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ClassFlow – Updated for Mobile Browsers

Over the last twelve months or so in a number of postings we have followed Promethean’s developments with ClassFlow – their cloud based lesson preparation and assessment toolkit. Readers who have been followed my  postings in November 2014, December 2014, January 2015 and June 2015 will recall that Promethean have been updating their versions of ClassFlow every few months. Well Promethean have also been listening to feedback from ClassFlow users on the ClassFlow forums and have taken on board feedback from those teachers who are using ClassFlow.… Visit the author's original post

“Someone Like Me” – Essay Winner Announced

Someone Like Me launch eventIn September we highlighted a new  Department of Justice and Equality sponsored competition aimed at promoting positive attitudes towards disability in schools and celebrating differences. On Thursday last, Minister of State for New Communities, Culture, Equality and Drugs Strategy Aodhán Ó Ríordáin  presented 12 year old Kerry  native, Bríd Courtney with this prestigious award at a special Awards Ceremony in Farmleigh House’ Dublin.

The awards were the culmination of a new national essay competition, entitled ‘Someone Like Me”’ designed to promote and highlight positive attitudes towards disability in primary schools.… Visit the author's original post

Light Speed

Image4 Finally it’s a reality; a reality that carries a side bar of lots and lots of “No’s”! Light speed broadband with no bottlenecks, no copper cables, no long download times, no live-streaming lags and no other nationwide roll out anywhere else in Europe!
Siro is now delivering a total fibre to building solution to a select few “beta-test” homes and businesses in Dundalk and several other towns, providing them with 1 Gigabit bandwidth, that’s 1,000 Mbps, yes, no typo, 1,000 Mbps, internet access.… Visit the author's original post

Universal Design in Education Conference

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design logoNext week, a two day conference entitled “Education Across the Continuum: Innovating through Universal Design” takes place in Dublin Castle (Thursday 12th & Friday 13th of November).

Design is present in every aspect of our lives, from the everyday to the spectacular, from our takeaway coffee cup to the cutting edge of innovation in science, business and technology.  2015 has been designated Year of Design, so it is an opportune time for us to consider how we approach Universal Design in education, that is how we prepare our students to think outside the box and to design new things with all users in mind.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft released their latest version of their productivity suite Office 2016 just over a week ago. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this new version of Office has close integration with Office 365 which Microsoft has being encouraging users to sign up to for some time now. Subscribers of Office 365 can dowoffice2016-1nload Office 2016 by signing into the Office 365 portal and follow the instructions for installing Office that pop up after signing in. Where a school has signed up for Office 365 for Education, teachers and students are entitled to install Office 2016 for free as outlined in a previous posting here on the Teachnet Blog.… Visit the author's original post

What future for education? Some food for thought

Hard to believe that the summer is over and that that we are almost half way through September and everyone is settling back into their routines for the year ahead.  This should be a very interesting year for Irish schools in relation to ICT, as the DES will shortly launch their much awaited Digital Strategy for Schools.  This document should have a major impact on the future of education at first second and level by embedding the use of ICT alongside recent reforms within the system in areas such as Literacy and Numeracy and School Self-Evaluation.… Visit the author's original post

Math Worksheet Generator

MEN logoThe Microsoft Educator Network has an ever-growing list of free resources and, at the start of a new academic school year, there’s nothing like having a collection of powerful educational tools gathered into one convenient online space.
icon Math Worksheet Generator is one of the many free downloads in the Educator Network and it is a great resource to have installed on a class desktop PC or laptop. Installation after downloading is straightforward and fast.
mathgeninstall Although the program itself takes up a very small footprint on the screen, it produces a wide variety of worksheets that can cater to the needs of pupils in both Primary and Post Primary classes.… Visit the author's original post

Canva – Great Lesson Plans for both Primary and Post-Primary Teachers

What is Canva and why should teachers use it?

