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Microsoft Sway – Features and Resources

Let’s assume you want to present to an audience and share your enthusiasm about the wonders of Microsoft Sway. Which key features would you highlight, and where do you go for inspiration?


Sway features

The features I’d highlight are:
– entirely web-based
– intuitive, tabbed user interface
– drag-and-drop content
– easily reorder cards
– cross-platform adaptive layout through built-in design engine
– strong multi-media focus
– find Creative Commons images on Bing
– embed tweets, multimedia content, maps, OneNote images
– iOS version to create Sways on the go

Chris Pratley was kind enough to remind me of three more important features of Sway:
– interactive elements such as stack, comparison, filmstrip
– Remix button to easily explore style options
– embed Sways (and other web content) within Sways

Sway use cases

– Education (teachers)
– School projects (students)
– Portfolios
– Presentations
– Stories
– Photo shoots, picture stories
– Story boards
– Book outlines
– Living documents
– Diaries, journals
– Creative writing
– Reports
– Transactions
– Calls for Action / Promotion
– Product brochures
– Sales pitches
– Course outlines
– Travel logs
– Travel itineraries
– Scrap books
– Blog posts
– Documentation
– Manuals

Sway resources

Here are some Sway resources that I’ve been collecting over time:

Sway home page

The Sway Philosophy – Sway founder Chris Pratley @ChrisPr explains the bold plans of the Sway development team (Oct 12, 2014)

Sway blog


@Sway on Twitter

Sway group on the Office 365 Network on Yammer

@Sway #DailySway highlights

Sway Daily news paper by Mike Tholfsen @MTholfsen

Made-with-Sway Gallery on the Sway home page


Sway Embeddable Content – Sway supports SoundCloud, OneDrive Embed, Excel Online, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Google Maps, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Giphy, Sketchfab

Embedded Sway:

#SwayOneNoteLove contest on Twitter

24 OneNote Lesson Plans as a Sway – by Маrija Petreska @TeacherMarija

Sway topic on the MIEExpert15 News Radar

21st-Century Learning Design Sway by Pip Cleaves @PipCleaves

Introduction to the OneNote Class Notebook Creator by Darrell C.… Visit the author's original post

“A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.” – Srinivasan Sriram, India

“Where there is a will there is a way,” says Srinivasan Sriram. For this award-winning educator from India, a positive outlook to “learn, unlearn and relearn” is the most essential element for success. That, and support from colleagues, students, and … Continue reading Visit the author's original post

“Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do.” – Hari Krishna Arya, India

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As an accomplished musician, Beverley Cripps knows the power of music to bridge social divides. As an educator, she’s discovered that technology can do the same. For several years, this Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert coordinated an innovative program that connected … Continue reading Visit the author's original post


Αποκριά σημαίνει αποχή από το κρέας -προετοιμάζει τον άνθρωπο ψυχικά και σωματικά για την περίοδο του Πάσχα και την Ανάσταση. Στα λατινικά ταυτίζεται με το καρναβάλι, καθώς αυτή η λέξη προέρχεται από το carne, που σημαίνει “κρέας”, και το ρήμα vale, που σημαίνει “περνώ”.
Η περίοδος της Αποκριάς θεωρείται κατεξοχήν περίοδος εκτόνωσης, μια περίοδος κατά την οποία ο άνθρωπος ξεφεύγει από την καθημερινότητά του και εξωτερικεύει τα πάθη του με τη βοήθεια της μεταμφίεσης.

Διαβάστε περισσότερα για τις Απόκριες, τα ήθη και τα έθιμά τους εδώ.Visit the author's original post

Personal Device Classroom Contract

Shortly after becoming a BYOD campus, our school learned that, unbridled, technology is more distraction (some might say disruption) than aide.  TIn my previous post, I spoke on the misinformed belief that teenagers are the tech generation and know their way around computers, cell phones, and tablets like little tech-prodigy clones of Bill Gates.  I quickly learned that teachers must show students HOW to use their devices productively.  And, that all starts with setting specific rules/guidelines for cell phone/tablet possession in the classroom.  If your school is moving in the BYOD direction, start the year with a clearly communicated (and maintained) set of class policies regarding tech that set boundaries and expectations.  Here are the ones I used this school year:

• You must maintain at least a C average in this class to be allowed to use a personal electronic device during this class period.
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Achraf Soliman

