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Student drop out in Australian schools

Yesterday media around the country reported that one in four Australian school students drop out without completing Year 12. The stories were based on a report from the Mitchell Institute, who published the report “Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: Who succeeds and who misses out”, and a detailed factsheet about completion in senior schools. There were some key demographic factors that drove the differences in drop out rates - location, indigenous status, language background and socio economic status, and they also identified a number of key other factors - “poor grades in core subjects, low attendance, and disengagement in the classroom, including behavioural problems”.… Visit the author's original post

Case study – Applying Azure Machine Learning in education to student dropout

Having recently written two articles about the theory of applying Machine Learning in Education - “Two ways to use Azure Machine Learning in education” and “Making machine learning in education easier for every day users” - I think it’s time to dive into a specific example of machine learning in education where it is being used to support education outcomes in schools. The story comes from my colleagues on the Machine Learning blog.

Tacoma Public Schools logo

The example is from Washington State, in the US, where Tacoma Public Schools has been using it as part of their ongoing initiative to prevent student dropout for school students.… Visit the author's original post

Making machine learning in education easier for every day users

Last week I wrote “Two ways to use Azure Machine Learning in education”, which started exploring the use of algorithms, alongside cloud-based machine learning in education to solve some of the key challenges facing education institutions. The problem is that it all sounds so very geeky. Hey, I just wrote “algorithms” and “machine learning” in the first sentence, which kind of proves the geekiness. Although this kind of technology is making huge differences to our online lives (like protecting us from spam email and giving us just the 3 out of 100 emails that aren't spam) it’s also something that has been the domain of technical wizards.… Visit the author's original post