Canva is an online tool for designing infographics, collages, flyers, and slides. It’s free and there is no need to download any software to your iPad, tablet, PC or laptop to use it.

canva 2

Canva is a web application, which means you use it in your web browser. Students can use Canva to display key information in a visually compelling way. The benefits of visual content and depicting ideas and concepts through images has long been valued.… Visit the author's original post

Time for Reflection

It is hard to believe that the month of June is almost over – where has it gone?

After a busy school year, students are finishing the last of their state exams today and primary schools will finish in the next 10 days. Soon, everyone gets a chance to unwind and have a break.

In the field of digital learning, it has also been a busy year for the Department of Education and Skills, which is currently finalizing a new Digital Strategy for Schools.… Visit the author's original post

ClassFlow – Version 3 Launched

Promethean have been regularly updating their ClassFlow – Cloud Based Lesson Presentation and Assessment toolkit over the last twelve months or so. Every two to three months a new or updated version has been released. For users using tablet computers and the ClassFlow Student and/or the ClassFlow Teacher apps, each new version update also meant that the app version for tablet devices had to be updated. During the course of these various updates, support for the Windows RT version of the app was withdrawn and the version of the ClassFlow Student app on the Windows Store now only supports x86 and x64 processors.… Visit the author's original post

Opening Our Mathematical Eyes @ ALM

Adults Learning Mathematics logoAdults Learning Mathematics is an international research forum which brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world who are involved in the mathematics education of adult learners at all levels.  The organisation through research and scholarly activity informs  international and national policy and practices to support all aspects of adult mathematics education. 

The 22nd International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) “Opening Our Mathematical Eyes: Seeing Math in Everything We Do” will be hosted by the American Institutes for Research in Washington DC, July 12 – 15, 2015.… Visit the author's original post

Saving to the Cloud for free

cloudAnytime, anywhere access to your files is an important feature of computing today. The days of carrying a USB stick from home to school with Lesson Plans, Notes and Schemes should be a thing of the past! Files accessed and modified on a computer or tablet in school can be accessed from home if the files are stored using one of the many cloud storage services that are available for free. Additional features of cloud storage mean that files can be easily shared and if stored across several providers then multiple copies can be securely kept in different places.… Visit the author's original post

MOOCs for Teacher CPD

What is available?

MOOC word cloudMOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses have been all the rage for the past few years with some claiming that they will disrupt our existing model of higher education and open education to the masses. Well that has not happened as yet but they are certainly opening up new opportunities for learning, particularly for professionals and that includes teachers.

We must remember that MOOCs are relatively new and that 2012 is often viewed as the Year of the MOOC, so we are really only at the beginning of this journey.… Visit the author's original post

Shaping the future – How Technology Can Lead to Educational Transformation

Last month David Puttnam, Digital Champion of Ireland, was in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra to officially launch ‘Shaping the future – How technology can lead to educational transformation’, a new publication edited by Deirdre Butler, Kevin Marshall and Margaret Leahy.

Shaping the Future book coverThe twenty-first century presents challenges and opportunities in equal magnitude to policy makers for information and communications technology (ICT) use in education. In today’s world of a changing workforce, rapid advancements in technology and in-creased global competition, learning is more critical than ever.… Visit the author's original post

Building Digital Capacity in Higher Education

Some takeaways for Primary and Post-Primary

Dispelling Myths

Report coverLast week, the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education published its extended roadmap – A Roadmap for Enhancement in a Digital World 2015-2017 – which aims at building digital capacity in Irish higher education.

This is a comprehensive document that places the challenge of developing digital capacity in higher education (HE) across the entire school system. I particularly like the section where myths about digital technology in any education setting, are investigated.… Visit the author's original post

Maths Counts 2015

  Project Math logoMSSurface-1024x456



Math CountsThis year’s Maths Counts conference will be taking place at University College Dublin on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of April.  A wide range of practical presentations will be offered by teachers from Who is the best penalty scorer? (Equivalent fractions to the rescue) to Walking the talk : Generating and interpreting graphs using a motion sensor. The presentations arise from teachers’ participation in a professional development initiative, Reflections in Practice.

