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MIE Spotlight: Bringing Ancient History studies into the digital era

In this MIE Spotlight, we hear from Michael Cocks, Senior Ancient History Teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School


I am in my seventh year of teacher after a career in advertising. As a specialist in my teaching area, I love passing on my passion for History to my students. I find the subject area to be one of the most important in equipping students to be critical thinkers and to become engaged future citizens of the world.

I use digital solutions to meet the needs of my students, and other students around the world.… Visit the author's original post

MIE Expert Spotlight: Matt Heinrich from Radford College on driving digital innovation.

In this MIE Spotlight, we hear from Matt Heinrich, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, Radford College, Canberra.

matt_heinrich_2Teaching has always been a desirable profession, originating from fond experiences during my own education. In 2011, I began teaching in the primary years, drawn to the opportunity to engage with students across multiple subjects whilst building a strong connection throughout a year. Whilst teaching in the upper primary years, I began finding ways to use technology to empower students in more personalised, collaborative and creative learning.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Innovative Educator Joe Fatheree looks to the future with his students in mind

When we envision the future of education, it’s hard to see us getting there without educators like Joe Fatheree leading the way. A Top 10 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize and certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, Joe is one of the few who works with policy makers and education influencers around the world and communicates firsthand how the changes they all make affect students in classrooms, each and every day.

“When I work with people at Microsoft, I know directly how what they do is impacting students’ learning not only in my classroom, but in Africa and India and all over the world,” Joe says.… Visit the author's original post