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One Hour Could Kick Start Your Students’ Coding



How many people write code worldwide?

During Computer Science Education Week, from Dec. 5 to 11, there will be many millions. They’ll be all ages, they’ll code in more than 45 natural languages, and they’ll do their coding from over 180 countries as they participate in the fourth annual Hour of Code.

The founders of Hour of Code, tech entrepreneurs Hadi and Ali Partovi, believed that not enough people know how to write code, that everybody should, and that everybody could, just by giving it a try for an hour.… Visit the author's original post

Join our next #OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”



Join our next #OneNoteQ TweetMeet to Share Your “Best Of 2016 Moments”


During 2016, the OneNote team launched more than 36 new OneNote features that educators won’t want to miss in our blog here. And to celebrate a successful year together, we’re inviting all OneNote avengers to share #Bestof2016 OneNote experiences in our upcoming OneNoteQ TweetMeet on December, 6th at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, PT.

In preparation for the Twitter chat, below you will find all the information and background you need to join so you can share your favorite #Bestof2016 OneNote moments in our final #OneNoteQ TweetMeet of 2016.… Visit the author's original post

OneNote’s Best of 2016: A year in review including over 36 new reasons to try OneNote

Guest post by Marjolein Hoekstra from OneNote Central @OneNoteC.

Over the past year, the OneNote Team have steadily pushed out an impressive number of new features and improvements including over 36 new features for education. This blog includes an overview of those new features with links to relevant announcements and coverage by the OneNote community.


OneNote for Windows 10

The changes to this OneNote app have been nothing short of impressive. Summarized, you can now:

  • Add Special Ink Effects to your pages, such as the immensely popular Rainbow Ink (Office 365 accounts only).
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Guest post by Aaron Maurer: What Does Hack the Classroom Means to Me?

Guest post by Aaron Maurer, MIE Expert, USA.  Connect with Aaron Maurer on Twitter at @coffeechugbooksAaron Maurer, MIE in the USA

So many times in our lives as an educator, we wish we had that chance for a new perspective, a new voice, and just something different. It is easy to get stuck in that routine where you ask the same people knowing you will get the expected response and answer to keep trudging through the same pathway.

What if you changed that? If you took a few hours of your time and gathered with other like-minded educators, parents, and students who want to improve?Visit the author's original post

The Innovative Educator: A Microsoft in Education Magazine | Issue 2

Want to know all of the latest Microsoft in Education news? Discover educator spotlights, a guide to Office Forms, and how we’re celebrating cultural differences all in the second issue of the Innovative Educator:

Photo of educators gathered at conferenceVisit the author's original post

Microsoft introduces new program to help leaders develop transformative world-class education systems

“Education systems are not simply collections of independently effective parts and pieces. Effective systems, by definition, are collections of parts and pieces that work in harmony with one another, each one reinforcing and supporting the functioning of the other parts and pieces, and all of them together contributing in a positive way to the outcomes for which the system was designed.”
 – The National Center on Education and the Economy’s (NCEE) Center, page 4, 2016

How do education leaders reach excellence and maintain highest education standards for their students?… Visit the author's original post

Guest post by Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education: Learning without borders — Global Skype-a-thon builds cultural understanding and connection

Guest post by Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft Technology and new pedagogy models are changing learning in and out of the classroom. What hasn't changed, however, is the power of connection, the impact of discovery...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Computer science is finally getting some well-deserved respect

Guest post by computer science educator Doug Bergman, on how schools increasingly view computer science as a regular discipline, just like language, math, history or science. As an educator, you canbring an Hour of Code into your classroom. Read more.

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The Microsoft Certified Educator: preparing the next generation of innovative educators

Learn about the new Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification. The MCE is not about learning a particular technology or Microsoft skill. Rather, it’s about providing a holistic focus on technology for educators, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding and proficiency with infusing technology into the teaching and learning process. Microsoft's global partnership with UNESCO has led to design and creation of an industry-recognized technology in education certification for teachers. Learn more about the MCE and how to get started.