458px-Artificial_intelligenceGeoffrey Wake will be giving a keynote address – Solving a Problem : Lessons for Problem Solving.… Visit the author's original post

Advancing the tablet beyond an e-reader ; a forethought or an afterthought?

Much of the initial argument to introduce 1-to-1 devices in schools hinged on the weight of schoolbags however now management and teachers are tasked with advancing these devices beyond e-readers. Often here lies a bone of contention; devices were opted for without proper consideration, training, and planning towards their role in terms of e-learning, digital creativity and a new curriculum. Scaling this down to just my own experience in my own classroom I can easily relate to the current predicament many schools who have gone down or are considering the tablet route find themselves in.… Visit the author's original post

Khan Academy – Mathletes

While wondering around the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2015 I came across the project titled “MATHletes: Male vs Female, primary v secondary”. This project investigated which gender and which school level either primary or secondary, is more engaged in MATHletes used through Khan Academy.

Matheletes KhanAcademy

Up to this point I had heard about MATHletes and Khan Academy, but never really went and researched it. This project sparked me into action and I went about checking out how I could be involved in MATHletes and Khan Academy.… Visit the author's original post

Minding Our Language

Our tendency to over promise the impact of ICT …

Digital Learning Day screenshotMarch 13th is Digital Learning Day in the United States where “all teachers, librarians, media specialists, principals, parents, community members, and administrators from public, private, charter, and home-school settings” are asked to “try something new on Digital Learning Day and share what they learned”. It sounds like a good idea, particularly giving all those involved in education “permission” to try something new and that implies that they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from these too.… Visit the author's original post

DIY Wi-Fi Part 2


In my first instalment charting our experience of setting up a multi-access point (roaming) wireless network in school, I mentioned that some of the quotes for installs ranged from anything from €10,000 for mid-sized primaries up  €50,000 and beyond for larger schools. Needless to say we hadn’t that kind of spare change so decided to adapt a more DIY approach minus the bells and whistles but fully functioning and costing less than 2000. What follows is the detail of the steps we took and the equipment used but first where we starting from….+

network_cablesOur school is a single story building built in the late seventies and from end to end over 120 metres length.… Visit the author's original post

Online Courses Spring 2015

TeachNet is currently enrolling for it’s Spring Course Programme with four online courses. All our courses are designed to help both primary and second-level teachers get the most out of technology in their classrooms, including our latest course to focus specifically on tablet computing and mobile learning entitled “Enhancing Literacy and Numeracy with the iPad or Tablet”.  TeachNet courses are designed “by teachers, for teachers” using the best interactive e-learning technology and provide practical ideas for using ICT creatively.… Visit the author's original post

Transmedia Storytelling


Jason Ohler is an enthusiastic proponent of Digital Storytelling and Literacy. In 2005 Jason spent some time in Cork as part of a program called “Stories of Culture and Place” in association with the University of Alasks’s Geography Program. He helped pupils create stories with original artwork and then edit them into a production using a green screen (Chroma screen) environment. You can read about the process here on Jason’s own website.
Recently I read a quote from Jason about “Transmedia Storytelling”.… Visit the author's original post

DIY Wi-Fi Part 1

wifi logo and text

No matter where you turn these days you see new Wi-Fi hotspots popping up, all fuelled by our desire to be online 24/7 and further evidence (if needed) of the seismic shift in recent years away from traditional computing to mobile anytime, anywhere access. This move towards wireless mobility has of course began to permeate the education sector here with wire-free mobile learning the goal for many of our primary and secondary schools, with laptop carts, tablets  smart phones and even e-readers replacing traditional computer labs.… Visit the author's original post

Virtually Anywhere

Most teachers in Ireland have been there! We all know the scenario! A typical miserable, wet winter’s Friday afternoon and the pupils haven’t been to the yard at lunch time. The classroom is gloomy, the pupils are restless and the going home bell is still a good two hours away!
An ideal opportunity to take the pupils out of the classroom and into a place of excitement and learning without ever having to open the classroom door. Virtual tours are popping up all over the Web; most reputable museums have virtual tours and so do some research trips that are exploring far flung parts of the globe.… Visit the author's original post