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MIE Spotlight: Bringing Ancient History studies into the digital era

In this MIE Spotlight, we hear from Michael Cocks, Senior Ancient History Teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School


I am in my seventh year of teacher after a career in advertising. As a specialist in my teaching area, I love passing on my passion for History to my students. I find the subject area to be one of the most important in equipping students to be critical thinkers and to become engaged future citizens of the world.

I use digital solutions to meet the needs of my students, and other students around the world.… Visit the author's original post

5 tips for collaboration in Professional Learning Communities

Teachers are busy people. They must keep up to date with changes in their curriculum, teaching and learning styles, and continue their own learning path. Getting help from peers and leveraging each other’s best practices can be a big time saver.

That’s why educators can form Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to work together and to improve their professional skills and teaching methods. The communities encourage a culture of collaboration between their members. PLCs often extend their networks beyond their originating schools, to educators from other schools, other communities and even other countries.… Visit the author's original post

Showcase Classroom FAQs – A quick solution to enhancing collaborative working

showcase-classroom-cropped-logoWe have seen thousands of educators, colleges and universities come through the Showcase Classroom, each at a different stage in their journey of digital transformation, and in every session we are asked a range of questions about our technology and how it can make a real impact in the classroom. These questions and discussions will form the basis of our Showcase Classroom blog series, where we will be sharing the insights, experiences, tips & tricks and more, from those who pass through the Showcase Classroom.Visit the author's original post

STEM Learning Brought to Life


The idea of flipped learning has been around for almost 10 years, however the skills and technology challenges were always too great to make it a practical proposition for most schools. But this is no longer the case! Today, teachers all around the world are using tools like Office Mix to deliver flipped learning as part of a STEM approach.

Flipped + STEM = Too Hard

In theory, the flipped approach is a great way to facilitate STEM learning. If a student can absorb the vital facts of a topic via digital content outside the classroom, then teaching time becomes much more powerful.… Visit the author's original post

Office Lens

På tide med en liten opprydding på loftet, i garasjen eller kontoret? Hvorfor ikke samle alle kvitteringer, garantier og visittkort på et sted? Og hva med alle de gamle papirbaserte undervisningsoppleggene som tar plass? Gjør plass uten å kaste! Office Lens lar deg samle alt du trenger av papirer på et sted. Office Lens er en mobil skanner som lett lar deg skanne notater fra tavler, bilder eller dokumenter med tekst. Ikke bruk tid på å vente på at kopimaskinen blir ledig for skanning, Office Lens lar deg skanne dokumenter når du vil, hvor du vil.Visit the author's original post

Auto-Grading an Office365 Excel Survey Assessment

So it's pretty common that folks use Google Forms to create an automatically graded assessment.  Now, I have to admit, as a mathematics teacher I don't do a lot of fixed-response assessments like this that need automatic grading.  But that doesn't mean it isn't a useful option.

In fact this post arises not from automatic grading but rather a situation in our Psychology course.  The teachers were doing a study with their students and wanted to collect the data easily and run a T-Test with as little work as possible.Visit the author's original post

Office 365 Essential Skills and Quick Tips

I had an opportunity to provide workshops with colleagues at Westview Freedom Academy and Harrow District High School during the final days of the previous school year. The goal of my presentation was to build on essential Office 365 skills taught earlier by the dedicated GECDSB @14DLT Digital Learning team.

Below will provide an overview of the skills and quick tips taught during my interactive presentation;

Tip #1 – Access “Home Base.”

Home Base

Click on the tile window on the upper left hand corner of your screen– This is “home base” to access all the office 365 applications in one location.… Visit the author's original post

OneDrive Sync shared folders to your computer

OneDrive Sync shared folders to your computer  

I must admit this is really incredible.  It gives you the ability to work anywhere
and it is also a way of making sure everything is always available!!

Sync shared folders to your computer  
You can add folders shared with you to your OneDrive so they sync down to 
your computer. They'll look like any other folder, but when you edit files in 
shared folders the changes will show up to everyone else with permission for

StaffPad Changes Music Education Forever! First impressions of the stunning app on a Surface Pro 3.

