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“I may be one teacher but I’m no longer going to stay silent about the things important to my country and world of education. I love my students and as I look at children everywhere, I want them to have teachers who love teaching and who love them.” – Vicki Davis, USA

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on September 6, 2012. To Vicki Davis – teacher, blogger and parent – the future of education depends on one very simple action: sharing.  “My Mom was a business education teacher (like me) and taught me to type, so at 130 words per minute, it doesn’t take me long to share,” says Davis.

Sharing ideas, innovative teaching, empowerment and encouragement is at the heart of Davis’ work as a teacher, author and her award-winning blog, Cool Cat Teacher (voted the Edublog Best Teachers Blog in 2008, just one amongst a long list of awards).… Visit the author's original post

Global Service Learning

While at ISTE last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Greenberg, who interviewed me for his Brainwaves Video Anthology series. Bob seeks out "thinkers, dreamers, and innovators; some of the brightest minds in education" and seeks to record their stories to help inspire other teachers.  It was an honor to be chosen by Bob to be a part of this project.  Below is my 4 minute talk about the power that global service learning has had on our students at the Wallenpaupack South Elementary School.… Visit the author's original post

Matt Harris: Introducing My Column

by Matt Harris
Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore

“Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.” – Lewis Perelman

Right now, I’m eating peanuts contemplating what to write in my introductory blog post. I want to outline the lessons learned and the value of international education from ed tech perspective.

I was thinking about a rehash of my CV or some Ben Franklin-esque series of quips that encapsulate my intention for this work, but I decided against it.… Visit the author's original post

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Swivl robot that follows me.

A couple of years ago I had the marvellous opportunity to go to the ISTE conference in San Diego. I learned so much on the trip, and during one of the walks through the conference trade hall, came across Vladimir Tetelbaum demonstrating his robotic cameraman, the Swivl. The Swivl comprises a base to which you connect your IOS device or camera using an adapter, and a tracker that you wear around your neck or clip to your clothes. The base then rotates (or swivl’s!) to follow you wherever you go, with the audio from the mic on the tracker also being streamed back to the base (see note at the end of the article).… Visit the author's original post

Time to Get Inspired At TCEA 2014

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended TCEA. I’m looking forward to all of the conversations and shared learning from my education colleagues and industry partners. Since ISTE 2013, Microsoft has made a significant increase in its commitment to ISTE and ISTE affiliates for 2013-2014 school year. TCEA 2014 is ready to become an inspiring event for educators and industry-alike.

TCEA 2014 Gets Started

What can you expect at TCEA14?

A lot. Visit your Microsoft Booth#2311 for more details.

We have a number of special sessions and experiences setup for TCEA attendees.… Visit the author's original post