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Better Heart Health through Technology – Team #idontgiveanapp, Italy

Their team name may suggest a certain nonchalance, but Italy’s Team #idontgiveanapp is anything but apathetic about the well-being of its target users. The team, winners in the recent Imagine Cup World Citizenship Semi-finals in Seattle, have created the HeartWatch app, designed to detect cardiac arrhythmia and help patients better manage their health.

Constantly checking users’ heartbeats via the Microsoft Band, HeartWatch notifies users about any anomaly their heart may experience. In serious cases, HeartWatch even notifies a selected list of friends and relatives, via SMS.… Visit the author's original post

Using SWAY to better study Optics

My Physics class and I got through an exciting experience at Hight School Liceo Volta in Milan (Italy)

The whoole classroom started with the usual work and posted papers and compositions about our Optics Laboratory Experiences in a common repository , complete of photos and videos of the experimentations they did.

Then a group of six students decided to examine in dept some more interesting aspects.  So they started analyzing selected optical technological applications and phoenomena.

We followed  Innovative Design Thinking method.… Visit the author's original post