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What Does it Mean to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert?

What Does it Mean to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert?

A great video about the E2 event that happened in 2015

This is a really worthwhile program!
Get involved and 

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Applications to join the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programme are now open!

Microsoft Expert Educator

We are recruiting! Regular readers of this blog should be familiar what teacher and school leaders that we refer to as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts - MIEEs - and you may have seen content tagged with #MIEExpert15.

It's now your opportunity to apply to be part of this programme, and we're pleased to be able to share details of how you can get involved.

To refresh your memory, or if you've not heard of it before, the MIE Expert program is designed for educators who are thought leaders in innovative learning with technology and want to amplify their reach and voice to all educators.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft EDU Summit 2015

I had a blast today at the Microsoft EDU Summit in Windsor!


It was a great day with many great speakers including D.J. Cunningham and Nicole Bell from Learn Style Interesting conversations around differentiated instruction and how we use multiple learning styles (visual, sequential, audio/oral kinesthetic) to engage and inspire our students. Office 365 and OneNote were used as solid examples of cloud based tools in an ever increasing BOYD learning environment.

Attached are presentation slides from my Breakout Session “Microsoft Educator Network.” Please contact me with any further questions regarding my presentation.… Visit the author's original post