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Registered Professional Learning Workshops in the Sydney Microsoft Store

Looking for some registered professional learning on integrating Microsoft technologies into your classroom over the summer break? Want to take your Office 365, OneNote and Sway skills to the next level and ensure you get registered professional learning hours before you go back to school in term one? During the summer vacation, Microsoft will be offering free BOSTES registered professional learning workshops at the new Microsoft Store in Pitt St Mall, Sydney.

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NSW Primary school uses Onenote, Mix and Sway to spur collaborative learning!

Year 5 students from Barnier Public School exceed industry test benchmarks after using new forms of teacher–teacher, teacher–student, and student–student collaboration – and a mix of old and new apps. Find out more!

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Office Lens – A scanner and image corrector for your phone

Guest post by Matthew O'Brien, secondary school educator at Brisbane Boys' College I think I may have been living under a rock, but at the E 2 conference in Seattle in May I saw the Office Lens app demonstrated by one of the presenters. Simply, this...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Remote Learning with Skype Creates Virtual Classroom

 Phoenix P-12 College in Ballarat now offers virtual drama and theatre studies to students at two schools more than 700 kilometres away. Students use Skype to create and rehearse plays and even work the technology into their skits.

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Adding ‘Sugar ‘n’ Spice’ to Projects with Windows 8 Apps

Guest Post by Naomi Manning

Year 10 Students at Abbotsleigh have been playing, reviewing and creating with Windows 8 Apps. Students wanted to add "Sugar 'n' Spice" to their projects so what better to use that a few of the newest Apps in the Windows 8 Store.

Before beginning their project work, the girls had a lesson where they played and reviewed the apps for their peers, with a view to go back to their groups and report on what was the most useful to them in their current project work.… Visit the author's original post