StaffPad has been engineered to work perfectly on the Surface Pro 3. This stunning app has single-handedly changed music education forever and I can't wait to share my first impressions with you. StaffPad on the Surface Pro 3 with the Surface Pen is a recipe for game-changing success. As you'll quickly see, music education will never be the same again with this stunning app.

Developed on Surface. Designed for Surface. 

From the very first moment StaffPad opens on the Surface Pro 3 you are met with a beautifully designed interface.
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Mr Hilliam Attends Microsoft Educator Exchange E2 Conference

At the start of this term, Mr Ben Hilliam, flew to Seattle in the United States as a guest of Microsoft to attend their Global Educator E2 Conference. His attendance was based on his earlier selection as a Microsoft Innovative … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

Office Lens – a scanner and image corrector for your phone

I think I may have been living under rock, but last week at the E2 conference in Seattle I saw the Office Lens app demonstrated by one of the presenters. Simply, this is an app for iOS, Windows 8, or Android phones that turns your phone into a nifty document, screen and whiteboard scanner – with the smarts to both crop the extra “rubbish” out of the background, as well as correct the image for any angle the image is taken at, producing a rectangular, cropped image ready to insert into the document of your choice.… Visit the author's original post

International Back-up Day – Opslaan in de cloud of lokaal?

In het kader van International Back-up Day op dinsdag 31 maart 2015, was Microsoft benieuwd hoe het staat met het back-up gedrag in Nederland. Daarom vroegen we onze fans op ‘#dilemmadinsdag‘ op welke manier zij hun back-up maken. In de cloud of lokaal?

Uit 160 reacties haalden wij de volgende informatie: het grootste deel (41%) kiest toch nog steeds voor het lokaal opslaan van bestanden. Zo’n 27% slaat gegevens op in de cloud. Wij stelden de vraag als dilemma, maar er is natuurlijk nog een manier: zowel in de cloud als lokaal opslaan.… Visit the author's original post

Makkelijk aan de slag – 5 #gouden tips deel 2

Joris Rutten zet maandelijks vijf gouden tips voor je op een rijtje met als doel dat jij de dingen die je toch al doet beter en efficiënter kunt doen. Dit is de tweede editie van zijn #goudentips met onder andere twee tips om je volle inbox opgeruimd te krijgen, nooit meer je presentatie vergeten en zonder gedoe een professionele enquête maken.

1. Na je vakantie, fris aan de slag met een volle inbox
Gemakkelijk je volle inbox opschonen

Hans van der Meer schreef in zijn blog hoe je je out of office aanzet, voordat je op vakantie gaat.… Visit the author's original post

My perfect school-kit

A few days ago I received the new Windows based Aspire Switch 10 by Acer.

It is a wonderful device: tablet & notebook all in one! You can easely plug and remove the keyboard when required.

Small and light, it is perfect for use in mobility. It fits perfectly in my BYOD classroom.

Look at my school toolkit: tradition & Cloud together!


Thanks to the pluggable keyboard it is possible to write documents and use complex programs so fully enjoying Office 365 incredible power and work everywhere on my OneNote files.… Visit the author's original post

32 Engaging Ways to use Microsoft in your classroom

Looking for new ways to do new things in your classroom in 2015? Want to use some new tools to engage students, parents and peers in teaching and learning? Here’s 32 ideas just for you. We have categorised these 32 strategies into the 8...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Collaborative learning with Onenote

It’s important to learn using Web 2.0 tools, and the teacher had to gradually improve her student’s tech skills. So I started proposing a collaborative online work to my 1B and 1F (14-15 years old) students. We are used to work in a Moodle Classroom.

They have to read a fun little book on Physical problems and then re-write their own version of their selected content using our ONENOTE common block:

onenoteStudents can read in  ”consegne” all the information about required steps in collaborative work, projected according rules of the “Innovative Design of Didactis” (… Visit the author's original post

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Sway to make a summary

Sway is a brand new cloud based software from Microsoft.  In simple terms, its creates a single webpage utilising content from almost any online source – either your own cloud storage such as OneDrive, or using creative common content from Bing. It is designed as a presentation tool – think PowerPoint crossed with Presi.


