one) using the section titled “Upload Sway and Embed”
  • Add details and supporting resources to your lesson so that any teacher could pick your lesson up and teach it in their own class.
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“The use of Sway is the most powerful activity that enables students to do more in a short amount of time.” – Amna Manzoor, Dubai


Amna Manzoor
Innovation Coordinator and ICT Teacher Post 16
Pristine Private School
Dubai, UAE

Amna Manzoor is on a mission to connect her students to the world globally. This mission has often been challenging, but with the help of technology – especially Skype in the Classroom – Manzoor and her classes are making great strides.

One such project that has had a major impact on the students in Manzoor’s class involves a global mural message. Titled 100 Days of Positivity, the mural was created in 2016 for the children of Fukushima, Japan, who were still recovering from the 2011 tsunami.… Visit the author's original post

#TheFeed – Community Dementia Art Sway Project: #MIEE Report by Lee Whitmarsh

This latest extract from #TheFeed is written by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Lee Whitmarsh talks about the local community project he and his students at Alsager School, Cheshire, have been involved with that sees the use of Sway helping those affected by dementia.

To learn more about Sway itself we’d recommend viewing this on-demand webinar from #MIEExpert Paul Dredge – ‘Light up your classroom with Sway’.

Suggested follows:


We are very excited to be given the opportunity to share with Microsoft’s #Thefeed how we are developing a community dementia art Sway project. … Visit the author's original post

“With OfficeMix I was able to give voice to my students.” – Emie Baylon, Philippines

Emie C. Baylon
Education Technology Coordinator, Economics and Political Science Teacher
De La Salle Santiago Zobel School


When Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Emie Baylon and I spoke recently at BETT Asia, she enthusiastically shared how technology has converted students who were once “bored” into engaged, life-long learners.

“With OfficeMix and with Sway, I was able to make my class into an engaging one,” says Baylon.

And while technology is one part of Baylon’s teaching toolkit, it’s not the only reason her classroom is successful.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft in Education: Upcoming Webinars and On-Demand Content

This year, Microsoft in Education are laying on a variety of different webinars of a diverse series of topics, all hosted by teachers and experts from all over the UK. They are all free to join, so register for as many as you’d like, and learn new tricks and trips to apply in your classroom! Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session at the time, as all of our webinars are being recorded, and will be  available on demand afterwards.Visit the author's original post

Showcase Classroom FAQs – Demonstrating learning through Sway

showcase-classroom-cropped-logoWe have seen thousands of educators, colleges and universities come through the Showcase Classroom, each at a different stage in their journey of digital transformation, and in every session we are asked a range of questions about our technology and how it can make a real impact in the classroom. These questions and discussions will form the basis of our Showcase Classroom blog series, where we will be sharing the insights, experiences, tips & tricks and more, from those who pass through the Showcase Classroom.Visit the author's original post

Teach and tell amazing stories with Sway


5 ways to use Sway in the classroom

We live in a highly interactive, collaborative and digital world full of colour and life. Student classrooms today need educators ready to design and present memorable, digital, multimedia-learning activities. Sway – from Microsoft and part of Office Online – is an ideal way to engage students and bring education to life in new and exciting ways.


With Sway, teachers can easily combine text, images, designs, audio, video and more to create and share inspiring lessons.Visit the author's original post

The day Microsoft’s CEO met ordinary kids doing extraordinary things from Sydney Secondary College

Satya Nadella meets with kids from Sydney Secondary College

By Pip Cleaves, head teacher, learning innovation, at Sydney Secondary College – Leichhardt Campus

Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus works hard at being future focused by experimenting with new ways to learn that encourage students to dream big. So when we heard we would meet Satya Nadella at the flagship Microsoft Store in Sydney, plenty of them said they were keen to show him what they’ve achieved. We asked students to showcase their ideas so we could decide on two groups to take to the store.… Visit the author's original post

#MIEExpert WEBINAR: Light up your classroom with Sway

After a short break for half-term, our series of live and on-demand webinars led by teachers continues this week with a session hosted by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Paul Dredge, as he demonstrates how Sway can enhance learning.

Register now: Light up your classroom with Sway – 8pm Wednesday November 2nd

Paul DredgeDuring the half hour session you will be given an overview of how to use the app, and a variety of other tips and tricks for using Sway in your classroom, as well as a live demonstration and tutorial.… Visit the author's original post

#MIEExpert Alex Handy – Faculty Centred CPD to inspire teachers about Office 365

Over the coming weeks and months we will be featuring more and more stories, experiences, ideas, lesson plans and short anecdotal offerings from our current cohort of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Teacher Ambassadors. Today we’re pleased to share a few words and a Sway from #MIEExpert Alex Handy, in which he gives some insight into how he is helping his peers to undertake further teacher CPD, which in turn is empowering them to use the tools found within Office 365 more effectively in the classroom.… Visit the author's original post

Creating Sways for Biology – with #MIEExpert Sarah Clark

MIEE badge

As we move with increasing momentum into the new academic year, we will be hearing more stories and gaining greater insight into the activity of our Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEEs) and Teacher Ambassadors. Anyone reading the blog over the last few week should be familiar with Natalie Burgess (TA), through her pieces about the Microsoft Educator Community, and reports the recent West College Scotland IT Symposium and CoderDojo events.

