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A spirited teacher reshapes the computer science classroom for 21st-century makers

Doug Bergman believes computer science is changing. In his view, it’s no longer reserved just for students who want to work in technology. Doug knows a basic understanding of computer science will enable his students to solve tomorrow’s problems in just about any career they choose.

That’s why, as the computer science instructor at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina, Doug invites tiny drones, talking robots, augmented reality and other pieces of the future right into the classroom, encouraging his students to become skilled, 21st-century creators.… Visit the author's original post

Microsoft Next Level Learning workshops – November 2015

This week we’re starting to pack our bags, as the team head out to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia for the free Microsoft Next Level Learning workshops for teachers and school IT managers. There’s a Teacher Track with themes around engaging students, gamification of learning, collaboration and learning analytics, plus a parallel IT Track that delves into the practical IT management issues associated with BYOD, cloud services and analytics. And with keynotes and workshops from Dan Haesler or Bron Stuckey, there will be plenty of opportunities to challenge your own thinking and hear how others see the future.… Visit the author's original post

Skype in the Classroom Partnering with TOMS

TOMS and Skype in the Classroom are launching a program that will allow students and youth organizations to connect with TOMS Giving and Marketplace partners. Whether you are an aspiring change-maker, social entrepreneur, teacher or youth leader, this exciting new program will enable you to connect into the TOMS world and with each other in a whole new way.

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Kinect and Physical Education Project

Video games have traditionally been associated with sedentary lifestyles: a person watching a screen using only two hands. Nowadays, the number of children playing this type of game is increasing, and we can link this to the increasing number of children who are overweight and suffer from obesity. However, a New Generation of videogames includes sports games, dancing and other activities involving movement.

Physical Education teachers from La Devesa Bilingual School Carlet (Spain), have developed the innovation project “Kinect and Physical Education”.… Visit the author's original post

Proyecto “Kinect & Physical Education”

Los videojuegos tradicionalmente se asocian al sedentarismo: una persona sentada ante el televisor moviendo únicamente sus dos manos. Cada vez son más los niños que los juegan, esto va relacionado con el aumento del número de niños con sobrepeso y obesidad en la actualidad. Sin embargo, una nueva generación de este tipo de juegos incluye deportes, bailes y otras actividades que implican ponerse en movimiento.

Desde el departamento de Educación Física en el Colegio La Devesa de Carlet, hemos desarrollado el proyecto de innovación: “Kinect & Physical Education”.… Visit the author's original post