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Microsoft Education Exchange comes to Singapore in 2018

For MIEExperts from all over the world, E2 is three days of recognising and celebrating the achievements of educators who combine content, pedagogy, and technology in exemplary ways to prepare students for success in the 21st Century. This event brings together the most innovative educators and leaders from around the world for the opportunity to collaborate, create, and share their experiences on how to integrate technology and pedagogy to advance learning, achieve student outcomes, and transform education...… Visit the author's original post

Presenting At Microsoft Analyst Summit 2016

This week I’ve had the privilege of attending, as well as co-presenting, at the annual Microsoft Analyst Summit for Asia Pacific, hosted at the St Regis Hotel in Singapore.⊗ The focus of this summit was Fuelling Customer Digital Transformation Through Innovation and was an … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

All children are born creative, imaginative geniuses – Barbara Beaufait, Singapore

One of the best parts of attending gatherings like the recent BETT Conference in Singapore is meeting people who are not only incredibly talented, dedicated and smart – but who are remarkably interesting as well.

Barbara Beaufait is one of these people. As the Chief Learning Officer at Imagin8ors in Singapore, Beaufait works with children, parents, teachers, schools and their communities to promote children’s imagination.

“My passion for education started with my own education,” says Beaufait. “My first experience with education was in the bush in Bolivia, in a homeschool situation.… Visit the author's original post

“Technology in the classroom is not the magic. The magic is when the technology gets in the hands of the right teacher, and they know what to do with it.” – Sam Al-Schamma, Singapore

As a long-time sales leader at Intel, Sam Al-Schamma has traveled the world, observing how people use technology to solve problems. Now covering the company’s education sector in Asia Pacific and Japan, Al-Schamma is getting first-hand look at how that technology is impacting students and teachers.

When we chatted with Al-Schamma at the recent BETT Asia conference, he shared some incredible stories about what he’s learned, as well as observations about the unique role technology plays in education.

“I joined this team mainly because I was looking at making a difference,” Al-Schamma told us, “and I felt that with students and kids, you can make a difference for a whole generation – if you’re doing the right things.”

Those “right things,” according to Al-Schamma, have more to do with people than with technology.… Visit the author's original post

Telling the untold stories of historical greatness in Singapore – Andy Ng, Singapore

For Social Studies teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Andy Ng, bringing history to life for his students is just one aspect of what he does each day. Technology also plays a starring role in his 5th grade classroom at St. Hilda’s Primary School, a Microsoft Showcase School, and Ng understands that by using technology throughout his lessons, he’s reaching his students on their terms.

“Kids today are digital natives,” says Ng. “It’s a language they speak.… Visit the author's original post

A Conversation with Dr. Matt Harris, ISTE Chairman-Elect

Without a doubt, there are few things as energizing as gathering educators from around the world to collaborate, share, and learn from one another. At the recent Microsoft Education Empowered Event (E2), I was thrilled to catch up with Dr. Matt Harris, who has a fascinating perspective on education technology around the globe.

Harris serves as the Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and will take over as Chair in 2016.… Visit the author's original post

Matt Harris: Encourage Those in Your School to Share

by Matt Harris
Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore

I have discovered that TED talks are a great companion on long walks. I often listen to them for inspiration as I walk to school in the mornings (I live in Singapore, so I can walk to school year-round). The other day, I was listening to one from a volunteer fireman in the US who tells a great story about helping people and giving back to his community. Watch the video here <LINK>

I drew inspiration for a number of things that are now on my blogging and vlogging to-do list to discuss.… Visit the author's original post

Matt Harris: Global Not International

by Matt Harris
Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore

When I was asked about writing this column, Microsoft asked what unique view or approach could I take to Educational Technology. My frame was one of working in a leadership capacity in an international school. I am not directly tied to a national system or central cultural influence (despite the words German and European in my school’s name). Rather, I work with people and pedagogies from all over the world. I am “international.”

And that is what Ed Tech has become: international.… Visit the author's original post

Matt Harris: Coding is a Universal Connector that We (You) Should Teach in (Y)Our Schools

by Matt Harris
Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore

I must confess: I am a coder. I like to create and build through computer programming. I find it engages a special part of my brain and calms me when I need a break of administrative or educational work. In fact, I used to code for Microsoft. I also teach coding and I love that coding teaches them to grow as analytical thinkers and problem solvers. In short, I am a big proponent for learning how to code.… Visit the author's original post

Matt Harris: Introducing My Column

by Matt Harris
Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore

“Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.” – Lewis Perelman

Right now, I’m eating peanuts contemplating what to write in my introductory blog post. I want to outline the lessons learned and the value of international education from ed tech perspective.

I was thinking about a rehash of my CV or some Ben Franklin-esque series of quips that encapsulate my intention for this work, but I decided against it.… Visit the author's original post