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OneNote Updates – Embed video, record audio, insert files and more

OneNote5OneNote continues to evolve and provide teachers, students and schools with the ultimate tool for learning, collaborating, researching and delivering content in classrooms across the world. The OneNote team have just announced a series of updates that further enhance the quality of content you can create in OneNote

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Surface Pro 3 – A foundation for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Guest Post by Troy Thomson - Microsoft Expert Educator

Now two months in, and the Surface Pro3 is over the initial hurdles that any new device suffers from. It has been very well received by independent reviewers and the general public alike who have purchased the device in any of its available configurations. But can it make an impact in educational circles?

Whilst the previous versions of the Surface made their ways into schools, there was very little momentum built and some of this was to do with device design, some to do with marketing and some to do with school leaders not understanding how this device indeed was different.… Visit the author's original post