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#TheFeed – Special Report: The Fosse Way Document, by Gerald Haigh

march-april-coverThis latest extract from #TheFeed is written by teacher Gerald Haigh, the piece focuses on a special school, with the majority of the students on the autism spectrum. The school has just updated the way technology is used in the classroom to enhance learning in ways like never before.

More information about the schools, together with details and timetables of the CPD programmes on offer, together with information on booking are available here.

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#TheFeed – Special Report: The Fosse Way Document, by Gerald Haigh


Fosse Way School, a special school for 209 pupils, a majority on the autistic spectrum, in Radstock, near the City of Bath has just had a complete update of the way technology is used for learning.Visit the author's original post

#TheFeed – Microsoft’s OneNote Digital Notebook Combating Dyslexia

march-april-cover#TheFeed is back for the March/April 2017 edition, and focusses on Accessibility. In the latest issue you’ll find stories from schools specialising in SEND, studies from the British Dyslexia Association, and the latest on technologies that can aid SEND learners and those who teach them.

This extract is from the Microsoft in Education team, and looks at the latest updates and additions to the Learning Tools add-in for OneNote, all within the context of a recent BDA study conducted with a Surrey school to see how experiences outcomes can be improved for SEND learners through the introduction of appropriate technology.Visit the author's original post

SEND tools from Microsoft – Empowering every student on the planet to achive more

In any given class of students, there may well be some learners with individual difficulties – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, or SEND. These difficulties can vary greatly even within a small class, and can anything related to vision, hearing, or cognitive struggles that make it harder for the students to understand and engage with different communication mediums, or any given aspect of day to day classroom activities.

As well as the obvious impact on the affected individuals, this also presents challenges for the teachers, who need to ensure that all of their students have equal opportunities to develop their learning, while keeping the pace of learning across the class at a level where students aren’t held back.… Visit the author's original post

Send to OneNote – amazing, but could be better (OneNote enhancement request)

I love the “Send to OneNote” application that sits running in the taskbar once OneNote is opened.

  1. With a simple click of the icon (or by using the Windows & N shortcut) you can
  2. Start a screen clipping to capture any part of the screen
  3. Send a printout of the entire document in the current application (only works for Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Internet Explorer) to OneNote or
  4. Open a new “Quick note” – effectively a tiny square a paper that hovers over your current workspace and gets stored in your Quick Notes folder in OneNote


Each of these are really useful, especially when using your Tablet PC without the keyboard attached.… Visit the author's original post