Ashraf Abdel Aziz Soliman teacher expert French language French language instructor, North Sinai.Egypt First steps with Microsoft this year through the project “North Sinai magic of nature” for the first time coming out of the North Sinai technological project to the world. Use the students of modern technology in the project and the skills of the 21st century. Encouraged many teachers to use technology in education. Will train teachers to use technology at school that adopted the creativity Center within the province.… Visit the author's original post

My favorite moment – Thank you 

My favorite moment was when I was informed that they agreed to allow us travel to Dubai and then two days ago, they told us that the SEC is going to pay all the cost of our attendance. 
But for me , the most favorite moment was the last Wednesday. Mr. Ebrahim Aljabri and I cooperated online to introduce a workshop in my school on using the One Note in classroom. I felt that what I have done is useful for me and for my small community. 
What I have noticed about my colleagues was so exciting.Visit the author's original post

Microsoft UK intern, James Parsons, qualifies for UK Final of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championships

Congratulations to James Parsons, an intern in Advertising Business Operations in Microsoft UK, who has qualified for the UK final of the MOS World Championships, a competition to find the top Word and Excel students.  This year, the UK final, which will bring together 20 students (selected from two qualifying rounds), will be at TVP on Wednesday 17th June. 

James, who qualified for the final with his outstanding score in the Word exam, said, “Sitting the MOS examinations has allowed me to prove my proficiency in using the numerous Office applications - all of which are evidently crucial within every business.… Visit the author's original post

Tools of the Term


It is already week 4 of the school year and I can not believe how much I have already achieved within the school and within my classroom during this very short time. I feel as though my school has successfully achieved the impossible in launching a BYOD program to a school of 100 staff and over 1100 students. The concept of introducing BYOD was only decided upon last October and since then, we have created all of the accounts necessary for this to work, established policies and procedures in addition to all of the necessary components of the back end of the project.  

Already in 4 weeks, over 50% of the school is online and teachers are feeling more and more confident using collaborative tools.… Visit the author's original post

Teachable Moments with OneNote & Office Lens

My String Orchestra class didn't go exactly as planned this week, and it's all OneNote's fault. On Tuesday we were supposed to continue in our method book, working on playing in the key of F Major. We were going to get to the next page and play one of my favorite songs, Waltzing Matilda! Alas, it did not happen thanks to that cape-wearing purple program called OneNote, and her little sidekick Office Lens.

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Fareeha Ghezwan

Islamabad, Pakistan

I am Fareeha Ghezwan from Pakistan, and did my post-graduation in Agriculture with Soil Sciences major, Conducted research for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population. Using knowledge of various scientific disciplines, collect, synthesize, study, report, and recommend action based on data derived from measurements or observations of , soil, water, and other sources.

Being an Agriculturist and scientist I always eager to explore new world and wanted to work very close to the nature.… Visit the author's original post

Welcome to the launch of #EdShowChat

On Thursday 5th February 2015, it will be my pleasure to be hosting the very first #EdShowChat!

The topic for this inaugural EdShowChat is "How do we create a student digital leadership team?". During the session, we will be asking the questions: "How do you launch a Digital Leadership programme in your school?" and "What is the role of the Digital Leader?" We will also be exploring how we can use Digital Leaders to support whole school CPD and the role of Digital Leaders in shaping how technology is used in and outside of the classroom.Visit the author's original post

Erin O’Rourke

Toronto, Canada

I am a drama and computer studies teacher at Branksome Hall (an all-girls independent IB school).

Prior to teaching, I worked as an arts administrator at a children's theatre, Young Peoples' Theatre, in Toronto. At the theatre, I had various duties (as you do at a non-profit!) including grant writing, special events management and member of our arts education committee. This is where I realized that I needed to go back and get my teaching degree.

Got my ed degree in Toronto, packed my bags (with my husband in tow) and had an amazing experience teaching middle & senior school drama at the Canadian International School in Singapore for two years.… Visit the author's original post

Flavia Giannoli

MIlan, Italy

My name is Flavia, I’m from Italy!

I teach Physics and Mathematics at Liceo Scientifico A. Volta in Milan, Italy (High School). I love e-learning and Technologies,that I’ve been using for years in the classroom.

I think that disruptive technologies are challenging traditional School Learning. Boundaries are blurring: formal mix up with informal, real with virtual, the teacher with the learner. Liquid modernity takes on school a great responsibility. Education became a lifelong learning journey. Learning experiences need to be designed and carefully projected.Visit the author's original post