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Minecraft Education Edition takes the Australian Curriculum into a whole new world.

For good reason Minecraft Education Edition is exploding in popularity and landing in classrooms all over the world. Not just a game, Minecraft Education Edition is a platform that allows students to freely explore, imagine and create through virtual environments and collaborative worlds. It’s no surprise that Australian educators are rapidly uncovering the pedagogical potential of this platform and providing opportunities for their students to be immersed in interactive virtual learning experiences through Minecraft Education Edition linked explicitly to the Australian Curriculum.… Visit the author's original post

Education in Australia: transforming for the 2020 economy

Digital transformation is revolutionising Australian education. With students’ learning journeys top of mind, progressive educators and institutions are exploring new ways to prepare today’s students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Together with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS), we set out to explore how Australian schools and higher education institutions are approaching digital transformation. Our report Education in Australia: transforming for the 2020 economy sheds light on the drivers of change in our education sector and how institutions are embracing digital solutions to improve outcomes.… Visit the author's original post

Supporting Australia’s new digital technologies curriculum with Unity Courseware

The world we live in today is digital first. Ubiquitous digital systems such as mobile and desktop devices and networks are transforming industries – from work, to education, to recreational activities. Digital systems are supporting new ways of collaborating and communicating, and these technologies are an essential problem-solving toolset in our knowledge-based society. This means that it is critical for teachers and students to possess deep knowledge and understanding of digital systems, in order to fully utilize the various components and benefits of information systems.… Visit the author's original post

How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future

Microsoft in Education recently held School Leadership breakfasts in 5 capital cities, hosted by US expert and Ph.D. Dr. Gary Stager.

The theme for this event series was 'How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future'. Gary has spent the past 35 years helping schools around the world embrace technology as an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression. During his presentation, he raised thought-provoking questions such as:

  • Why is making and STEM-based learning so important?
  • As an educator, what's the smallest seed you can plant to help kids minds to blossom?
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Creating pathways to success through the Microsoft Imagine Academy

Guest blog post by Paw Kappel, Head of Department ICT P-12 at Bentley Park College

Bentley Park College is a P–12 State College in the southern corridor of Cairns, Queensland. The College’s socio-economic index is in the bottom quartile. In the past, the College did not have many high achieving students, few pursued a university education and many ended up unemployed. Overall QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) attainment in 2011 was 55%, and only 25% for Indigenous students.

In 2011, our school decided to focus more resources on establishing a culture of excellence in technology and demonstrating the connection between improved student learning and our own improved practice with ICT.… Visit the author's original post

Improving university chemistry students engagement with OneNote, Cloud and digital inking.

Dr Sylvia Urban, senior lecturer at Melbourne’s RMIT University School of Science has undertaken research to quantify the effect of technology on learning outcomes in a recent study titled Pen-Enabled, Real-Time Student Engagement for Teaching in STEM Subjects.

The research explored the benefits of creating collaborative, interactive lectures using cloud-based technology (Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote) and pen-enabled devices (Surface Pro) in undergraduate / postgraduate university chemistry courses with approximately 380 students.

“Microsoft OneNote and Windows 10 digital ink have been shown to improve pass rates of Chemistry students, as well as improve performance in STEM related fields.” -Dr.

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A wrap up from EduTECH 2017 – Sydney

Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

Thank you for attending EduTECH 2017!

At Microsoft it is our mission to empower the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

We aim to enable the right environment for better learning with an affordable and accessible learning platform, using modern tools for classroom collaboration and experiences that spark creativity.

It was a pleasure to meet you all at EduTECH, we loved hearing about how you are using our technology in your classrooms.… Visit the author's original post

T21C – a conference to equip teachers to drive student learning in the 21st Century

T21C is an upcoming educational conference being held at Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast on the 13 July 2017.

The conference has been developed to equip teachers with the tools and techniques to drive student learning in the 21st Century. This needs to be through the lens of a new paradigm of education, one that values skills over content, entrepreneurial mindset over uniformity and provides our students with the agility to navigate through multiple careers.

T21C will offer breakout sessions during the day covering topics on; Agile Learning spaces, Coding, STEAM, 21st Century learning frameworks, Augmented/Virtual reality, Design Thinking, Microsoft Office tools, and Project Based Learning.… Visit the author's original post

Getting serious about STEM?

Microsoft helps educators and students to explore, invent, prototype and solve authentic STEM problems using real-world technology.

As a technology company, Microsoft is passionate about STEM education. We’re enthusiastic to welcome the next generation of app developers, game designers, Artificial Intelligence experts and coders to the workplace. And we’re excited by what they will imagine, invent and create.

To prepare them with a future skillset and to  help educators gain the knowledge and confidence to engage them in meaningful STEM learning, we provide a suite of resources, platforms, tools and devices – all designed with modern STEM learning in mind.… Visit the author's original post

Nominate yourself today: 2017-18 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert recruitment open now until July 15


We are thrilled to announce that the 2017-2018 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) recruitment period is now open!  We are currently seeking educators from around the world to join our next class of MIEEs. The self-nomination period opens April 15 and closes July 15. All self-nominations must be received during this period.

