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OneNote for Students – Working with friends using OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

OneNote for Students - Working with friends using OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

OneNote is a great place to share ideas and collaborate. 
With project based learning becoming an increasingly 
popular method of teaching in schools, group assignments 
have become more common in education.  A flexible and 
accessible collaborative environment for collating, organising, 
creating and editing content is of huge help to students and teachers.

This interactive tutorial guides you through various ways in which 
students can use OneNote to:

Share a OneNote notebook with anyone
Edit notebooks together in real time
Collaborate on group projects

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OneNote for Students – Getting the most out of OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

Creating notes during classes, or researching a topic for a project or assignment will often involve having to gather information from a variety of sources and in a number of different formats. Thanks to OneNote, students are able to easily collate, organise, annotate, link, share and protect their work in their notebooks.

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OneNote is available at no cost to teachers and students through Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit

Part three of the ‘Student Basics’ interactive tutorial from OneNote in Education is titled ‘Getting the most out of OneNote’, and guides you through a number of the different features and functions, including:

  • Taking linked notes
  • Sharing your notes
  • Importing and exporting content

Linked notes can really help to give greater context to your shorthand notes by providing a quick and easy way to access related content without cluttering your more succinct notes.… Visit the author's original post

OneNote for Students – Working faster with OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

E2 - MD - 2 It may sound cliché, but all students are individuals. No matter what age they are, whether they are at primary schools, sixth form college or university, they will each have their own ways of note taking and studying that work for them. Being able to enjoy the flexibility of creating and organising notes, homework, assignments and other study materials in a way that suits their own learning style, while retaining the ability to collaborate with teachers and other students from the same workspace is one of the key strengths of OneNote.… Visit the author's original post