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Students tackle ‘rock concert’ challenge in Minecraft: Education Edition during MOS Four Nations Finals

Teachers all over the world are increasingly using Minecraft: Education Edition to challenge their students in new ways, creating projects and schemes of work that cover a huge range of classroom subjects and real-life scenarios. In June, The MOS 4N National Finalists worked as National Teams on a music-themed project to collaboratively demonstrate their digital skills using Minecraft: Education Edition and Microsoft Office in a fun and exciting way.… Visit the author's original post

Students tackle ‘rock concert’ challenge in Minecraft: Education Edition during MOS Four Nations Finals

Teachers all over the world are increasingly using Minecraft: Education Edition to challenge their students in new ways, creating projects and schemes of work that cover a huge range of classroom subjects and real-life scenarios. In June, The MOS 4N National Finalists worked as National Teams on a music-themed project to collaboratively demonstrate their digital skills using Minecraft: Education Edition and Microsoft Office in a fun and exciting way.… Visit the author's original post

Future-proofing and expanding students horizons at Toowoomba Christian College

Alison-JamesWe all have that one special teacher who we recall had a big impact on us, someone who helped shape our future through their dedication, encouragement and most of all, confidence in us when we were faltering.

One such mentor is Alison James, Specialist Computer Studies Teacher from Toowoomba Christian College in Queensland.  Founded in 1979, the school is a P-12 co-educational school with over 700 students.

Alison’s dedication, paired with her students hard work has recently seen 4 pupils from the school compete in the Queensland State Microsoft Office Specialist Championships.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship: Join the Movement

march-april-cover#TheFeed is back for the March/April 2017 edition, and focusses on Accessibility. In the latest issue you’ll find stories from schools specialising in SEND, studies from the British Dyslexia Association, and the latest on technologies that can aid SEND learners and those who teach them.

This extract is written by Andrew Griggs, who discusses the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championships, a competition that tests children’s skills when using Microsoft Office, managed in UK and Ireland by Prodigy Learning. The following articles explains how you can get involved!Visit the author's original post

Young Scottish students’ countrywide collaboration fuels learning and leadership

The following post originally appeared on the main Microsoft in Education Blog, and is all about how young learners in Scotland are being empowered to achieve more through the tools found within Office 365, and are connected through Scotland’s nationwide educational web service: Glow. You may also recognise the teacher from the story, Natalie Burgess, who this year joined us as one of our Microsoft Teacher Ambassadors.

You may have seen Natalie on our stand at BETT over the last couple of years where she delivered hands-on sessions to a packed out Showcase Classroom, or more recently as part of our series of teacher-led webinars, which are available on demand.Visit the author's original post

New research highlights most in-demand job skills

One of the most important and toughest roles every educator plays is preparing students for their next steps. With a mission to empower every student to achieve more, we at Microsoft are constantly evaluating what skills employers are looking for, and how those skills can be effectively delivered – with the help of technology.

A new white paper, Keys to the Future: Align Workforce Readiness Skills to Ensure Student Success helps us deliver on that mission. This research, conducted by IDC, looks at the most in-demand skills in today’s workforce, and the skills needed for tomorrow’s best jobs.… Visit the author's original post

View the Office 365 Roadmap to see what’s coming up for Education

Office 365 is available to students and teachers at no cost through their academic institution. Click here to check eligibility and to download onto multiple devices.

Office 365 logo

When you make any investment in technology you are investing in a living thing. The pace of development in today’s world is such that improvements and alterations are seemingly continuously available to software, hardware and infrastructure, and with the increasing utilisation of the cloud, platforms and tools can be upgraded ‘on the fly’ by the providers without the end users having to break stride.… Visit the author's original post

Northampton Primary Schools Collaborating on BBC Earth Enchanted Kingdom Project Based Learning

Many of you will be familiar with the 'Enchanted Kingdom' from our blog series earlier this year that looked at the various chapters of the educational eBook based upon the BBC Earth film of the same name.

Recently, schools within the Northampton Primary Academy Trust have been working together on a series of project based learning initiatives based upon the Enchanted Kingdom eBook. The ambitious cross-academy collaboration is being driven by Tom Rees, head teacher at Simon de Senlis School, and sees students and teachers from the six schools that comprise the trust working through the tasks and lesson plans contained within the eBook via a series of project based learning activities, as well as coming up with some of their own ideas inspired by their journey through the Enchanted Kingdom.… Visit the author's original post

Girls in ICT Day 2015

Girls in ICT

International Girls in ICT Day  aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in April every year. On International Girls in ICT Day all stakeholders are encouraged to organize events with the vision to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICTs.Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Sway – Features and Resources

Let’s assume you want to present to an audience and share your enthusiasm about the wonders of Microsoft Sway. Which key features would you highlight, and where do you go for inspiration?


