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Embracing Cloud Learning at Guilsborough Academy

Office 365 provides a wealth of benefits to any school, college and university that wishes to enhance student learning experience. Guilsborough Academy has recently made the exciting switch from SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 SharePoint Online. Today, we’re looking at some of the incredible opportunities SharePoint Online has created for both staff and pupils at the school.… Visit the author's original post

Showcase Classroom FAQs – A quick solution to enhancing collaborative working

showcase-classroom-cropped-logoWe have seen thousands of educators, colleges and universities come through the Showcase Classroom, each at a different stage in their journey of digital transformation, and in every session we are asked a range of questions about our technology and how it can make a real impact in the classroom. These questions and discussions will form the basis of our Showcase Classroom blog series, where we will be sharing the insights, experiences, tips & tricks and more, from those who pass through the Showcase Classroom.Visit the author's original post

BETT 2017 Guest Post: SalamanderSoft – “Getting on with teaching and learning in Office 365, with SalamanderSoft”

The next post in our BETT 2017 partner series comes to us from SalamanderSoft, who focus on integration services helping Schools use the data they already have to provision, maintain and manage Active Directory, Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange.

Find SalamanderSoft in the Microsoft Partner Campus at BETT 2017 (stand C300).


Getting on with teaching and learning in Office 365, with SalamanderSoft

Innovations within Microsoft’s cloud platform in 2016 and coming in 2017 have given schools and colleges an opportunity to deliver richer teaching and learning experiences, while reducing costs and complexity.… Visit the author's original post

Building dynamic staff, student and parent portals

Webvine ( are an Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM consultancy with large and small clients, including a number of education customers in Australia. Next week they are running a breakfast briefing on Thursday 30 June, in our offices in North Ryde, to talk about the examples of school projects they have completed in NSW.

  Here’s the invitation details:

Does your school have disparate systems and a poor ability to communicate easily with staff, students and parents?
For example schools typically struggle with:

  • Paper notices – on boards, in schoolbags – everywhere
  • Events – where do parents, staff and students find out what’s on and where
  • Information held in systems like Moodle and Edumate are isolated
  • Lack of collaboration between staff, students and parents
  • Being seen as disorganised in the eyes of parents

Join Gold partner WebVine for an Education focused breakfast seminar.

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PowerBI Supports StAC’s Pastoral Care Programmes

For the last 12 months we have been actively exploring how Microsoft’s Business Intelligence product called PowerBI could be used at St Andrew’s College. I have blogged about our initial experimentations with this here and that post would be a … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

How to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365

School IT teams sometimes face very different challenges to business IT teams (and have to solve them with smaller budgets and less people). Moving services to the cloud is an example, because once you’ve made the decision to do it, you’ve got to deal with moving hundreds of gigabytes of data for thousands of users from your on-premise servers to the cloud. There are a number of different approaches for how to migrate large data sets from on-premises disks to Office 365, and so a case study of a school approach to this will be useful.… Visit the author's original post

Australian Education Case Studies Update – November 2015

Education Case Studies iconOne question that I’m asked frequently about new projects is:

Who else is doing this?

In some cases, what people (partners/customers) are looking for is confirmation that they’re going to be at the innovative edge - and that what they are doing hasn’t been done before. But most of the time, they are looking for reassurance that somebody else has taken the journey before them!

So I collate a list of public education case studies and examples from within Australia, which will help answer the question.… Visit the author's original post

Reflections from the AIS NSW ICT Leadership & Management Conference 2015

I have been fortunate to attend the AIS NSW (Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales) ICT Management and Leadership Conference over the last few days and I thought I would share a few reflections on it here. As this … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

OneNote Class Notebook Creator @ OneDrive

You can start the OneNote Classroom Notebook App right from your Office 365 menu

So call my stupid or just “Not-SharePoint-well-known”, but I have discovered only recently, that you can install and administer the great OneNote Class Notebook Creator Tool right in your very own OneDrive for Business! (kind of…)