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Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorial Will Inspire Students to Learn Computer Science Skills

To the community of 100 million players around the world, Minecraft represents many things - creativity, strategy, collaboration and survival, just to name a few. What many may not realize is that Minecraft has the power to transform learning on a global scale.

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Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorial Will Inspire Students to Learn Computer Science Skills

Read about new resources for educators and school leaders available today. Post by Anthony Salcito, vice president, Microsoft Education.

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Borderless and Limitless Teaching and Learning: Introducing the new Online Educator Community

We all know that learning has fundamentally changed and there are infinite ways to gather and share ideas. This change is radically shifting the ways students and educators communicate, collaborate, create and connect. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. Today, we are taking an exciting step toward fulfilling this mission by launching the new Microsoft online educator community website, a centralized resource and engagement tool for educators that makes it easy to access a global network of educators, free interactive training and best practices.… Visit the author's original post

Bett and Microsoft Join Forces to Empower Education Leaders

We’re thrilled to announce a new global collaboration with Bett that will, over the next three years, deliver inspiring content that promotes innovative, technology-led classroom practices in the UK and around the world. Educator-led sessions will showcase the ideas, practices and technologies that have demonstrated significant impact on educational outcomes, along with inspiring concepts to help develop 21st century skills and find solutions to global challenges. The first of these programs will be rolling out in Mexico City this week. Read more.… Visit the author's original post

New Teacher Academy Online Courses Now Available

Microsoft has published a set of new online courses called Microsoft Teacher Academies, which are available for free to teachers looking for training and professional development. The online courses are designed to empower educators with the ability to effectively integrate Microsoft’s tools in teaching and learning. Courses help bring 21st century technology including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneNote, Skype for Business, and OneDrive into classrooms.

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2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools: The Best of the Best in Education Transformation

Today, we announce the process for the 2015-2016 Microsoft Showcase School selection, and the brand new Associate Showcase School program. From June 30th through October 30th of 2015, Microsoft Showcase Schools will be identified by the Microsoft in Education contacts in each country and region. Learn more about the Microsoft Showcase School program.

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Educator Aaron Maurer of Bettendorf Middle School in Iowa Inspires His Students with Microsoft Tools in the Classroom

Aaron Maurer is a blur of activity. A 12-year veteran at Bettendorf Middle School in Iowa, he gives motivational speeches to kids, provides resources as an instructional coach to other teachers, develops science and technical programs—including an engineering project that turned toothbrushes into robots—and posts regular entries to his website, appropriately called Coffee for the Brain. If that’s not enough, Maurer recently added another activity to his weekly task list: that of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. As an MIE Expert, Maurer is diving into Microsoft technologies, and the results are surprising him.… Visit the author's original post

4 Ways to Bring the World into Your Class with Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is an online community that enables thousands of teachers to inspire the next generation of global citizens through transformative learning over Skype. Explore ideas to spark your next lesson with Skype.

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Guest post by Colby Clark, Director of Information Technology at Manteca Unified School District: Using Bing in the Classroom Lessons for Safe, Educational Lessons

Guest post by Colby Clark, Director of Information Technology at Manteca Unified School District At Manteca Unified School District, we care enormously about supporting digital literacy in the classroom, so our students learn the skills they need to...(read more)Visit the author's original post

Being Brave: Educators from Around the Globe Are Challenging Themselves to Transform Education

The Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange officially kicked-off this morning. The nearly 250 educators and 30 student ambassadors representing 87 countries came together to share ideas and learn more about innovating in the classroom. Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education at Microsoft kicked off the event with an inspiring keynote setting the tone for week. Read more and see the day's recap video.