The really interesting bit is how easy it is to compile and then reshape (in sway speak, remix) the content into a range of different and interesting looks, feels or navigation styles.… Visit the author's original post

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Sway to make a summary

Sway is a brand new cloud based software from Microsoft.  In simple terms, its creates a single webpage utilising content from almost any online source – either your own cloud storage such as OneDrive, or using creative common content from Bing. It is designed as a presentation tool – think PowerPoint crossed with Presi.


The really interesting bit is how easy it is to compile and then reshape (in sway speak, remix) the content into a range of different and interesting looks, feels or navigation styles.… Visit the author's original post

Bridget Crooks: The Student Voice- Top 5 Tech Tools for 2014

by Bridget Crooks
Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand

It is very easy to see the value in a tech tool as a teacher. We see the learning in our classrooms clearly. We are very aware of the learning that needs to take place and the movement we have to take to get there.

But sometimes we forget to actually ask our students what they like to use. And most importantly what adds value to their education; what’s easy and intuitive to use; what fits their learning and their lives.… Visit the author's original post

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, cables for connectivity.

My daughter watches the ABC cartoon program “Peter rabbit” in which there is a wonderful female rabbit character named Lilley. Lilley has a “just in case pocket” which has all kinds of things she keeps for “just in case” and she usually saves the day.

Teachers, I think, also need a “just in case” pocket. Especially when it comes to technology. I think we need to have plan A, plan B and the ability to improvise plan C.

I personally have two main ways for my plan B and C.… Visit the author's original post

The Tipping Point: Why I gave up Google Docs for the Outstanding OneDrive

Guest Post by Matt Jorgensen

Cloud-based web 2.0 tools like OneDrive have been an absolutely wonderful innovation for me. As a prolific user of online learning through a learning management system (Moodle if you must know), I enthusiastically embed OneDrive presentations, documents and spreadsheets into coures because it is often easier to open the OneDrive file to edit rather than logging into Moodle, turning editing on, etc, etc.Videos and all sorts of interactives such as Thinglinks, Voicethreads and Powtoons embellish the online environment as well.… Visit the author's original post

Paulina Hernandez: OneDrive Can Make Our Lives Easier!

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico As teachers, there are many technologies available for us today, some very recommended. But only until you use them do you realize how useful and amazing they really are … so this time, I will talk about OneDrive, an app provided by Microsoft and one of my favorites to use with my students. First of all, I will tell you why I consider it a very useful tool and how can you use it in education.… Visit the author's original post

Scott Wieprecht- Office 365: Blast Off

by Scott Wieprecht Expert Educator Columnist, UK So, you’ve heard about Office 365, you think your school could possibly benefit from it, but how do you know, how can you be sure, and more importantly, how do you go about finding out? The first thing is it’s free! As the pressure around schools financially increases, making the right decision about software and service purchases can seem like a burden too big to bare – that’s not the case with Office 365.Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers- Beware! Courseware in the Cloud!

by Koen Timmers Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium As I teach web design, students need to have the right images and pieces of code to create a webpage. At first, I shared these files on our school’s intranet (network?), which of course can’t be accessed by students who weren’t able to attend my class. The implementation of cloud services seemed to overcome this problem. OneDrive (formerly know as SkyDrive) solved my problem: all students, including ill, were able to access the needed document and assignments.… Visit the author's original post

Mosaic LiveTiles: Creating Dynamic Office 365 Learning Portals

Guest Post by Tamara Sullivan - Microsoft Expert Educator

I have recently been exploring how to create the `connected learner' for both students and educators. A platform which provides a customisable space using an intuitive interface design for anywhere, anytime and any device learning. This is where I was fortunate enough to stumble across Office 365 SharePoint and Mosaic LiveTiles Templates. I have been using Office 365 since the beginning of the year to create a shared space for staff and student collaboration.

Visit the author's original post

Mosaic: Your classroom in the cloud, today!


Office 365 Sites are a fantastic way to encourage collaboration and to work more efficiently and creatively in your classroom. If you’re an Office 365 user, you’re probably looking for a quick workflow to make your site into a space students want to visit. Mosaic is just for you.

Mosaic Live Tiles is a free app, included with pre-configured templates: Learning Spaces, Teacher Portal and Student Portal. These templates are ready to use, or can be easily tailored to unique needs by utilising LiveTiles Mosaic's very simple 'drag and drop' functionality allowing you to to create your own dynamic sites in minutes.… Visit the author's original post