I thought, that an adminstrator has to create a dedicated Sharepoint site, where you install the App and then you can create your OneNote Class Notebooks. BUT as OneDrive for Business IS in the core exactly the same as a SharePoint site you don’t have to use dedicated sites.… Visit the author's original post

How to write a NSW School plan using the 5P strategic planning template

Here’s a question: If you’ve got a deadline just around the corner for creating a strategic school plan, what’s the best way to do it in a way that is still collaborative and inclusive – and hits the deadline? It’s a conversation we had with the Goal Huddle team about school planning templates for NSW schools.

imageGoal Huddle, based in Sydney, work with national and global organisations to help them with their strategic planning processes, through their innovative SharePoint app.… Visit the author's original post

There’s no I in TEAM (there’s an _A, _M and _R though!)

When we first introduced the OneNote Binders, amongst the immediate requests was for group collaboration spaces.  For the first year, we had the teachers request them through our IT request system and manually created them and assigned the permissions.  But, given the convenience of OneNote, we knew we wanted a dynamic solution... and so we rolled out a webapp that would create groups of any size or shape!

The teacher goes to the webapp and decides on a name for the Project and then assigns students to groups.… Visit the author's original post

Sperimentazione didattica con OneNote tra EAS ed ebook: un nuovo inizio

Riprendo a “bloggare” per creare una traccia sul mio percorso di sperimentazione didattica con tecnologie e nuovi approcci formali ed informali.

Dopo aver seguito MOOC, frequentato Master, progettato e attuato percorsi di formazione per docenti, tenuto lezione a docenti per il Laboratorio di Didattica e tecnologia dell’istruzione in due corsi, reputo assai importante condividere in questo blog queste mie esperienze di insegnamento e sperimentazione in classe con i miei studenti delle classi di Generazione Web Lombardia e della classe di sperimentazione BYOD.… Visit the author's original post

5 ways of using smartphones to teach… and learn.

Smartphones and apps are tools -no good, neither bad, just powerful tools-, and you can decide whether to use or ignore them, but your students are definitely using them. I bring you 5 suggestions to teach through smartphones.
There is a strong debate regarding laptops and PCs versus smartphones and (maybe) tablets as the future's king devices (not only in education but in general) and, in my very humble opinion (I mean, there are true experts out there), smartphones have taken the lead if they haven't already just won the battle.Visit the author's original post

Mosaic LiveTiles: Creating Dynamic Office 365 Learning Portals

Guest Post by Tamara Sullivan - Microsoft Expert Educator

I have recently been exploring how to create the `connected learner' for both students and educators. A platform which provides a customisable space using an intuitive interface design for anywhere, anytime and any device learning. This is where I was fortunate enough to stumble across Office 365 SharePoint and Mosaic LiveTiles Templates. I have been using Office 365 since the beginning of the year to create a shared space for staff and student collaboration.

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Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program

My experience with Microsoft based products has been extensive since my earlier career in the private I.T. sector. Since becoming an educator in 2005, my prior knowledge was invaluable as Microsoft operating systems and productivity software  comprised a large percentage of computing resources in the board.

I took a personal interest in cloud-based computing in the spring of 2013 when the GECDSB implemented SharePoint throughout the organization. As  a power user, I was provided an opportunity to participate in a SharePoint Power Users Portal project.… Visit the author's original post

Mosaic: Your classroom in the cloud, today!


Office 365 Sites are a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and to work more efficiently and creatively in your classroom. If you’re an Office 365 user, you’re probably looking for a quick workflow to make your site into a space students want to visit. Mosaic is just for you.

Mosaic Live Tiles is a free app, included with pre-configured templates: Learning Spaces, Teacher Portal and Student Portal. These templates are ready to use, or can be easily tailored to unique needs by utilising LiveTiles Mosaic's very simple 'drag and drop' functionality allowing you to to create your own dynamic sites in minutes.… Visit the author's original post