How to nominate yourself

ms-badge-3The MIE Expert Program is an exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers in the effective use of technology, for better learning and student outcomes.… Visit the author's original post

Data Science, IT and Cloud… certify your students

Guest post from Dan Bowen Academic Programmes Manager at Microsoft

As a technology company our products and services are evolving at an ever increasing rate. We are seeing the need for roles in analytics, data science, machine learning, cloud architects, artificial intelligence and more. So how can we keep up to date and how can we train students in these emerging technologies?

Step in Microsoft Imagine Academy. Pick one of the four pathways – IT Pro, Productivity, Computer Science or Data Science.… Visit the author's original post

A wrap up from FutureSchools Conference and Expo

Last week, on the 23rd and 24th March, the Microsoft education team connected with educators, speakers and edtech innovators from all across Australia at National Future Schools. Expo and Conference.

This year the event took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre where educators across Australia visited the Microsoft stand to get hands on with interactive demonstrations on the latest Surface fleet – Surface Hub, Surface Studio, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

The excitement around the Surface Studio was palpable, with MIE Expert and Director of Innovation Dean Pearman discussing how he uses Surface to transform learning at Peninsular Grammar:

As well as exploring the Surface family, teachers had the chance to discover more about Microsoft’s solutions to assist teaching in the classroom, such as OneNote learning tools, collaboration, Project Based Learning, and the ease of O365 school integration.… Visit the author's original post

Empowering girls to make amazing games

Girls Make Games is an organisation aimed at encouraging girls involvement in coding, game design and STEM.   They hold a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams and in 2016 ran their first Australian event in Melbourne. Founder and CEO Laila Shabir spoke about her inspiration behind launching Girls Make Games.girls_make_games

What inspired you to start Girls Make Games?

In late 2013, I was recruiting for my game studio, LearnDistrict, I noticed that 100% of the job applicants were male.… Visit the author's original post

Catapulting school students into space with Cuberider

If the idea of sending something into space on a rocket to the International Space Station seems like a far-out concept, you’d probably not be alone in your thinking.

However, two people passionate about space, science and technology have made this reality for over 1000 Australian high school students. In 2016, Solange Cunin and Sebastian Chaoui launched the Cuberider learning program with the aim of turning STEM into an  exciting, creative and highly collaborative exercise.  The program gives young students practice in the highly sought-after skills they’ll need for their future careers, such as coding, data analysis and critical thinking.… Visit the author's original post

Computer Science and STEM critically important to Australian students future success

Post by Dan Bowen, Microsoft Australia Academic Programmes Manager (STEM Education Lead) / Minecraft: Education Edition PMM. Dan will be at FutureSchools 22-24 March running a workshop on Minecraft: Education Edition and beyond – Building skills for the future.

Computer Science and STEM are critically important to the success of the future of Australia and to every students’ ability to compete and thrive in a global market increasingly driven by technology. By the year 2022 we expect 6m new IT jobs around the world and even today we are seeing areas where gaps are starting to open such as Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using cloud technology.… Visit the author's original post

Feedback strategy guides STEM uptake of wireless; video tools

Like many schools, All Hallows’ School in Brisbane is experimenting with stylus-enabled devices for STEM topics. What makes us different is our strategy. For the past 18 months, our technology adoption has been guided by a single, clear aim: to enhance the speed, quality and impact of teacher feedback. The results are terrific.

Step 1 for stylus: formulate your strategy

All Hallows began using tablet devices over three years ago. We saw the combination of stylus, tablet and OneNote as a great trio for taking class-work fully digital.Visit the author's original post

Ormiston College STEM Day

There is no doubt that PBL (Problem or Project Based Learning) and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) has captured the current zeitgeist of contemporary learning around the globe.  There are many schools in Australia that have realised that they need to do something quickly to enable their students to have the skills and dispositions to survive and thrive when they leave their stretch of education.

One school that is leading the way in Australia is Ormiston College, also a Microsoft World Showcase School.  Visit the author's original post

#Back2SchoolHELP is here! Teacher Ambassador hosting Live Stream FaceBook Q&A


Microsoft Education is here to help you with your planning needs this year. We’ve got expert teachers standing by to answer your questions or help you maximise your planning for 2017. How can we help you?

We’ll be running Live webinars on our Facebook Page next week to help you prepare for planning the next year to ensure that you hit the ground running for a successful school year.

Facebook Live Webinar Series:

  • Monday 23rd Jan 10am – Setting up for teacher life in 2017
  • Tuesday 24th Jan 4pm (K-6), 8pm (7-12) – Insider tips on integrating ICT general capabilities from the Australian curriculum
  • Wednesday 25th Jan 4pm – Tips & ticks to setting up student collaboration in your classroom
  • Friday 27th Jan 8:30am – Get students to love your lessons – making learning fun!
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‘Make’ it a good Christmas – Batteries, soldering iron and code not included

I remember getting my first bike for Christmas in 1982. It was an amazing red bike, with cool handle-bar grips and a bright shiny logo on the frame. It took me months to learn how to ride it and Christmas seemed to last forever. Learning was hard, the bruises were many but the reward was independence. I also remember Father Christmas (my dad) spending ages setting up Scalextric so when I got up in the morning it was ready to go!… Visit the author's original post