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New immersive and inclusive learning experiences for Windows 10

Our mission in education is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. We’re reaching more and more students and teachers every day – providing them with immersive and inclusive learning experiences.

Today, Microsoft announced the next major update to Windows and highlighted some of these new experiences for the classroom. Learn how to upgrade PCs in your school to Windows 10 for free here. In addition, we’re excited to share these new Windows 10 apps that will help make your new school year great.… Visit the author's original post

Five reasons to learn Math with OneNote

So, Alice Keeler - @alicekeeler- who is an amazing blogger and an incredible resource for those using Google products, posted 60 Ways Math Teachers can use Google Classroom last April.  It came across my desk the other day and, since school hadn't started yet, I thought it might be a good reflection for me on how one could do similar tasks with OneNote Class Notebook.

I went through the list and checked that I could accomplish them all with OneNote and re-wrote her post with those modifications ...… Visit the author's original post

A+ Math App

A+ Math App

Have fun while you learn and practice addition, 
subtraction, multiplication and division! 
Take a multiple-choice Practice Quiz with no time pressure. 
Or, take on the Speed Challenge, where quickness and accuracy 
count for top scores. Compete with others from around the world
 to see your best time on the top of the global leaderboard.  
Great for kids, no frustration or failure—if you guess wrong, 
you can try again until you choose the correct answer. 
Each round is different, with different problems and 
different choices for answers. 
Earn the most points by guessing correctly on the first try.… Visit the author's original post

Adventures in Kenya Series – Day 9 – From Mukuyuni to Nakuru

We slept in today.  My alarm didn't go off until 6:30AM. After a quick breakfast of andazi and Kenyan Tea, we left the Mount Crest Hotel.  Along the way to HIP Academy, we stopped a few places. First, we stopped at the local Coca-Cola depot to buy a case of soda.  Then, we stopped at the Obama Supermarket to pick up some lolipops and to take a picture. Finally, we stopped at a small school supplies shop in Mukuyuni where I bought all their crayons, some notebooks, paper, pencils, and poster paper for the kids at school with money that was donated by friends and family back home.… Visit the author's original post

Adventures in Kenya Series – Days 7/8 – Out of the Mara, On to Kimilili

I'm running out of superlatives to describe my days.

 Yesterday was...

I'll just show you with pictures. I started the day with an sunrise game drive where we saw a whole pride of lions hanging around some termite mounds, and a whole lot more. Here are just a few of the hundreds of pictures I took.  I took more than 1000 pictures in my 30 hours in Masai Mara.

Then, I had a quick breakfast and headed back out on a game drive with a stop at a Masai Village to learn about Masai culture.… Visit the author's original post

Adventures in Kenya Series – Day 5 – Project LINC

It's had to believe that I've only been here a few days. I've been so busy that it seems like months. Today was another day packed with awesome.


I started the day by walking to Havilla Childrens Center again with Livingstone. I used the GoPro camera and head mount that I have to record the walk to the school. I'll be posting that to YouTube along with many other videos when I get back home.  I had to bring extra camera equipments today because my mission today was to document everything I could as the water filters for which our Wallenpaupack students, the children in the Andover Middle School, and students in Trikala, Greece had spent the past few months raising money were installed and distributed.… Visit the author's original post

Adventures in Kenya Series – Day 4 – Cheery Children Education Centre

There is so much to tell about that happened today. I hope I can remember it all.

The day started with a drive into the Kibera Slum. After a short 200 foot walk, Tracy Hansen and Kyrsha from NGGE, Livinstone, and me came to the Cheery Children Education Center. Livingstone had previously taught here, and Tracy has spent a lot of time with these children, both in person during the past month and virtually where she has been teaching them via Skype.… Visit the author's original post

Pi Day 2015 – Global Math Lesson

Every year Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3.14) and students around the world explore the significance of this irrational number. This year, we celebrated the Pi Day of the Century (3.14.15 at 9:26:53)! To signify this once-in-a-lifetime event, we invited students from all around the world to learn with us.

Through a posting on the Skype in the Classroom website, we encouraged students from all over the world to  measure the diameter and circumference of circular objects and to share then on a collaborative online spreadsheet.… Visit the author's original post

Julius Reyes: CineMATHLaya- A Fusion of Cinema, Mathematics and Freedom

By Julius Reyes
Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines


…. “Who cares?:”

…. “Not that, it’s so difficult.”

….”Not my type!”

…..”Can I have something else?”

These were the few thoughts I’ve heard even when I was in elementary. Mathematics became a nightmare to almost school children and even adults too during their schooling years.

But how can we live a life without loving it and embracing it. There is nothing to fear about learning Mathematics.

But, how we can break the stigma about it?… Visit the author's original post

Easy to Make Fraction Wheels

Fractions are often a difficult concept for students to visualize.  Today I had the pleasure of working with a group of 5th grade students.  In order for them to show their knowledge of fractions, we spent 15 minutes creating fractions wheels. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this with your own students.

Materials needed: Cheap white paper plates, marker or crayon, scissors, ruler

First, have students completely color one of the plates.

Next, have them use the ruler to find the center point of both plates.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Maths Worksheet Generator

Microsoft Maths Worksheet Generator 

Although this software has been around for some time, 
it is still great for all teachers.  Microsoft Math Worksheet 
Generator is a simple and intuitive application that 
automatically creates a series of math exercises, 
based on a sample that you provide. It is quick and very easy to use.

Download the software below