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Guest blog post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer: Skype Translator Facilitates Global Communication for Students Who Speak Different Languages

Skype Translator breaks down communication barriers by delivering voice and instant messaging translation between languages. Schools are already excited about this new app with all the possibilities it presents. Think of how education will benefit from real-time language translation with Skype Translator.

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9 Ways OneNote Makes Lesson-Planning a Breeze

OneNote, which you can download for free, is a teacher’s best friend. Read these nine ways OneNote can help make digital lesson-planning easier, faster, and more effective!

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Microsoft at ASCD Conference, March 21-23, 2015

Join Microsoft at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Annual Conference and Exhibit, March 21-23, 2015 in Houston, Texas. Mark your calendar and join for three Microsoft sessions at ASCD.

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Guest Post by Sandi Adams, Microsoft Innovative Educator: A Day in the Life with Office 365

Teacher Sandi Adams is a Microsoft Innovative Educator who shares her tips for using Office 365 in the classroom. Read these real-life tips on how students from fourth grade to high school graduation are creating projects using Office 365. Teachers and students are sharing documents, easily collaborating, and teachers can grade and edit comments. Students are preparing for the workforce and actively learning digital responsibility each day.

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Guest Post by Sandi Adams, Microsoft Innovative Educator: Everything You Wanted to Know about Certifying an Entire School as Microsoft Innovative Educators but were Afraid to Ask

After attended a training course sponsored by Microsoft about 21st Century Learning Design, one teacher decided to bring the training and tools back to her entire school. After getting her hands on some Microsoft tools for teachers, she had an idea of certifying the entire school and providing 20 hours of professional development centering on the Microsoft Innovative Educator concept. And that was just the beginning. Read Sandi Adams story and get inspired about what you have the power to do too.… Visit the author's original post

Estella’s Brilliant Bus – Hear More about this Mobile Classroom and Watch the Super Bowl Commercial Again

Meet Estella Pyfrom, the woman behind Estella’s Brilliant Bus, featured in the Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015. Estella brings technology access to kids, literally. Her Brilliant Bus is a mobile learning station that gives underserved communities access to the technology that will help them reach their potential.


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Guest Post by Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Education: Big Week for Education – Live from London

I always get excited when the topic of education is discussed – whether I’m having that discussion with students, teachers, or some of world’s most innovative educators and government leaders.  This week, I’m in London for the Education World Forum (EWF) and the British Education Technology & Training (BETT) Show, two of the most important education events of the year. I will be sharing information from both the EWF and BETT throughout the week, both right here and on Daily Edventures.… Visit the author's original post

Guest Post by Michael Braun, Instructional Coach for Technology in Public Schools: Improving Technology Education and Literacy in Schools

Over the last 5 years, thousands of volunteers from the tech industry have brought their technical knowledge and real-world experiences directly to students in more than 130 schools across the US. Read how computer science teacher Michael Braun brought learning to life as part of the Microsoft Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program, a non-profit being incubated as part of Microsoft YouthSpark. 

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Guest Post by Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lillian M. Lowery: Technology Gives Maryland Students an Advantage

The state of Maryland is committed to increasing access to new technology and prepare students for future careers. "Today we are taking a big step forward in the tools we offer to students statewide. No matter where students attend school or what their economic situation may be, all now have free access at school and at home to Microsoft Office 365, the latest applications for collaborating and creating. In addition, we’re also unveiling 25 new IT Academy Program for schools across the state that will bring industry recognized technology certifications and skills to the students of Maryland," shares Dr.… Visit the author's original post

Guest blog post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer: Welcome, OneNote Class Notebook Creator!

OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a new app enhancement for Microsoft OneNote based on feedback teachers shared with Microsoft about how to make OneNote even better for student achievement.
The OneNote Class Notebook Creator is an app for Office 365 and SharePoint Online that helps you set up OneNote in your class on all the devices most used by students and teachers (complete list of devices/platforms linked on This tool will allow a teacher to create a class notebook and create three types of sub-notebooks for the class.… Visit the author's original post