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Plan lessons and stay organized with these 6 tricks for Microsoft Edge

On Friday afternoon, when most teachers head home for the weekend, it’s already time to plan out the next week. Having spent the previous few days supporting our students and supporting our colleagues, we take the time to support ourselves. In just a few minutes before I leave for the day, I prepare items to help me have a smooth start on Monday. I’ve been using the latest Microsoft Edge enhancements at home to accomplish that for a while, but now that I have them at school through the Windows 10 Creators Update … I’m hooked!… Visit the author's original post

Keeping focused with Admin Templates in OneNote

About a year a go I began working on a OneNote system to organise myself.

I wanted a system that worked on most of my devices, which included: 

  1. Phone (iOS), 
  2. Laptop (Surface Pro and later Surface Book), 
  3. Home laptop (MacBook Pro), 
  4. Department imaged Desktops (Windows 7 and Office 2010), and 
  5. Tablet (iPad Mini). 

I wanted a system that allowed me to create to do lists, and keep up with school day-to-day activities such as my timetable, weekly events etc. 

I had used page templates, and created my own in the past, so decided that I would trial some different set ups and see which worked the best. Visit the author's original post