Today we’re pleased to share a fantastic Sway from Sarah Clark, another of our MIEEs based in Scotland.… Visit the author's original post

Guest post from Teacher Ambassador Natalie Burgess – Back to School with Microsoft

With the following post we’d like to formally welcome one of our new Teacher Ambassadors to the Microsoft UK Education team! Many of you will have come across Natalie Burgess before, as she has been as #MIEExpert for a number of years, and ran sessions in the Showcase Classroom section of our stand at BETT 2016.

Ahead of the new academic year, Natalie has written a short blog post offering some ideas for how teachers can use technology to get to know their new students – and help the students get to know each other.Visit the author's original post

Touch Develop and the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Guest post by Trent Ray, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and Expert Educator

Learning to code with Touch Develop is a great way to introduce students to skills in the Digital Technologies Curriculum, including computational thinking and computer programming. Accessing the Touch Develop Web App makes it easy for students to create touch apps and games in minutes and gives them the opportunity to learn these valuable industry skills. It also allows teachers who are designing the learning to share App links, capture thinking and monitor student progress.… Visit the author's original post

Cool Ideas to get started with Office 365 in your classroom

Guest post by Trent Ray, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and Expert Educator!

Anytime, anywhere access to resources and tools for learning is an essential element for today’s online learning environments. Thanks to the cloud (and some clever technical engineers) digital tools are enabling seamless connections between teachers and learners and transforming the what, when, how and where we work. In this post, I will share some of the productivity elements of Office 365 classroom that have helped make my teaching life easier!… Visit the author's original post

Reader’s Workshop – The Sway Way!

At Wissahickon Middle School, we have been using Sway in a variety of ways for demostrations of learning, teacher presentations, and communication, collaboration and project-based learning.  Another great way that our teachers and students are using Sway is through reading portfolios.  Read on to find out how Language Arts teacher Chad Towarnicki and his students […]… Visit the author's original post

10 razones para elegir Sway como herramienta de creación de contenido en el aula

La innovación en el ámbito educativo no se puede limitar a introducir las TIC para que el alumnado utilice alguna presentación digital creada por un profesor. Si queremos ir un paso más allá, debemos dejar de favorecer el aprendizaje pasivo. El alumno tiene que dejar de ser copiloto, para ser el conductor y coger las riendas de su aprendizaje.

Tradicionalmente, cuando un alumno no sabía algo, preguntaba a sus padres y/o maestros. Sin embargo, actualmente les resulta mucho más rápido y fácil echar mano de su teléfono móvil y buscar en internet.… Visit the author's original post

Project Communication and Collaboration with Sway

I had the honor of being a guest blogger once again on the Microsoft in Education blog.  This time I wrote about how the students and staff of Wissahickon Middle School are using Sway for project communication and collaboration.  As of today, the post was not only posted on the Microsoft in Education blog, but […]… Visit the author's original post

Nytt i Sway – januar

Sway er at ev de nyeste verktøyene som nå brukes i undervisning verden over! Her er en kjapp oppsummering av nye funksjoner i Sway som ble offentliggjort i januar, for å gi deg en enda bedre Swayopplevelse!

Sway har nå en papirkurv

Etter forespørsler fra kunder har Sway nå fått papirkurv. Så om du uheldigvis sletter en Sway eller du vil gjenopprette en Sway du har slettet, vil du kunne gjøre dette ved å trykke på «Papirkurv» øverst i høyere hjørnet.… Visit the author's original post

Complimentary BBC Earth Enchanted Kingdom DVDs for Schools

Through Microsoft in Education's partnership with BBC Earth, we are pleased to be offering complimentary copies of the Enchanted Kingdom DVD to schools looking to create their own project based learning activities inspired by the film.

...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Ten Tools for Engaging Learners

On Wednesday, September 30th, from 3-6 pm, the Montgomery County Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (MCAFTL) held its fall conference at Wissahickon Middle School.  I was asked about 6 months ago if I would be the presenter for this conference as they wanted to once again focus their fall conference on technology.  As a former French teacher and member of MCAFTL, I jumped at the chance to share my love of instructional technology with my world language colleagues once again.  … Visit the author's original post

Top 5 Back-to-School Tools for Creation, Collaboration and Communication

Along with the preparation of bulletin boards, seating charts, classroom procedures and syllabi, it is also important for teachers to consider the go-to digital tools and resources they will rely upon as they head into the school year.  The five tools and resources outlined below can be utilized by teachers and students in many different classroom settings, grade levels and subject areas for creation, communication, collaboration, and so much more.

Tool #1 – OneNote & OneNote Class Notebook

To maximize efficiency and rise to the top of the class in organization, consider using OneNote (free to download for any devices) and the OneNote Class Notebook as the backbone of your digital life.… Visit the author's original post