Sway features

The features I’d highlight are:
– entirely web-based
– intuitive, tabbed user interface
– drag-and-drop content
– easily reorder cards
– cross-platform adaptive layout through built-in design engine
– strong multi-media focus
– find Creative Commons images on Bing
– embed tweets, multimedia content, maps, OneNote images
– iOS version to create Sways on the go

Chris Pratley was kind enough to remind me of three more important features of Sway:
– interactive elements such as stack, comparison, filmstrip
– Remix button to easily explore style options
– embed Sways (and other web content) within Sways

Sway use cases

– Education (teachers)
– School projects (students)
– Portfolios
– Presentations
– Stories
– Photo shoots, picture stories
– Story boards
– Book outlines
– Living documents
– Diaries, journals
– Creative writing
– Reports
– Transactions
– Calls for Action / Promotion
– Product brochures
– Sales pitches
– Course outlines
– Travel logs
– Travel itineraries
– Scrap books
– Blog posts
– Documentation
– Manuals

Sway resources

Here are some Sway resources that I’ve been collecting over time:

Sway home page

The Sway Philosophy – Sway founder Chris Pratley @ChrisPr explains the bold plans of the Sway development team (Oct 12, 2014)

Sway blog


@Sway on Twitter

Sway group on the Office 365 Network on Yammer

@Sway #DailySway highlights

Sway Daily news paper by Mike Tholfsen @MTholfsen

Made-with-Sway Gallery on the Sway home page


Sway Embeddable Content – Sway supports SoundCloud, OneDrive Embed, Excel Online, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Google Maps, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Giphy, Sketchfab

Embedded Sway:

#SwayOneNoteLove contest on Twitter

24 OneNote Lesson Plans as a Sway – by Маrija Petreska @TeacherMarija

Sway topic on the MIEExpert15 News Radar

21st-Century Learning Design Sway by Pip Cleaves @PipCleaves

Introduction to the OneNote Class Notebook Creator by Darrell C.… Visit the author's original post

Marija Petreska: Swaying Tweets

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Republic of Macedonia

So that your classroom is fully twitterized and your tweets are Swayed into a story, make sure all your students create twitter accounts. Be careful twitter is not for students under 13, so I suggest informing parents and school authorities before you start and an official consent on both sides is advisable.

I’m an English language teacher so my ideas will go in that direction, but I’m sure you can all find something interesting, or that my ideas might grow into new ones you can use.… Visit the author's original post

Ruby KL Huang: It’s in the Sway you say it!

Steve Martin, Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand- In my first blog entitled ‘There are no rainbows without rain’ I outlined the intention of sharing the story of a group of teachers within the Science Department who are building success through technology. What follows is an inspiring article written by Ruby Huang, a second year teacher who is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert at Howick College.

The Conjugation of Sway: I Sway, You Sway, He Sways, She Sways, They Sway, We Sway

By Ruby KL Huang
Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand

“Hey, have you seen the latest Microsoft programme called Sway?”

“Sway?… Visit the author's original post

Erliza Matacot: My Journey as a Teacher With Microsoft and Project-Based Learning

By Erliza Matacot
Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines

Change is constant. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “We must be the change we want to see in this world.” As a teacher, I know that I can make a difference in bringing my 21st century students in the right path of embracing the technology.

During the first year of my teaching in a private school, I noticed how dedicated I was as a teacher. I directed musical plays, I trained my students in different school level competitions, and also managed our campus journalism.… Visit the author's original post

Cathy Cavanaugh: Values of Learning Programming Language in School

by Cathy Cavanaugh
Director of Teaching and Learning, Microsoft in Education

What is a human language? As a symbol system for encoding and communicating ideas, our languages are varied and dynamic, each reflective of its own cultures and ways of knowing. Thus, each language has intrinsic value to influence thought and interaction. Additionally, each language has practical value in the 21st century. Recognizing the many benefits of learning multiple languages, schools around the world require native language fluency and a minimum of competence in a second language.… Visit the author's original post

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

"Let us spare no effort to ensure that policies, programmes, guidelines and 21st century technologies are accessible to persons with disabilities, and sensitive to their perspectives and experiences". Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon."

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. It has been celebrated with varying degrees of success around the planet. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.Visit the author's original post

News Flash: Clip Art in Office Now Powered by Bing Images!

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Now, that picture will be even better as starting today, Bing Images will power Online Pictures in Office desktop products worldwide. This means when you search for an image, you’ll be able to view and download royalty-free images curated through Bing Images! You and your students will get much more relevant images to complement the presentations and reports you create in Office. As the Office 365 Team explains:

Bing Image Search has higher quality images that are more up-to-date.

Visit the author's original post

Ovi Barcelo: 10 Things We Need to Know About Apps in the Classroom

by Ovi Barcelo Expert Educator Columnist, Spain Nowadays it is very difficult to look to the past for longer than 4 or 5 years. We think that Whatsapp, for example, has been around forever when in fact the app is only 5 years old. The same goes for Angry Birds (launched 2009) and Twitter (which was also translated to other languages starting 2009). So, what will be our apps landscape be like five years from now? Can we trust our methodology only in apps?… Visit the author's original post

News Flash: Collaborate in the Classroom with new Skype Document Chat in Office Online

by Minnia Feng, MSEN Community Manager

In today’s digital classroom, collaboration is key to cross-pollinating ideas and building essential teamwork skills. Many of you and your students are already using Office Online to create amazing work, while using Skype to communicate with friends and family from around the world. Now, the two come together in Skype document chat - with this free tool, you can go beyond the existing real time co-authoring feature to chat directly within the document you’re working on.… Visit the author's original post

Scott Wieprecht: Office 365, The Final Frontier

by Scott Wieprecht MIE Fellow, Expert Educator Columnist UK Office 365, like several other things, seems to be a ‘buzzword’ you can’t escape from these days. Whether you are working for a company, buying a new PC offering a free 12 month account, or visiting an educational blog, Office 365 has a big profile. Often, I find much more delight in finding hidden gems then opting for the most overt solution – however, with Office 365, I make an exception. There is a good reason why this solution get the publicity it does – because it is amazing, and there is nothing quite like it (despite the painful comparisons to other solutions).… Visit the author's original post

Koen Timmers: From User to Creator, Introducing My App EduLync

by Koen Timmers MIE Expert, Belgium For 14 years I’ve been teaching ICT (web design) at CVO Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Since the beginning, I’ve been passionate about e-learning and decided to post all courseware and tutorials on my own website Today, more than 18,000 members have access to nearly 9000 pages of courseware and external authors are publishing their own courseware to the public at large; it’s a digital educational library which is growing each day.   Using tools in my lessons offers new opportunities (distance learning), increases my students’ motivation, spices up my lessons, and allows more opportunities for collaboration.… Visit the author's original post

Kurt Söser: My Microsoft EduCast Experience

by Kurt Söser, MIE Expert Columnist  
First of all: Thanks to all the people and fellow teachers and friends who have joined the Microsoft Educator Webcast on Tuesday, 11th of November. I read a lot of familiar names and I am still thrilled by this event, although some small things went wrong… I was expecting that my presentation on Office Mix should be at the end of the Webinar, but instead I was placed second, so I could not rely on Tim’s presentation, but I think the audience got my ideas.
Visit the author's original post

News Flash- Teachers, Check if You Can Get Office365 for Free! (U.S. only…for now)

This post was reblogged from the Microsoft Office Blogs

Microsoft Office has long been a staple in the teacher toolkit for communicating and collaborating with their classes. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made it easier for teachers to get Office on all their devices—while storing and sharing class material with students using OneDrive.

Last week we were excited to share with you the next steps in bringing Office to everyone, on every device. The updated Office apps for iPhone and iPad and the upcoming Android and Windows 10 apps are full of great features to help students and teachers do more and achieve more.… Visit the author's original post

My MOS: 100 Stories of MOS Certifications

Everyone with a Microsoft Office Specialist certification has a story to share that can motivate, inspire, and encourage others to succeed. Certiport and Microsoft asked students to share their stories to inspire others preparing for college and careers, as well as celebrate their success for becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Specialist Expert, or Microsoft Office Specialist Master. 

More than 100 students from across the globe submitted stories, with one lucky student--Roshan Bista from Nepal--selected randomly to receive a Microsoft Surface.… Visit the author's original post